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Travel Gear Tuesday – The perfect travel dress

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Usually when I am traveling packing a dress can be a bit of a pain, especially if most of the clothes and shoes I am bringing are for outdoor activities or I am taking mainly casual-wear. But now I have found the perfect solution, a dress you can just throw into your suitcase that comes out looking sexy and fresh no matter what!

The dress? Patagonia’s Margot dress. It comes in several colors, but black is classic and you can add any color to it to go with anything else.

How did I find this dress? I have very fashionable friends! A couple of months ago I had a girls weekend in New York City with some of my blogging best buds. The three of us shared a room. I was the last to arrive, and when I opened up the closet to hang up something this dress was in there…in duplicate! My two friends had unknowing brought the same dress. Why because it travels well.

That was convincing enough, but then seeing the dress on two women of two different body types worn in two different ways…well they had me sold.

I picked one up prior to my trip and wore it to several dinners, with a sweater, without and with a scarf and by itself. It worked out beautifully.

How about you? Have a go-to dress, skirt, or outfit that travels easy and looks great for a nice dinner?

Also, I am guest-posting again today on Road Warriorette, check out what I have to say about the hotel door!

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