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Travel Gear Tuesday – Ziploc Bags

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Ziploc bags are the most essential travel gadget, period. Sadly, even a seasoned traveler like myself forgets this sometimes. I should have been reminded by Road Warriorette’s post on the same topic, if only it had been the week prior to my Orcas Island trip! Or if I had been using the uPackingList application for my iPhone I might have remembered as well.

Normally I always have them in my suitcase, but apparently I had run out and forgot to replace them before I left. I was able to purchase some at the grocery story by the ferry landing, but unfortunately, being an island, I paid double.

There are so many uses for this little plastic bag there is no way I can list them all, but here are some ways that I have used them:

  • To keep bottles containing liquids, gels, lotions from getting all over my clothes when they inevitably open. This leads to the most essential items number 2: tape (duct or packing) to keep bottle lids closed.
  • As a complete replacement to a toiletry kit, not sexy, but functional!
  • To keep socks that I have walked around in all day away from the rest of my dirty clothes when I forget a dirty clothes bag.
  • To organize smaller items together so they don’t get lost in the corners of my suitcase.
  • To hold all the business cards and expense receipts in one place when I go to conferences.
  • To hold postcards and other paper souvenirs when I am on a personal trip.
  • When visiting multiple countries with different currencies, I keep the coins in separate bags (in my purse, not my suitcase!) so I can pull them out when needed.

A few other things to note:

  • Please make sure to use these bags until they are dead as they are not the greatest for the environment.
  • Buy Ziploc and not a generic version, they will last longer and stand up to more use.
  • Use the traditional “pinch close” variety and not the zip kind, liquids can leak through the zipped portion.

How about you? Got any travel related Ziploc tips?

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