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Travel Gear Tuesday – The Pashmina

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Travel Gear - The Pashmina

It wasn’t until I started traveling to Europe and Asia on my own that I figured out the unique versatility of the pashmina (or sarong or scarf). I learned this via quiet observation of French women. Not only on the street or in cafes, but in the airport as well. One item of clothing that was consistently present no matter what their outfit, was a scarf.

At first, I thought it was just part of the style, but then I came to understand there was a purpose as well. There are so many uses for this beautiful piece of cloth that it makes it an essential travel tool. It can be worn to warm you up. It can be used as a blanket. Or as a cushion for an uncomfortable seat. Depending on the material you can use it as a towel. It can become a shirt or a skirt. And definitely an eyeglass or camera lens cleaner!

Also, if you tend to pack light like I do, meaning monochrome colors that can be worn in layers, a pashmina is a way to add color or to dress up an outfit for an evening out.

I have them in a ton of colors, styles, and weights and wear one nearly every day. There is my favorite, a light gray cashmere one that I bring with me on every trip I make. I got it during one of the bi-annual sales when I was working in Switzerland. I paid a rock-bottom price for 100% cashmere and would be heartbroken if I ever lost it!

How about you? Do you travel with a pashmina (or sarong or scarf)? Do you have a favorite one? Or a unique use?

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Travel Gear - The Pashmina


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