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Best Ice Cream in Paris

Now that summer is around the corner, and the days are stretching longer, Parisians are getting all geared up to (impatiently) stand in line for their favorite flavors, sometimes for 30 minutes or more! The abundance of delicious and creamy ice cream flavors and styles is taken seriously in Paris, and the only respite from the soaring temperatures is a perfect boule de la glace.

Here is where to find the best ice cream in Paris (in order by arrondissement) to cool you down in the scorching heat.

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Best Ice Cream Stores in Paris

hand scooping ice cream

Melba Glacier

Offering delicious homemade artisanal ice cream without added coloring or artificial flavors, Melba has been welcoming guests with their ‘everyday gastronomy’. It offers around 50 flavors of ice creams and sorbets which can also be converted into a milkshake.

During the summer months, the store has a great selection of Italian flavors. Along with ice cream treats, Melba serves pancakes and galettes in typical Brittany style- with heaps of toppings and a bottle of cider.

Address: 31 Boulevard de Bonne Nouvelle, 2nd Arrondissement

Fou de Pâtisserie

Fou de Pâtisserie is all about promoting excellent French craftsmanship and making fresh desserts made with authentic Parisian pastries more accessible. In summers, they offer a range of ice cream flavors made by some of the top chefs in Paris.

The idea is to bring all the haute pâtissiers under one roof. Apart from ice creams and pastries, the store serves chocolates, biscuits, and other confectionery created by top craftsmen.

Address: 45 Rue Montorgueil, 2nd Arrondissement

Glace Bachir

One of the most celebrated ice cream parlors in Paris hails from Lebanon! Well-known all across town for its ice cream coated with crushed pistachios, Glace Bachir serves a variety of new flavors such as rose petal, chocolate, almonds, apricot, strawberry, and their signature glace achta (milk and cream with pistachio).

You can also get an extra topping of whipped cream. Glace Bachir started way back in 1936 by four brothers and sisters in their backyard in Lebanon. The ice cream is made with the best possible ingredients and is super thick and creamy. Glace Bachir has two outlets, one in Montmartre and one opposite Pompidou Museum.

Address: 58 Rue Rambuteau, 2nd Arrondissement

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ice cream store

Pastelli Mary Gelateria

Deemed the best Italian ice cream maker in Paris, Mary won an international competition for Italian-style ice cream in 2008 and then opened her first store in 2009. Serving some fantastic flavors like orange blossom and avocado, Mary Gelateria also has small Italian meals, a good cappuccino, tea, and hot chocolate. It has a friendly atmosphere and an ever-smiling host.

Address; 60 Rue du Temple, 3rd Arrondissement

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One of the newest ice cream spots in Paris, Bältis is an artisanal shop that makes Lebanese-style ice cream. The ice cream is made on-site with all organic ingredients. They are most known for their atcha flavor made with milk-based cream with orange blossom which they coat in pistachios. Other unique Lebanese flavors include: pistachio, almond, rose water sorbet, orange blossom, and halva white sesame paste with pistachios. Plenty of “standard” flavors like chocolate and vanilla as well!

Address: 27 Rue Saint-Antoine, 4th Arrondissement


Another authentic Italian gelato place, Pozzetto, located in the Marais district, serves classic gelato flavors such as coconut, dark chocolate, pistachio, and Stracciatella. They also have some fruit flavors like pear, orange, berry, and peach sorbets, all of which are homemade on the premises. The second store has a selection of genuine Italian delicatessen with Italian meats and cheeses.

Address: 39, Rue du Roi de Sicile, 4th Arrondissement


When it comes to ice creams and Paris, if we don’t mention Berthillon, we’re missing out on the best. Born in 1954 by Raymond Berthillon from an old ice cream maker in a small hotel on Ile Saint Louis, his ice creams became truly popular in 1961 after receiving praise from the Gault-Millau culinary guide.

By using pure and fresh whole milk, creme fraiche, and fruits from the local market, Berthillon soon had people flocking from all over the city. Today, the salon on Ile Saint Louis is an iconic tea room that serves sorbets, ice creams, and pastries, and you can find the ice cream being served in cafes all over the city.

Address: 31 Rue Saint Louis en Ile, 4th Arrondissement

Berthillon Ice Cream Store in Paris
Best Ice Cream in Paris: Berthillon

Une Glace à Paris

Born from the combined efforts of Emmanuel Ryon and Olivier Menard, Une Glace à Paris was created by two pastry chefs in 2015 (who won Meilleur Ouvrier de France Glacier/Best Ice-cream Craftsman in France). With a unique blend of sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, their ice cream and sorbets are a total crowd-pleaser!

From black sesame and matcha green tea to green apple and buckwheat, and coffee with cardamom, some of these ice creams are to die for. Their sorbets also have some unusual pairings like carrot, ginger, and orange or wild strawberry and hibiscus.

Address: 15 Rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie, 4th Arrondissement

La Glacerie Paris

Created by pastry chef David Wesmael, La Glacerie Paris is a haven for ice creams and frozen desserts in the Marais district. By combining his pastry-chef genius, Wesmael has come up with a unique ice cream bomb made out of a glossy meringue sphere containing an ice cream ball within.

The store also has frozen chocolate bars with a fruit and wafer filling. All his recipes play on texture and subtle flavors and aim to revolutionize ice cream tasting.

Address: 13 Rue du Temple, 4th Arrondissement

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La Fabrique Givrée

Artisanal homemade ice creams created by pastry chef Jérémie, Le Fabrique Givrée focuses on surprising its customers with a wild variety of tastes, textures, and a good sense of humor. From selecting ingredients to roasting nuts and making the waffle dough to creating off-plated desserts, the La Fabrique Givrée team is aiming to create the best ice cream in the world with his crazy ideas and out-of-the-box creativity.

They use the highest quality ingredients, such as fresh milk from Monts d'Ardèche for the ice creams, and spring water from the Ardèche volcanoes of the Reine des Basalts for the sorbets.

Address: 26 Rue Soufflot, 5th Arrondissement


One of the most Instagrammable stores in Paris, Snowman is a pink haven filled with bubble tea and innovative desserts! It is a kawaii tea salon with the magical decor of roses and balloons. It serves gourmet drinks and milkshakes, unusual ice creams with cotton candy and colorful sprinkles, and gourmet bubble tea with fine flavors of crème brulée, jasmine, rose, and matcha along with classics like black tea and brown sugar.

Address: 15 Rue Saint-Jacques, 5th Arrondissement

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ice cream shop

Pierre Marcolini

The most celebrated chocolatier added ice cream to his list of specialties, and we’re not complaining! With customized ice cream and sorbet pops of coconut, dark chocolate, and Madagascar Vanilla, you can choose your dip from a variety of rich chocolates and salted caramels mixed with roasted hazelnuts and fleur de sel. After all, a chocolatier’s ice cream store will offer the richest and creamiest of chocolates!

Address: 235 Rue St Honoré, 75001; 89 Rue de Seine, 6th Arrondissement

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Le Bac à Glace

Le Bac à Glace began in 1955 as a family business where the ice cream was created using natural products and a minimum quantity of sugar to retain the authentic creamy texture and taste. Besides classics, Le Bac à Glace also develops seasonal flavors based on available fruits and perfumes.

Striving to preserve the traditional savoire-faire of Parisian ice creams with quality ingredients from known farmers, Le Bac à Glace experiments with a unique pairing of flavors like caramel and ginger or peach and rosemary. Their ice creams almost seem like biting into a real fruit.

Address: 109 Rue du Bac, 7th Arrondissement

Martine Lambert

Hailing from Normandy, Martine Lambert has been around for decades since it first started in the 1970s. Martine opened her first store in Deauville and ensured her artisanal ice cream was the best in all of the town.

Martine and her son Francoise opened a store in Paris in 2009, and have been growing ever since. Martine’s goal was to create ice creams that pleasure the senses and allow customers to experience the seasons of the world. Each month, the store indulges in the flavors of the various fruits available across the globe and offers a wonderful palette for the taste buds.

Address: 39 Rue Cler, 7th Arrondissement

Woman in Paris eating Ice cream

Hugo & Victor Paris

Committed to creating desserts that are light, elegant, and a gourmet surprise to end the meal, Hugues Pouget founded Maison Hugo & Victor in 2010. With zero dyes and artificial flavorings, Hugo & Victor knows how to use natural ingredients, and their desserts use robust flavors in their natural form to maintain the authenticity of the products.

By carefully selecting the ingredients with precise traceability, their sorbets, and artisanal ice creams are a treat to the eyes and the tongue!

Address: 40 Boulevard Raspail, 7th Arrondissement

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Le Bar Glacier

We’re all acquainted with Pierre Hermé and his wildly popular Ispahan Macaroon, but did you know the pastry chef also dabbles in frosted treats! On the terrace of the Royal Monceau hotel is an ice cream parlor, Le Bar Glacier de Pierre Hermé, which delights its customers with surprising flavors to eat in place or while strolling the cobbled streets of Paris.

Address: Hotel Le Royal Monceau, 37 Avenue Hoche, 8th Arrondissement

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Ice Cream Cone with pistachio

À La Mère de Famille

What started as a fashionable delicatessen with traditional manufacturing in the 19th century, À La Mère de Famille soon moved into the chocolate world. Made with the highest-quality cocoa with a dash of fruity centers and crunchy decorations, their creativity and finesses dripped into the confectionery and ice cream world to create some of the most delicious flavors, both classic and exotic. 

Address: 35 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 9th Arrondissement

Glaces Glazed

Glazed began as a food truck that served ice cream on the go. It soon blossomed into a shop that serves tailor-made ice creams, somewhat like the elegant tailors of Paris. With offbeat flavors paired with adventurous stories, the ice creams are freshly created and are often focused on a concentrated range of limited-edition flavors. They also serve other frozen desserts along with waffles and caramels.

Address: 54 Rue des Martyrs, 9th Arrondissement


Pedone began its journey way back in 1959 and has since been creating traditional French ice cream with fresh, authentic, and seasonal ingredients. At the ice cream parlor inside Galeries Lafayette, customers can view the ice cream being freshly churned with their very eyes.

Mixed with innovation and modern creativity, Pedone’s homemade ice creams come in unique pairings such as tomato basil, lemon verbena, licorice, and black sesame.

Address: Galeries Lafayette, 40 Boulevard Haussmann, 9th Arrondissement

Glacier 1891

Glacier 1891’s story, as the name suggests, can be traced back to 1891. With a passion for culinary arts running in the family, Glacier 1891 has remained a traditional ice cream parlor even after all these years.

Being one of the oldest parlors in Paris, Glacier 1891 has rich renaissance flavors from around the world. Today, they also serve delicacies for lunch and dinner along with sweet-salty artisanal desserts.

Address: 59 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 9th Arrondissement

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2 women with ice cream cones

Raimo Glacier

Producers of artisanal frozen desserts since 1947, Raimo has not only stood strong but also flourished in Reuilly. After selling the business in 2008, Raimo today sells around 150 exceptional flavors of ice creams along with frozen desserts, ice bombs, and packs of roasted almonds and meringue.

Address: 59-63 Boulevard de Reuilly, 12th Arrondissement

La Tropicale Glacier

If you’re in search of a tea room that also serves delicious but unusual ice creams, you’re in luck! La Tropicale Glacier is a colorful little corner store with wild flavors such as melon sorbet with chili petals, basil yogurt, and even seaweed and cucumber.

La Tropicale aims to democratize unusual flavor pairings, which is why you can taste different flavors before choosing your favorite. The store is sure to take you on culinary adventures with its vegan and vegetarian options along with gluten and lactose-free frosted desserts!

Address: 7 Rue de Prague, 12th Arrondissement

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Pascal le Glacier

Take a step back and refresh your childhood memories with Pascal, delighting the neighborhood since 1991! With an ice cream parlor sitting discreetly in the 16th Arrondissement,  Pascal Le Glacier makes quality ice creams and sorbets with Evian water, extra cream, and the finest of fruits. Their classic flavors- bourbon vanilla, wild strawberry, fleur de sel caramel, mocha, and semi-bitter chocolate – are all to die for!

Address: 17 Rue Bois le Vent, 16th Arrondissement

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2 women with ice cream cones

Maison Fabien Foenix

Step into Maison Fabien Foenix to rediscover the taste of artisanal ice creams and frozen desserts. Respecting each process of ice cream creation, the Maison creates pastries and desserts in their purest forms. He constantly renews his menu and has created tasty flavors such as mojito cocktail sorbet, lychee, and rose petal.

Address: 6 Rue Descombes, 17th Arrondissement

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Chocolate and Pastry shops that serve really good ice cream


The gourmet haven for desserts and pastries, Angelina has been a constant source of delight and exceptional taste since 1903. The tea-room is well known for its elite clientele, like Coco Chanel and Proust. While it is wildly popular for its Mont Blanc and hot chocolate, Angelina also serves refined ice creams, sorbets, and macarons. You can also find Angelina ice creams in the Berthillon ice cream parlor.

Address: 226 Rue de Rivoli, 1st Arrondissement (and other locations across Paris)

Angelina's Paris

Jacques Genin

In search of freshly churned ice creams and sorbets in the Marais? Look no further than Jacques Genin! The chocolatier, although well-known around the globe for his chocolates and custom pastries, also serves some of the most delicious ice creams, from classics such as strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and apple to daily inspirations such as jasmine, licorice, and parsley. Genin also pays special attention to the ice cream cones, ensuring a crispy bite and a delicious taste!

Address: 133 Rue de Turenne, 3rd Arrondissement

Maison Aleph

A bakery with Levantine influences, powerful tastes, and original recipes, Maison Aleph is the brainchild of Myriam Sabet. With multiple flavors of ice creams and sorbets along with vegan options, Maison Aleph’s desserts are low in sugar and are made without dyes or artificial preservatives.

The Maison also uses authentic Levantine products such as Iranian pistachio, Amalfi lemons, Damask rose, etc. They serve a surprising blend of ice creams such as wild Lebanese Zatar, crystallized sumac sorbet, sesame, halva, and even saffron ice cream.

girl eating ice cream cone

Address: 20 Rue de la Verrier, 4th Arrondissement

L’Éclair de Génie

Serving some of the most delicious éclairs is L’Éclair de Génie in the 4th Arrondissement. By reinventing snacking in a gourmet version, L’Éclair de Génie offers a variety around the regular éclair with classic chocolate and seasonal fruity flavors.

Along with the beloved éclair, the store also serves scented bars of ice creams with flavors that can be combined with classic flavors and fruit coulis.

Address: 14 Rue Pavée, 4th Arrondissement

Pierre Hermé

A pastry genius, known for his macarons, Pierre Hermé also serves some deliciously fresh ice cream. In his permanent search for exciting new flavors, Hermé has some of the most gourmet scents like bitter cocoa and crunchy nougatine, vanilla and dark chocolate, and even the frozen version of his signature macaron, the Ispahan Sorbet! For the adventurous souls, there’s also the Caramel French Toast ice cream to be tried.

Address: 72 Rue Bonaparte, 6th Arrondissement 


One of the most well-known macaron spots across France, Ladurée is a popular destination for both tourists and locals for a delicious gourmet treat. Apart from its chocolates, confectionaries, macarons, and pastries, Ladurée has delightfully fresh ice cream flavors such as rose petal, pistachio, salted caramel, and Madagascar vanilla, along with sorbets like raspberry, strawberry, and Guanaja chocolate. And the best thing about these frozen treats? They come topped with a macaron!

Address: 75 Avenue des Champs-Élysées, 8th Arrondissement (and many more locations across Paris)

Ice Cream at Laduree

La Maison du Chocolat Victor Hugo

A haven for all kinds of chocolate lovers, La Maison du Chocolat Victor Hugo is the place to go to satisfy all your chocolate cravings. Creating a delightful sensation with high-quality chocolate, the Maison also dabbles in soft ice cream with subtle notes of bitter chocolate and sweet cream.

Giving it a gourmand finish (just like ALL their chocolate boxes!), Maison du Chocolat has classic flavors such as Sicilian Pistachio, Madagascar Vanilla, lemon sorbet, raspberry sorbet, and the signature Intense Dark Chocolate Ice Cream

Address: 120 Avenue Victor Hugo, 16th Arrondissement


La Paleteria

Popsicles are some of the best and the most fun ice cream treats to have on the go, and La Paleteria has mastered the art of making high-quality popsicles with combined influences from Italy and Columbia. With authentic recipes, the popsicles are handcrafted and look just like huge chocolate squares.

Some of their flavors include grape, pineapple, tamarind, strawberry peppermint, cheesecake oreo, black forest, tropical paradise, and many more.

Address: 4 Rue Des Ecouffes, 4th Arrondissement

Ara Chocolat

Founded by a Venezuelan couple, Ara Chocolat is a Parisian chocolate factory that makes you travel the globe through its unique selection of chocolates. Making organic and vegan chocolate bars with fair trade, they also make one of the best hot chocolates in Paris. And during the summer months, you can come across the occasional frozen treats made with the same love and care as their chocolate bars!

Address: 54 Rue de Dunkerque, 9th Arrondissement

3 people holding up Popsicles in Paris

À La Mère de Famille

Ice creams, chocolates, and confectionaries made with fruity centers and crunchy decorations, À La Mère de Famille has some of the most refreshing popsicles in Paris! With classic chocolate and vanilla pairings along with raspberry and nectarine, the popsicles are sure to bring down the heat in the warmer months.

Address: 35 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 9th Arrondissement

Emki Pop

Also known as the king of popsicles, Emki Pop has beaten all ice cream shops when it comes to crafting ice treats on sticks! With seasonal products sourced from some of the best local producers, Emki Pop’s ice creams hail from the Vieux Port de Marseille.

The tiny store has some of the best flavors- green kiwi, pear, raspberry, and apricot along with some healthy options such as black sesame, curcuma ginger, coconut milk, and chia seeds.

Address: 13 Rue Antoine Vollon, 12th Arrondissement


Making alcoholic ice cream fun with unique flavors, LAPP is the first brand to create alcoholic sorbets, called Poptails, inspired by some of the most loved cocktails such as Mojitos and Spritz. They also have a non-alcoholic range inspired by mocktails, and all their products are natural and suitable for vegans!

LAPP has is a vegan ice cream range called Popdream that offers gourmet ice cream made with natural and organic ingredients. It is available in the UK, France, and Benelux.

Address: Order Online here



One of the most popular French gelato boutiques, Amorino not only carries some delicious flavors but also serves them in cute little designs! Amorino is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Cristiano Sereni and Paolo Benassi.

Made without artificial colors, Amorino’s gelato pays homage to real Italian gelato that is creamy, rich, and full of texture. With seasonal and classic flavors, the gelato is vegan, gluten-free, and 100% natural. To add a cherry to the top, they make cute little flower designs while serving the gelato in a cone (which is also vegan-certified!).

Address: 18, Rue Mouffetard, 5th Arrondissement (and many more stores across Paris)

Best Ice Cream Stores in Paris Gelato

Gelati d’Alberto

A small artisanal shop that delights both tourists and locals with its unusual flavors, Gelati d’Alberto makes fresh ice creams on-site every day! With pastry flavors like lemon tart, popcorn, or Paris-Brest, the gelatos are unquestionably delicious in taste and presentation.

Carved with a spatula in the shape of a flower sitting atop a cone, it has some incredible flavors like vodka Redbull, lychee mojito, and violet.

Address: 45, Rue Mouffetard, 5th Arrondissement

Il Gelato del Marchese

Created with a challenge to make the best artisanal ice cream in the world, even better than Italy, Il Gelato del Marchese offers true masterpieces when it comes to frozen treats. The gelatos paint a beautiful picture of its Italian roots with colorful flavors and 100% natural sorbets!

Il Gelato has a Renaissance-style parlor where you can unwind with some great flavors like kiwi, pineapple, chocolate, tangerine, and pistachio.

Address: 3 Rue des Quatre Vents, 6th Arrondissement

Maison Mulot

A boulangerie, a patisserie, and a cafe, Maison Mulot by Gérard Mulot is a pastry and confectionery shop that celebrates the changing concepts of gastronomy without forgetting its traditions and roots. Housed in the classy Saint Germain des Prés, Maison Mulot’s special attention to taste and inspiration has resulted in some of the most inventive macarons, pastries, and baked goods.

Address: 76, Rue de Seine, 6th Arrondissement

Best Ice Cream Stores in Paris Gelato

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Vegan Ice Cream

Grom Gelato

Grom offers some of the finest Italian cuisines on the Left Bank or Rive Gauche. With perfect and authentic gelatos, parfaits and biscuits, Grom is well known for its friendly service and great hot chocolate, frappe, and lemonade. Grom has vegan and gluten-free flavors in their sorbets and also caters to a variety of dietary intolerances without compromising quality.

Grom was born with a mission to create ice creams as they did in the past- with the highest quality ingredients and raw materials. Its first store was opened in Turin in 2003 and has been expanding its reach ever since. Grom’s gelato ice cream pots are also available in supermarkets across France.

Address: 81 Rue de Seine, 6th Arrondissement

Plan D

With an aim to provide sustainable food with the best know-how, Plan D excels at offering gourmet street food such as sandwiches and ice creams that are plant-based, seasonal, and colorful. Located near the Canal St Martin, Plan D’s menu is filled with dishes that have absolutely no ingredients of animal origin and has a pleasant terrace seating for enjoying the canal while consuming food that respects the world around us.

Address: 22 Rue des Vinaigriers, 10th Arrondissement

person holding cone with gelato


Atelier Nubio is more than just a concept store; it is a holistic space that offers consultations along with freshly produced juices, broths, and a wide range of natural soaps. Amidst the holistic beauty products and juice workshop, the store also offers a zero-guilt sorbet in collaboration with Berthillon.

Végane is a smooth, crunchy frozen treat that is sugar-free, and as the name suggests, vegan-friendly gelato. The ice cream is available at the Nubio store as well as at the Raymon Berthillon store on Saint Louise en l'Île.

Address: 4 Rue Paul Bert, 11th Arrondissement

veganice cream


If vegan and organic food are what you prefer, you must visit Impronta. They’ve mastered the art of creating Italian gourmet ice cream that is adapted to a vegan diet without compromising on its taste. With a mission to have fun while respecting the environment, Impronta’s colorful and inventive recipes are part of a sustainable approach to focus on animal and environmental well-being.

Address: 273 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 11th Arrondissement


Le Triporteur à Glaces

Open in the summer months, Le Triporteur à Glaces ice cream cart in front of the Le Tour d’Argent restaurant has some truly delightful ice cream flavors that will transport you all over France. This tricycle cart is right along the Seine which is perfect for grab-and-go, and stroll!

Address: 2 Rue du Cardinal Lemoine, 5th Arrondissement

vanilla ice cream scoop

Et voilà! Plenty of frozen goodness to be found all across Paris! They really do have the best ice cream and gelatos! And now you can find popsicles, vegan treats, and more!

Now it is your turn! Do you have another favorite in Paris? Do tell! If you haven't been to Paris, I would still love to hear what your favorite ice cream treat is! Who has the best ice cream in Paris in your opinion?


Andi Fisher

I am married to a French man, lived in France for 3 years, and have been to Paris more than 50 times. I am always a tourist so the information, tip, and tricks I share are created to help you!

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  16. Melissa Cushing says:

    I would try any one of these for sure and love a good ice cream. I will make sure to visit these shops when I get to Paris 😉

  17. Rose Ann Sales says:

    Wow! I am absolutely sure that those ice cream taste absolutely delicious! My kids would really love to see this!

  18. OMG, I love sweets and ice cream so much! One whole week may not be enough to visit those stores and try all these varieties, LOL! craving for it!