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Traveler Tuesday – Katie of Traveling Spud

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Traveler Tuesday Travel Blogger Interview Series

I hope you are enjoying the 2017 season of Traveler Tuesday because I love the bloggers that I’m interviewing. Each traveler is so different, shaped by their experiences and the journeys they take, it’s fascinating!

Today I’m introducing you to another blogger I met in Indianapolis this past June at BlogHouse. Not only is Katie of Traveling Spud a world traveler, but she’s an incredible ambassador for her home state of Idaho (hence the spud in her name!). She just wrote a great post about a girlfriend’s weekend getaway to Sun Valley and I am chomping at the bit to visit!

She also lived in San Francisco for awhile and you know how I feel about that place…

Let’s meet travel blogger Katie!

Katie of Traveling Spud

[1] When and how did you become a traveler?
It all started when I studied abroad in London and realized how fascinating the world was outside of my little town in Idaho I grew up in. Then, after going to Ghana my senior year of college for a volunteer project, I was hit with the travel bug. Now I don’t feel complete unless I have a trip planned in my future!

Katie of Traveling Spud in Ghana

[2] What kind of traveler do you define yourself as?

As of now, I define myself as a solo female backpacker who has been traveling on the road for 10 months straight and loves slow, budget, cultural and adventure travel. I travel slow to really enjoy a country before moving on. It’s also always interested me to find the best deals on flights, tours and accommodation and I enjoy saving up in certain areas so I can splurge in others.

[3] What do you love most about traveling?

The people you meet, the food you get the try, the different scenery and landscapes you get to experience!

[4] What do you dislike about traveling?

There’s not much I dislike about traveling, but I really wish there was better Mexican food in Europe and Asia (haha!). In all seriousness though, I really hate public toilets in almost every country except Japan.

[5] Why should people travel?

To learn more about themselves and other cultures. I’ve realized people really are inherently the same wherever you go, they just do things differently.

[6] What famous person would you like to travel with?

My celeb crush, Ryan Reynolds. 😉

[7] What won’t you travel without?

My apple charger phone case. It gives my phone 2 charges a day and this has saved my life a few times.

Katie of Traveling Spud Inca Trails

[8] Travel essentials – 3 things you always travel with.

Sony a6000 mirrorless camera – It’s the perfect size to fit in my small purse and the quality is killer!

Packing cubes – I don’t know how I would have made it 10 months without having cubes to organize the clothing and other items in my suitcase.

My quatro USB charger – This is perfect for charging multiple devices with a USB at once and also comes with international wall outlets so it can be used easily in every country!

[9] If you’re a foodie, what’s your favorite food city? Do you have a restaurant recommendation?

My favorite food cities have got to be Kyoto, Japan and Rome, Italy! My favorite restaurant in Kyoto, Japan is a small Ramen restaurant in the Gion district called Okaru. My favorite restaurant in Rome was a recommendation from my friend who got the rec from a Catholic priest. It’s the best pasta I’ve ever had at Osteria Del Sostegno.

Katie of Traveling Spud eating her favorite ramen in Kyoto

[10] What’s one location on your bucket list?

South Africa!

[11] Do you have a piece of advice for bloggers starting out?

Stick with it! I didn’t see much growth at all my first year, but kept with it and things started to really take off after a year. Also, don’t be afraid to market yourself…it’s hard to not be humble, but sometimes you must be assertive to get what you want.

Katie of Traveling Spud Lake Bled Slovenia

Katie’s Lightning Round of Favorites

Airport: Taipei, Taiwan
Mode of Transportation: Plane
City or Country: City: Budapest | Country: Japan, Slovenia
Travel Gear: Osprey Sojourn backpack 60L
Travel snack: Beef Jerky (even though it smells) hee-hee.
Book: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
Movie: Bridesmaids
Song: Dancing in the Moonlight- King Harvest

Thanks Katie!

You can keep up with Katie on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and of course on her blog. Wherever you catch her, I am sure you will enjoy her global adventures!

How about you? What would you like to know about Katie?

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