Field Notes Volume 1

Field Notes Volume 1

Oh, you know me. I love my little projects and my series. If I'm not telling you about my Weekly Wanderings or detailing Project Discover, I don't know what to do with myself. I need a vehicle to share life's little updates when I'm not traveling. My Currently series has a specific format and despite going a little longer in July, I want to keep that post fairly short.

And so a new series is born. Field Notes. Because life is an adventure.

Here goes!

It's our first full week in the house we are renting while we wait on the house we are trying to buy. Mr. Misadventures and time spent time settling in, filling the fridge and setting up office. I've got my work space for my new job and working on the blog and Mr. Misadventures has his space for photo editing, research and helping me on the blog.

On Wednesday the garbage disposal went kaput. No worries, we just went out for sushi!

On Thursday afternoon the air conditioning went out. That was less fun. Remember that we have moved to Phoenix. It's the summer. No A/C means very unhappy campers.

For 2 days and 2 nights, we suffered indoors with a temperature of 90-92. I started my new position on Friday as the Program Manager for Cisco's influencer program, Cisco Champions. I can tell you it was not fun to be on conference calls while your brain is frying from the heat! The repairman was set to come out on Saturday between 10-3 – big window, huh?!

He arrived at 4.

A very nice guy but we met him at the driveway because we literally could not take another second of the heat! He immediately identified the issue as a burnt out capacitor (my mind instantly flies to flux capacitor from Back to the Future, how about you?!) which he had in his truck and the problem was solved in five minutes!

I can tell you last night's sleep was a dream compared to the two previous nights!

How was your week?

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Field Notes Volume 1 Field Notes Volume 1 Field Notes Volume 1

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  1. My garbage disposal stopped working once. Turns out the cord had wiggled just loose enough to turn the power off!

  2. Neely Moldovan says:

    Our week was OK. always room for improvement. Teething baby makes things very difficult!

  3. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    That had to be dreadful sleeping. I am so happy you are getting settled in. I wish you the best. God Bless

  4. Oh, man. My air went out a month or so back and it was so hot! It took 2 long days before it was up and running again. Keep up the notes!

  5. Carrie@thelavenderhytta says:

    Going without air conditioner in the summer when it is that hot is almost impossible. We don’t have air conditioner here at all but it never gets that warm here so it is okay. Im glad he was able to fix it so fast.

  6. Sounds like a great week with so many adventures, life certainly is an adventure that’s for sure. SO much to experience, do and have happen. I hope that the house buying happens soon, it must be anxious some days to wait 😉

  7. I’m glad things are back to getting a good night’s sleep. 😉 The a/c went out at our school today. 94 degrees outside. Def not fun inside.

  8. How exciting that you will be soon embarking on the purchase of a new home. I’m sure you will be very busy for a while.

  9. I do miss the weekly routine of my Photo Fridays! I commend you for keeping so many series together. I can’t ever seem to find the time (or motivation).

  10. Margaret Sarsfield says:

    I love those little field notes journals. Remind me of a Wes anderson movie.

  11. Calvin F. says:

    Nice idea of these notes!