Travel Gear: Hanging Wet Clothes with a Travel Clothesline

Whenever I travel and plan on going into the water, whether that be a pool, lake, or the sea, there is one item that I always throw into my suitcase. My travel clothesline which I use to hang and dry bathing suits and wet clothes.


Depending on my travel plans, I pack multiple suits like one classic black swimsuit, a printed one-piece, and even a wetsuit. No one likes wearing a cold and damp suit during vacation, so plan ahead with multiple swimwear items and a way to dry them.

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I have used this in hotel rooms, on cruise ships, rented houses, and even a car. It is perfect for stretching a clothesline between two fixed posts and takes up absolutely no space in your suitcase!

travel clothesline

I have not found anything else that can replace this, even if you pack string you would still need pins, which is not necessary with this little guy. You never want to pack wet clothes as the rest of your stuff can end up damp and moldy.

Benefits of a travel clothesline:

  • You can dry your laundry almost anywhere!
  • The clothes like in stretchy and you can extend it to 6 feet
  • With its braidlike design, you don't need to travel with clothespins
  • Attach it to anything with the loops on the end plus the adjustable Velcro helps hold it tight

How about you? Have another way that you dry clothes when you are out on the road?

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  1. Kaye@arizona spas resorts says:

    That is a very nice tool because whenever I travel, I am really worried where to hang my wet undies and suits.

  2. Really good find, I’m always wondering what to do with my stuff when I travel!

    1. @Lindsey, glad it helped you!

    1. @Jennie, it really works well.

  3. Kristina Sullins says:

    I usually just try to hang stuff from the shower curtin or on the tub. And they of course end up on the floor.

    1. @Kristina, try this tool out, it is a lifesaver. I hung out bathing suits on it from the balcony on the cruise boat. And even with the wind, everything stayed put.

  4. Love this! We cloth diaper, and have on vacation, this would have been perfect for that.

    1. @Vera, it definitely would! I used mine for bathing suits while we were on our cruise.

  5. Beth Ann Smith says:

    This is a great idea. I traveled in Mexico and my swimsuit never did dry out because I hung it over the shower rod. While traveling in Great Briton, finding Laundromats was a problem so we washed our underwear every night, and where do you hang it if you have a shared bathroom?

  6. Howell W. says:

    What a brilliant idea! Versatile, practical, convenient, and compact.