Currently March 2018

Currently | 03.29.18

Watching | Queer Eye
> Although I knew that Ted Allen was in the original series, I never watched it the first time around. However, I immediately fell for the current version hook, line and sinker! I laughed (or guffawed rather), I cried, I loved it! Also saw Black Panther (thumbs up) and Tomb Raider (thumbs down) along with The Darkest Hours (thumbs up). After watching the Oscars (boring) I really want to see the Shape of Water.

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Currently_March 2018

Reading | Paris Ever After
You know me, I always have Paris on the brain. I read The Paris Effect in a single afternoon and immediately began Paris Ever After because I am lucky enough to have an advanced copy. It's coming out May 1, pre-order it today! I'm also part-way through Pasta, Pane, Vino from the same authors who wrote previous faves Rice, Noodle, Fish (still one of my all time faves) and Grape, Olive, Pig. This time, of course, the stories come from Italy and I am devouring every page. My only hope is that France is next!

Working On | Weekend adventures
> The more we research and start exploring in Arizona and the Southwest, the more we find to do! We just spent some time in Flagstaff, the Petrified Forest National Park (post coming) as well as 4×4 adventures on an old mining road only 20 minutes from our house. Tucson calls again. Prescott calls. Sedona calls. And more!

Feeling | Relieved
> This past week I quietly rolled out the new redesign for Misadventures with Andi. It was many months in the making – an audit of nearly 10 years of content, re-categorization of content for a new information architecture, landing pages to build and populate with images and copy (with the help from my awesome developer). My goal was to elevate the large amount of content I had and to make it easier to get to it. I don't 100% love the header design, but that can be changed relatively quickly.

Planning | Road Trips
> Above and beyond weekend adventures, Mr. Misadventures and I have 2 10-day road trips coming up this year. We are trying to nail down which routes we will take and what combination of activities we will try to cover. We love road trips!

Loving | The Quiet
> Last month I wrote about loving the Southwest winter. By the way, I am still loving that, especially when it snowed in Paris on St. Patrick's Day and the East Coast has been blasted more times than I can count this year! But I am also loving how quiet, literally and figuratively, life is for us at the moment. We had San Francisco friends visit for a long weekend and it was very apparent that life in the big city is still as fraught with stress as it ever was. We do not regret for a moment our decision to escape and to land in Phoenix. And to have a quieter life.

My Favorite Photo | Huevos rancheros from Five Points

Huevos Rancheros From Five Points in Tucson

Another great breakfast at Five Points in Tucson. We discovered it during our first Tucson adventures, went back for more while checking out the Downtown Clifton Hotel and brought friends from San Francisco to enjoy brunch before heading to the Desert Botanical Museum. The ranchero sauce was delicious, but the corn tortilla buried at the bottom is the real star!

What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently_March 2018

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  1. I also love quiet! I can’t ever get enough of it. I can relate to how relieved you must be feeling to have reached a point on your blog where you can reorganize and get everything all spiffy and ready to rock and roll !

  2. Sounds like a good march. I too have on my list to read Paris Ever After! I am currently trying to plan out our summer vacay!

  3. Jenna Francisco says:

    I can imagine that winter in the southwest is refreshing–you can still spend so much time outdoors! We just returned from a week in Washington, and it was too cold and rainy to go out most days. I love it up there, but that weather in spring is not fun!

  4. Heather Johnson says:

    I am also planning our summer road trip at the moment. I would love to visit the Petrified Forest National Park with my kiddos sometime in the future!

  5. Planning our summer trips as well! Hope to visit the beach and watch some great movies as well as read some great books. Will look at your suggestions.

  6. Wow sounds like March had a lot going on and was pretty awesome. I love reading what everyone is up to, this is a great post idea to keep everyone updated on the latest going on in your world!

  7. I have a busy summer planned ahead with a few trips and planning a move. We are moving to the Prescott area and looking forward to it. Can’t wait to explore Arizona and New Mexico. My husband is retiring and we will have plenty of time to explore.

  8. We’re also planning road trips right now! For the summer at least – trying to get as much as we can out of our vacations as possible!

  9. Neely Moldovan says:

    Everyone is dying over the new queer eye. I need to try it out!

  10. lb gulley says:

    Your misadventures are so fun! I want to start doing better at planning weekend adventures. I do have 3 kids so that require a little more flexibility.

  11. Mary Jingjing Lopez says:

    This just gave me another idea of writing style for blogging. Currently I and my husband are waiting to be set up for our new living adventure and I hope it’ll come out the way we planned it.

  12. Mary Jingjing Lopez says:

    another idea of writing style for blogging. Currently I and my husband are waiting to be set up for our new living adventure and I hope it’ll come out the way we planned it.

  13. Mary Jingjing Lopez says:

    Currently there are a lot of plans coming ahead and I hope it’ll all turned out good for us. I love your writing style.

  14. Julie @ Runningin a Skirt says:

    I’m looking for a new book! I’ll have to try your Paris Ever After!

  15. I wake up two hours early for quiet. And it’s a great time to clean! What’s up? Just had a baby, gonna plant a garden this year, building my blog, chilling in my kitchen.

  16. Marielle Altenor says:

    I heard that Queer Eye is really good! I may binge watch it tonight. Road trips are fun! We try to have at least one a year.