Currently February 2018

Currently | 02.22.18

Watching | Grace & Frankie
> I was so surprised by how much I loved this show. I was looking for something lighthearted to watch on my very long flights to and from Barcelona, and this could not have been more perfect. Lily Tomlin was always one of my favorite characters on Sesame Street, her role as Edith Ann Sandwich in the giant rocking chair is one of my fondest memories and I loved her as the telephone operator Ernestine as well. Besides the fact that Jane Fonda is a francophile loved and adored in France, I never had an appreciation for her, but I absolutely love her in this role! There are 4 seasons available on Netflix, so get streaming!

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Currently Feb 2018

Reading | The Messenger is the Message
Since I work in social media and these days, with a focus on advocacy and influencer marketing, I picked up this book written by Mark Organ and Deena Zenyk. Since it is a relatively “new” space for a lot of brands its good to keep up with what others are doing in terms of strategy and activating advocates. Doesn't hurt to have this info in my back pocket for the blog either!

I find that sometimes while I am reading a non-fiction book, I need to take a break from it to take in some fiction. I picked up Dan Brown's Origin, not only do I love his stuff but given my most recent trip to Barcelona and a visit to La Sagrada Familia which happens to feature in the book, I had to start reading it! And my favorite crime detective series just released its 46th book, Dark in Death!

Working On | Site Redesign
> Dare I say it, we are nearly there, and by the time I write the next Currently post for March, Misadventures will have a new site with new navigation – yay!

Feeling | Busy
> Lately we've been out and about on weekend adventures exploring the greater Phoenix area and I've got plenty of posts in the works. There is absolutely something going on all the time! March is also jammed packed with friends coming in for Spring Training and other weekend trips on the horizon. April is looking to be solid as well and I am happy to busy again and gathering new stories.

Planning | Another Paris Trip
> We'll be back in Paris the last week of April and the first week of May. I'll be working, but will still have plenty of time to enjoy Paris in all its springtime wonder.

Loving | The Southwest Winter
> I am a big fan of cold and rainy weather but after the 15 months on the road in a lot of cold chilly places followed by 5 months in rainy Portland, I am really enjoying the very mild winter weather here in the Southwest. I might get very used to it!

My Favorite Photo | Cochinita pibil from Barrio Café

Cochinita pibil from Barrio Cafe

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this before, but Mr. Misadventures is not a big fan of Mexican food. Until the last 5-7 years, you couldn't even find it in France and the very cheap versions that you can get just about anywhere in America just doesn't appeal to him. But God bless him, he still tries, for my sake, as I love Mexican food. We had exceptional Mexican food at the Fairmont Heritage Acapulco, but that was 7 years ago!

However, this weekend we lunched at Barrio Café, a recommendation from the Visit Phoenix team, and oh my was it delicious. Refreshingly authentic with exceptional ingredients. We had a skinny margarita with fresh-squeezed lime juice, agave syrup, and tequila – perfect for our low carb lifestyle! We shared guacamole (without chips). I've never had guacamole with pomegranate seeds on it and I never want to eat guacamole without them again! It adds texture and freshness that is quite unexpected. And the star of the show was Chef Silvan's specialty cochinita pibil, pork cooked for 24 hours in a banana leaf – to die for!

What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

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  1. julie stine says:

    The Barrio Café sounds wonderful.

  2. Censie Sawyer says:

    I love Grace and Frankie. I am just starting it but it is so good so far. Jealous of your Paris planning!! I want to go back so bad!!

  3. Looks like you will be having a busy couple of months. I hope you will find some time for relaxing too. The Messenger is the Message sounds really interesting, will add it to my reading list.

  4. I could go for some Southwest winter weather right about now! Planning a trip to Paris would be pretty fabulous too with the books you talk about to read on the plane.

  5. I keep seeing Gracie and Frankie pop up in my Netflix. Maybe I need to give it a try!

  6. Neely Moldovan says:

    I binged grace and frankie a few months ago and loved it! So funny and such great performances.

  7. My girls both want to visit Paris someday. We’re in the process of planning, hopefully it will happen very soon!

  8. I love reading what others are enjoying in the months. This is a really great list of what you are experiencing in February, I also bet it’s not only fun to share as a blog post with others but to look back upon in later months to see how you’ve changed or grown from what you tried in the months previously!

  9. Katherine says:

    I love Grace and Frankie and keep forgetting there’s another season to get stuck into… yes, looking forward to that one! I’m excited to hear you’re redesigning your site, I love all that stuff although it can become addictive and suck you into a wormhole of time, lol! Gorgeous food pic, feeling inspired to make some pretty food!

  10. Paris sounds so fun! I’m planning some national park trips. But I’d love to do an international adventure with the kids.

  11. Annemarie LeBlanc says:

    The Barrio Cafe sounds like a place for an awesome meal. I am just imagining the wonderful flavors of that pork cooked for 24 hours wrapped in a banana leaf! It must be so tender! Yum. Oh, and I will look for that book, the Messenger is the Message. Sounds interesting. I am currently reading Lisey’s Story by Stephen King.

  12. Yay! Good luck to you on your site redesign!

    I’m not the biggest fan of cold/rainy weather so I’m hoping that it warms up out here soon. :'(

    I haven’t watched Grace & Frankie yet but I’ve been hearing good things about that show!