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My afternoon at the Louvre with THATLou

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THATLou-LogoAfter a wonderful cooking class at La Cuisine Paris where I learned to make baguettes, I headed over to the Louvre to meet my girlfriend Kasia of Love in the City of Lights and new friend Daisy De Plume. I was excited to meet Daisy in person and experience her creation, THATLou. I introduced you to Daisy when she participated in my Passion for Paris series as well as sharing THATLou in a French Friday, but I had yet to experience a treasure hunt on my own. I was so excited when Kasia invited me along to participate on one with her.

I have been to the Orsay museum numerous times, but I had only been to the Louvre once, in 1989 while visiting Paris with my family. I saw the Mona Lisa and a few other highlights, but all I remember is how crowded it was and how long the lines were. After having just visited Orsay and having the pleasure of seeing it from a different perspective, I was excited to visit the Louvre the same way.

For the start of my treasure hunt we met in the courtyard by the statue of Bernini equestrian sculpture of Louis XIV directly across from the I.M. Pei glass triangle. There were 6 of us that would be joining the hunt – Kasia and myself and a group of four from Los Angeles.

THATLou's Daisy explaining the hunt

Daisy explained the layout of the museum and how to go about our treasure hunt, not giving exact details but enough tips to head us in the right direction – after all the two teams were in competition as to how many points we would earn by collecting photos of objects of art that were on our list.

Being that it had been more that a year since Kasia and I had seen each other we spent more time catching up than strategizing. We walked around the various areas of the Louvre with no real rhyme or reason but apparently, we had the treasure hunt gods on our side because we kept running into items on our list! Every item is assigned a different point value depending on the difficulty in finding it, so when we ran across high-value objects we were thrilled.

We had to take a photo standing in front of the object as proof that we had found it, Kasia was the photographer so I ended up in all the shots!

Andi on the THATLou Treasure Hunt

Between spurts of conversation I came to the realization that the Louvre is quite beautiful. Beautiful rooms to be discovered all while avoiding the Mona Lisa, it was great!

Inside the Louvre

Unlike the Orsay, you can pictures everywhere, which was very refreshing. And I loved how empty it seemed even though I know there were a lot of people inside.

Daisy is extremely organized and the materials are easy to follow and learn from and I quite enjoyed myself. I got to discover the museum in a way I had not thought about doing before. I would definitely do another hunt to be exposed to other parts of the museum in the same fashion. It is unique and entertaining.

My favorite part of the museum during the afternoon wasn’t even part of the hunt, although the areas that the hunt took us too were all interesting as well! In between objects, Kasia and I somehow ended up in Napolean III’s recreated apartments which were incredible and it is something I want to return to see more of.

Inside the Louvre with THATLou

I could not have imagined spending the afternoon in a better way,  catching up with a girlfriend, exploring one of the world’s finest museums in a unique way…and winning!

Despite not having a real strategy, our team of two beat the lovely group of four from Los Angeles made up of two friends and their two daughters. I would like to tell you their names, but I don’t remember them however I do remember their YouTube channels!

LA Beauties

These two girls ages 11/12 were so adorable and digitally tuned in, it was impressive! If you are interested check them out at ElfBeauty07 and BeautyByKylieTV! Sorry for beating you girls!

Don’t visit the Louvre the traditional way, do a treasure hunt! You’ll have so much more fun. Bonus…you get to skip the lines and walk right through, Daisy has the tickets you need to get in and you can go through the priority route.

And don’t forget to have fun! The hunts can be competitive depending on who your group is, but you’ll have so much fun exploring the museum in a new light, in the end, it won’t matter who wins.

How about you? Have you done a treasure hunt? Visited the Louvre? What do you think about combining the two?


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