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Field Notes Volume 3

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Field Notes-Volume 3

I love sunflowers. I’ll tell you a secret. I have a sunflower tattoo! I do regret my tattoo, but I love sunflowers. The ones in the photo above are from a field in Palouse when we were there last June. That was definitely full of misadventure!

I wanted something that was a little bright, a little cheery, it’s been a painful week for the world. Between the ugliness of Charlottesville and the horror of Barcelona, it’s just too much.

Lots of people have the eclipse to distract them. Having seen a solar eclipse myself, I get that it is cool. But for me, the 30th anniversary of Dirty Dancing warms my universe. I loved that movie, although I am not sure how I feel about the fact that it’s been 30 years!

The low-carb high-protein diet continues. I am in Phase 3 of Atkins which means I can have between 50 and 80 carbs a day. However, I usually find myself eating around 40. I’ve lost 29.8 pounds (trust me, it’s killing me I couldn’t type 30!) in 4 months. I made it to my goal and I am going for my stretch which is 5 more pounds. Mr. Misadventures is plugging along as well and we will both be at our goal and into Phase 4 (80-100 carbs/day) by the time we hit Paris for Christmas. Bonjour les carbs!

Thanks to everyone who came out and welcomed Katie of the Traveling Spud in this week’s Traveler Tuesday interview. If you’re a travel blogger, I’d love to have you, just drop me a line! I’ve got a new blogger to highlight coming up again on Tuesday so don’t miss that.

Birding in Box Elder County - Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge - Barn owl

Last week I mentioned my interview with Cooperatize who featured me as their August Influencer. I’ve currently got a Cooperatize campaign going on with Box Elder County, so if you haven’t checked out the amazing bird watching that is going on there, take a moment to learn more about this great spot in Utah. There are only a few weeks left on the campaign, I’d appreciate it if you would support Box Elder County.

Before I leave you, somehow I got named to the Top 50 food travel blogs that will leave you salivating. I’m truly honored as there are a lot of fantastic bloggers on this list!

That’s it for my week, what have you been up to?

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