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A strangely beautiful mixture of cultures, languages, history, architecture and food all across the continent, there truly is something for everyone traveling in Europe!


Germany is more than just beer! From it’s incredible architecture and museums in its urban cities to its alpine forests and ski resorts you will fall in love.


The land of paprika and goulash, Hungary has lots of hidden treasures like delicious wine and thermal spas to expore.


Hands down some of the happiest people I’ve discovered, the Italians have an amazing lust for life and some of the world’s best food and wine.


Portugal is completely underrated; from its magnificent coastline with golden beaches to the golden valley of wine, this country is one of the most vibrant and affordable destinations in Europe.


Flamenco dancers, tapas, gothic cathedrals, Roman ruins, Spain dazzles!

United Kingdom

A kingdom of four nations, the UK offers a plethora of options (and pubs) to explore.