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J’adore #55

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I am not going to say the holiday season is the season of drinking, but it is certainly the time of year that extra indulging takes place. So I thought I’d use this J’adore to share a few items that might help you with all the extra celebrating you will be doing this time of year!

Labeled as the “the first daily multivitamin for healthy people who drink alcohol” Drinkwel (created by 2 UC Berkeley grads…go Berkeley!) may be the thing for you. I personally can’t have more than two drinks, so this is not going to be in my repetoire of vitamins, but if you are going to be drinking more than usual this holiday season you may want to consider adding this vitamin to your morning routine.

drinkwelI shared corkcicle back in J’adore #31, but now with chillsner from the same company, your beer-drinking friends don’t have to be left out in the cold. Their drafty beverages can stay ice-cold until the end!

chillsner-packageI talked about these before, but there is nothing better for transporting wine (or foie gras…you choose) than a Vinni Bag. We have about 10 of them and use them all the time!

VinniBag Vertical ComboIf you are hosting a holiday party where you are serving wine, I think these wine glass tags from Graceful Studio are adorable. You could put them on a beer bottle too.

wine-glass-tagsThat’s it for this edition of J’adore, a few of my recent favorite finds as I travel the web!

How about you? What are you currently adoring?

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