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A Peek into Chez Moi

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2211_5thB exterior

For several reasons that I am not going to go into, the Misadventures Clubhouse (a.k.a. the place where we live) is officially on the market. Not for dates…for sale. I haven’t shown very much of our home, but now that it is sort of out there on the interwebs, at least in the San Francisco Bay Area, I thought I would share a peek into chez moi. It is another way for you to get to know more of the “real” me.

We love open architecture and modern design. When we returned from living in France we searched high and low for lofts in San Francisco, but the market was at a high point and anything we liked was way out of our price range. So we took the hunt to the East Bay where we focused on Emeryville and West Oakland. In total, we looked for a place to call home for a year to no avail.

It was by chance the day before we were leaving for an Alaskan cruise that I spotted an ad for our future home in Berkeley on Craig’s List. We ran over to take a look and instantly fell in love. And then we left for Alaska. This was 2007 (in the days before Docusign) and let me tell you, faxing real estate paperwork from a cruise at $1.50 a page was a little crazy. If you have ever bought a home you will know that there is a lot of paperwork!

But we got it and we have loved and cherished our little corner of paradise ever since. 

We are also minimalists. After a military childhood of moving every 2-3 years and an adult life where I was, at one time, moving every year, I got rid of a lot of stuff. The one exception is books. Mr. Misadventures and I are bookworms and you will quickly see our love for these objects in the images below!

We’ll start on the ground floor. Our unit is in the back, cut off from the street, and is a little oasis with bamboo and Japanese maples. We have two terraces on the bottom floor, front, and back. This is the front (see the books in our entrance!).

2211_5thB front terrace
The back terrace is a little smaller but just as private (you can see it in the photo below). The first floor is our office and TV room. The floor is polished concrete (all our floors have radiant heating which is awesome in the winter!). There is a large sliding wall that can close off the office. The sofa is a sleeper couch for when we have guests.

2211_5thB office

On the second floor, you’ve got the kitchen, dining, and living space. Mr. Misadventures spends a lot of time here! He loves the kitchen, everything is Italian from Scavalini and when we moved in we custom-built a china cabinet and wine bar to match the kitchen cabinets. You can see the wine bar to the right in this photo. We also ordered a round glass table from Florence that expands to sit from 4 to 8 people. Our house is rectangular and I wanted to offset it with a round table that was small enough for just the two of us, but that we could open when we entertain. We went to Florence a few months after buying the house and ordering the table and we actually stumbled upon the store where our table came from!

2211_5thB kitcheb

That splash of red is my beloved Nespresso maker!

You can see the custom-designed dish cabinet and part of the living room in this photo. The floors are Brazilian cherry. There is tons of natural light and we have special shades that block the heat from the sun when we get the rare hot days. The house is sustainably built so all the materials are eco-friendly and so easy to clean. Mr. Misadventures and I can clean the house on the weekends in 90 minutes teamed up from top to bottom.

2211_5thB living room

From the photo below you can see the stairs down to the office and the stairs up to the bedroom. Also…more books! It is about the only clutter we have. Without kids and a lot of knick-knacks, we are able to pull off the minimalist look very easily. I was worried that our real estate agent would say we needed to stage the house, but our design aesthetic and minimalist approach meant we didn’t have to move everything out to stage, whew!

2211_5thB living room and stairs

These are the stairs that lead to the bedroom. I only show them so you can see what Jessica has to traverse every day when she decides to lay in the sun upstairs! Old lady legs and all, she makes it!


On the third floor is the master bedroom which includes a bathroom and walk-in closet (the office on the first floor is also considered a bedroom because of the sliding wall and closet).

2211_5thB bedroom

We have a terrace on this floor the full length of the bedroom perfect for lounging and reading a book or contemplating life with a cup of coffee.

2211_5thB deck

It’s funny, when we took these photos for the listing website, I realized that 90% of our furniture comes from Room & Board. We are huge fans of this locally-sourced, American made furniture store based in the Midwest. Their furniture is extremely well made with quality materials and I have never had a complaint.

Their customer service is stellar! We are lucky enough to have a store in San Francisco and I love it! It’s funny, I think the delivery guys know us a little too well!

Getting their catalog is such a treat and Mr. Misadventures and I drool over it every time we get it.

That’s a peek into our house(until it isn’t!) hope you enjoyed it!

How about you, is there a particular brand or manufacturer that you gravitate towards in your own home?


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