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Audrey Hepburn’s Paris

Audrey Hepburn has personified Parisian chic and elegance and is permanently connected to the City of Light. Audrey’s first film, Sabrina, showcased a tiny glimpse of the city where she was the ultimate embodiment of the American Dream: going to Paris as an ugly duckling and returning as a chic swan.

The actress went on to make many more films in Paris that showed her wide range of acting, from comedy and romance to drama and thriller.

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Did Audrey Hepburn live in Paris?

Audrey Hepburn did not live in Paris although she frequented the city to film or simply for holidays. Six of Audrey’s movies were shot in Paris and showcase the beauty of the city in all its glory – Charade, Funny Face, How to Steal a Million, Love in the Afternoon, and Paris When it Sizzles.

Audrey Hepburn movies shot in Paris

From the banks of the Seine to the top of the Eiffel Tower, you can see Audrey dancing, singing, or just walking through the city.

The Audrey Hepburn Guide to Paris

In the immortal words of Audrey Hepburn from Sabrina, “Oh, but Paris isn't for changing planes, it's… it's for changing your outlook, for…for throwing open the windows and letting in… letting in la vie en rose.” It’s no secret that Audrey Hepburn loved Paris, and even though she never really lived in the French capital, there is a connection.

Probably the most famous thing she ever said (to Francophiles) from the same movie:

Paris is always a good idea.

Some of the most notable filming locations were: in the Louvre Museum where the characters dance on the stairs in front of the Winged Victory of Samothrace, near the Arc de Triomphe, on the bank of River Seine with a backdrop of Notre Dame, near the Pont des Arts bridge, outside the Musée Jacquemart André, and even the outskirts of Paris in the studios of Boulogne Billancourt.

Hôtel Raphaël

Hôtel Raphaël was Audrey’s home away from home during her shoots in Paris. She spent most of her days in the family-run hotel. The intimacy, the baroque charm, and the refined Chinese motifs attracted her to the hotel. She created a set of morning rituals in the hotel – enjoying chocolat chaud and madeleines on the rooftop terrace or playing chess with her co-stars.

Hôtel Raphaël Roof

Her lifelong fashion collaborator, Givenchy, had a store (and still has today!) on Avenue George V, a stone’s throw from the hotel. Today, Hôtel Raphaël’s rooftop can still be enjoyed along with its excellent views of the Eiffel Tower throughout the day.

Address: 17 Av. Kleber, 16th Arr

Ritz Paris

The Ritz was another of Audrey’s favorites. Most of the scenes from the movie Love in the Afternoon, from the hallways to bedrooms, were shot in this hotel.

Rtiz Carlton Paris

The Ritz bar was also used as a backdrop in How to Steal a Million. The different bars of the Ritz were recently renovated and have some unique decor and themes where guests can enjoy a drink or two in the glitzy neighborhood of Place Vendôme.

Address: 15 Pl. Vendôme, 1st Arr

Opéra Garnier 

The Paris Opera House is widely celebrated for its stunning interiors and exteriors, but for Audrey Hepburn fans, the staircase of the Opéra Garnier holds a special place.

Inside Opera Garnier Paris

The movie, Funny Face, shows Audrey dressed in a beautiful emerald green coat waiting for Fred Astaire to photograph her on the stairs. The grand staircase of the opera house brought out the fashion queen in Audrey and became an iconic scene of the film and of her career.

Address: Pl. de l'Opéra, 9th Arr

Palais Royale

One of the final shooting scenes from the movie Charade takes place in Paris in Palais Royale. The charm of the palace lends a mysterious beauty to the scene where Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant are still in danger after the murder has been revealed.

Andi at Palais Royale-Paris

Located a stone’s throw away from the Louvre Museum, Palais Royale’s courtyard, the black and white stepping stones, and typical Parisian-style architecture make it a popular tourist attraction, thanks to its location near the Louvre Museum.

Address: 8 Rue de Montpensier, 1st Arr

Pont Des Arts

Another famous photoshoot scene from Funny Face took place on the Pont des Arts bridge. The emblematic bridge is the perfect backdrop for this scene where Audrey is seen wearing a white outfit with a pink sash and a gorgeous straw hat. Her pose indicates she’s caught a fish from the River Seine.

Pont des Arts at Sunrise

Pont des Art is a historic bridge in Paris and for a long time had several thousand of locks with the names of lovers engraved on them to symbolize eternal love. When the locks started destroying the structure of the bridge, the government intervened and replaced the metal railings with glass to prevent further locks from being put on them.

Despite the absence of these symbols of love, Pont des Arts remains a romantic spot for lovers.

Address: 6th Arr

Jazz Bars

Funny Face, one of Audrey’s most loved movies, shows her dancing in a jazz bar alongside co-star Fred Astaire. Audrey was a trained ballerina but for the movie, she trained with Lucien Lelong, the Paris Opéra ballet master. She also honed her ear for jazz with her husband, Mel Ferrer by hitting some of the jazz spots in the city.

Male musician in hat and eyeglasses playing on trumpet on stage with dramatic lighting and smoke — Photo

The Paris jazz bar scene was dwindling after the wars, but there were a couple of places to enjoy the music, one of which was Café Laurent. Situated in Hôtel d’Aubusson, Café Laurent hosts jazz nights even today in a cozy lounge with a refined, subdued atmosphere.

Address: 33 Rue Dauphine, 6th Arr

Jardin des Champs-Elysées

In the movie Charade, long before the shooting scene, Audrey and Cary take a stroll in the Champs-Elysées Garden where they stand in front of the Marionette Theatre. The puppet theatre is one of the oldest ones in Paris and is a major hit with children and adults alike.

Champs-Elysées Garden

Sadly, the theatre recently closed its curtains.

Address: 10 Av. des Champs-Élysées, 8th Arr

Musée Jacquemart-Andre

The romantic heist scene in the movie How to Steal a Million takes place in the exterior spaces of the Musée Jacquemart-Andre. Although not a very well-known museum in Paris, Musée Jacquemart-Andre was created from the private home of Édouard André and Nélie Jacquemart displaying the works of art collected by them throughout their lives.

jacquemart andre museum paris

The museum features the work of Francesco Botticini, Rembrandt, Sandro Boticelli, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and many more. 

Address: 158 Bd Haussmann, 8th Arr


Carette, a long-standing French cafe dating back to the 1920s, was another favorite of the actress. Audrey loved to visit the cafe to drink their hot chocolate or chocolat chaud.

Carette hot chocolate

The cafe is open even today and serves a delicious concoction of cocoa drinks. The cafe has several locations across Paris, one in Montmartre and another near Place des Vosges.

Address: 4 Place du Trocadéro et  du 11 Novembre, 16th Arr

Audrey Hepburn Lookalike


Audrey adored this legendary tea room. When she wasn’t skipping around the Champs Elysées and the banks of the River Seine, Audrey was seen sipping the most desired cup of hot chocolate from Angelina.

Illustration of Angelina Hot Chocolate in Paris
Illustration commissioned from Art by Andreja

Known as chocolat chaud à l'ancienne, the rich, thick creamy goodness comes from an unchanged recipe made with the best African cocoa (it is one of the best hot chocolates in Paris).

Be sure to indulge yourself in this Belle Époque salon with its famous Mont Blanc and a delicious tower of cream.

Address: 226, rue de Rivoli, 1st Arr


Given that Givenchy was Audrey’s lifelong collaborator, it would be odd if she didn’t visit his studio when in Paris! Givenchy and Audrey met when Hubert de Givenchy was selected to design the gowns for the movie Sabrina. Audrey was unhappy with the choice and wanted to go with the trusted Hollywood costume designer Edith Head. Gravely concerned about the designs, she visited Givenchy’s studio on Avenue Georges V.

Givenchy Store Paris

On the other hand, Givenchy had never heard of Audrey Hepburn and was expecting to meet American actress Katherine Hepburn. Even though Audrey and Givenchy’s first meeting began on shaky footing, they soon bonded and created a long-lasting partnership for decades to come.

Audrey was Givenchy’s muse for well over 40 years and was the designer who gave Audrey the iconic black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Eternal Elegance: Audrey Hepburn's Lasting Legacy in the City of Light

With the echo of Audrey Hepburn's footsteps still resonating through the streets of Paris, her spirit seems to linger in the air, a testament to her timeless connection with the City of Light.

Audrey's presence in Paris was not merely that of a visitor; she became an integral part of its narrative, embodying the city's essence of elegance, art, and love. Through her films, Audrey invited us to view Paris through her eyes, offering a perspective filled with wonder, beauty, and a touch of whimsy.

Audrey Hepburn Lookalike

Audrey Hepburn and Paris share a story of mutual admiration, a bond forged in the reels of cinema and the pages of fashion. Her journey through Paris, marked by moments of cinematic magic and personal revelry, invites us to explore the city with a renewed sense of enchantment.

Through Audrey's eyes, we see not just the physical beauty of Paris but its soul—vibrant, enduring, and forever inviting us to discover our own stories within its embrace.

In the end, Audrey Hepburn's Paris is more than a guide to the city's landmarks; it's an invitation to experience life with passion, elegance, and a bit of magic. Her legacy, like the city's own, is timeless—a reminder that, sometimes, the most enduring love stories are those we share with the places that capture our hearts. Audrey's love for Paris reflected her own grace and style, and in return, Paris has lovingly held her in its memory, proving that some love stories, much like the city itself, are eternal.

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Audrey Hepburn in Paris books

How about you? Do you have a favorite Audrey Hepburn movie? Do tell!

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