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Field Notes Volume 2

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Field Notes Volume 2

Hello, gang! Today I will have completed my first full week of work and it feels good! I absolutely loved my sabbatical, but I was ready to contribute my energies and my experience somewhere. That somewhere is Cisco. I’m going to be managing the influencer program. Since I am passionate about influencer marketing, I could not ask for a better opportunity!

Working remotely (highly supported at Cisco) means no commute which means greater work/life balance. Mr. Misdaventures and I are getting up early, walking our miles, taking showers, eating breakfast and drinking a couple cups of coffee and then I walk into my “office” and get to work. At night, Mr. Misadventures hands me a glass of wine at the end of my day (I’m not driving!) and dinner is served, leaving my whole evening for some blogging and some light entertainment like a movie or streaming TV.

All in all, it’s been an excellent work week!

Over the weekend we checked out the second of two dimsum places in the Phoenix area. We have gone to one in Tempe a couple of times because there is an Asian market, but it is an hour’s drive. The one we tried Sunday is in Phoenix proper and about 30 minutes away. Both are popular, lots of people dining, the food is decent but it ain’t no San Francisco! Still, it makes me feel at home to be regularly eating dimsum again. I missed that the year we were on the road.


As I wrote last week, we are renting a house while we wait on the purchase of our new place. It’s a furnished place which is awesome given the fact all our household goods are in storage. We didn’t want to have to move twice. We managed to make it through the week without anything breaking (last week the garbage disposal and A/C broke).

But that doesn’t mean we were drama free.

Oddly, our coffee started brewing in the middle of the night. I prepared everything the night before so we could have a quick cup of coffee before our walk. Tuesday morning I went into the kitchen and the coffee was made and cold. I thought maybe the electricity tripped or something. Tuesday night I prepared the coffee again and the same thing happened Wednesday morning! It took me a bit of time to figure out the issue. Turns out when I plugged in our coffee grinder and ground our beans, it trips the electricity in the kitchen! So now each night after I grind our beans, I have to reset the coffee maker…

Coffee pot

Also, our landlord forgot to start up our garbage service so we are overflowing! That’s getting resolved, but it’s a bit of a pain. Fun fact: a Phoenix thing (maybe it is an Arizona thing..) our garbage can is in the ground! It feels like it is a lot cleaner that way. I’ve never seen it before and it’s kind of cool. Do you have your garbage cans in the ground where you live?

Underground Garbage

Another Phoenix thing. Ever had to wait for the water in your shower to get hot? Here you have to wait for cold water and you often don’t get it!

In the last week, I’ve been the subject of two interviews. Thanks to Paste Magazine who invited me to participate in their Escape Artist series and  Cooperatize who featured me as their August Influencer.

Next Tuesday is Julia Child’s birthday, such a cultural icon! I love the Julie & Julia movie, I once wrote a post on 5 Things/Life lessons I learned watching Julie & Julia and I think they still all hold true, especially butter which I can have on my low carb diet!

That’s been my week, how about you?

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Field Notes Volume 2 Field Notes Volume 2 Field Notes Volume 2



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