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Travel Gear: Hanging Wet Clothes

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Whenever I travel and plan on going into the water, whether that be pool, lake or the sea, there is one items that I always throw into my suitcase. My Flexoline which I used to hang and dry bathing suits and wet clothes.

Flexo-LineI have used this in hotel rooms, on cruise ships, rented houses and even a car. It is perfect for stretching a clothesline between to fixed posts and takes up absolutely no space in your suitcase!

Flexo-Line-In-UseI have not found anything else that can replace this, even if you pack string you would still need pins, which is not necessary with this little guy. You never want to pack wet clothes as the rest of your stuff can end up damp and moldy.

How about you? Have another way that you dry clothes when you are out on the road?

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