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Currently November 2015

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Currently | 11.19.15

Watching | As much French news and talk shows as possible to keep up on the latest info about the Paris attacks.
> Completed Longmire (Seasons 1-4), I wonder what the heck is going on in Wyoming!

Reading | James A. Michener’s Alaska.
> Heading there next April and always curious about reading historical fiction about places I will travel to.

Working On | Blog content (what else is new!).
> Content for the rest of the year as well as getting Misadventures with Andi prepped for Project Escape in 2016.

Feeling | Scattered
> Last week I was in my house in Berkeley, an RV between the San Francisco Bay Area and Phoenix. This week I am in LA and Saturday I leave for Paris. I have boxes in storage, stuff in the RV, stuff in my parents house – all in boxes or suitcases…ack!

Also Feeling | Thrilled!
> I was selected as a speaker for the Women in Travel Summit taking place in March in Irvine, California! Come see me!

WITS2016 Speaker Andi Fisher

Planning | To eat soak up Paris.
> Above and the beyond the horrific events that have taken place, I won’t be back to Paris for at least a year, likely longer, so Mr. Misadventures and I are going to savor every single second of the city we love. We are not staying away. Paris survives and Paris thrives.

Loving | Minimalism.
> I have always been minimalist, but moving into an RV is taking that to a whole new level. There is only so much you can put inside and everything has to be considered, I love it! Wrap your head around the fact that I would rather bring more food than clothes – something I will be blogging about!

My Favorite Photo | Jessica napping.
> The big move impacts Jessica too and last week was stressful for her as well. While packing for my trip to Los Angeles, she curled up inside my suitcase and took a nap. Guess snuggling in scarves that smell like her Mom probably was very comforting!

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What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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