Procacci Florence

Our first day in Florence we did a custom Context Travel tour, Florence for Foodies. During that tour, one of the stops was Procacci, a historic deli founded in 1885, which specializes in products with truffle.

Procacci Florence

Photo credit: Mr. Misadventures

Walking into Procacci you are instantly enveloped into the deep musky smell that screams “truffles!”

And I don’t know about you, but my mind goes, “Yes, please!”

During our first visit, we tasted the house specialty, Panini tartufati, a small sandwich with a special truffle cream. The recipe is top secret (they even have a sign that says so!).

I would define Procacci’s as a wine bar, one that is loved by tourists and locals alike. In the afternoon it is super crowded with ladies having an afternoon out with their girlfriends, gossiping over a glass of wine or prosecco and little apertivo before heading home.

Procacci Florence

Photo credit: Mr. Misadventures

Procacci’s is a Florentine institution run by the Antinori family, a very old wine family in the region.  It is located on a very chic street amongst small boutiques and it feels very luxurious to sit inside and people watch.  Despite this feeling of richness and grandeur, there is nothing pretentious about the people that work there, they are friendly and helpful, even when you try to steal their recipes as Mr. Misadventures tried to do (despite the sign…ah the French!).  The prices are very, very reasonable as well, which is surprising considering the neighborhood.

A couple of days later we were headed to lunch at Obika Mozzarella Bar (more on that spot soon) but were early, so we stopped in for a pre-lunch sandwich (truffle and salmon) and prosecco…doesn’t everyone do that?

A bonus is that you can purchase truffle products to bring home and extend your trip.  Anything with truffle is a powerful reminder of Tuscany and Mr. Misadventures and I bought several items to make our memories last longer.

Procacci Florence

Photo credit: Mr. Misadventures

If you’d like to visit Procacci Florence, it is located at Via Tornabuoni, 64/r.

How about you? Have you had truffles? How have you had them or would you like to have them? Do tell!

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Procacci Florence



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  1. Karen Beckett says:

    The food & wine in Italy sound heavenly! Would love to travel there some day!

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Karen, it is pretty amazing and the Italians think it is the best in the world, I hope you get to decide for yourself one day!

  2. Karen Beckett says:

    So want to taste truffles!! The food & wine in Italy sound heavenly! Would love to travel there some day!

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Karen, it is definitely a mind-blowing experience. I had only had them once before in France, but it was a very dilute preparation – this time it was so in-your-face it was a truly awesome experience!

  3. florence sounds like a very nice and beautiful place

  4. OMG I FOODIE VACATION! I need to sign myself up for one of those!!!!! 🙂 I am drooling!

  5. Love the vacay pics! I miss Florence!

  6. We were just in Florence a few weeks ago but I didn’t know about this cafe at the time… will have to check it out on our next visit!

  7. I’ve never heard of truffles on bread before – but hey… sounds freakin’ delicious to me, I’d give it a try.

  8. My gosh, I am SO jealous of your adventures! I can’t wait to go back to Europe someday!

  9. Florence is my favorite city. The Duomo with its crazy loud bells… I’m so envious of you right now.

  10. Gosh, you just reminded be of how much I love to travel! i a few trips planned this Fall (mainly places in the US like NYC) but I can’t wait to travel overseas <3

  11. I’m loving all of these travel food shots! Thanks for sharing!

  12. what a beautiful place! Isnt it funny how location can make things taste better? haha

  13. lovely shop yummy subs

  14. You’re seriously making me want to return to Italy on holiday, not just for the sun and the beauty but the fabulous food and wine too!

  15. Amazing! I’ve never been to Italy but I would love to go!

  16. Your photos and descriptions transported me to Italy. It looks like an amazing experience.

  17. Ooh, those pictures make me want a big glass of wine! Looks delicious!

  18. I seriously love reading about your adventures and wanting the yummy food you experienced!

  19. That food and wine look amazing! I WILL one day make it to Florence! Hope you had a fantastic time.

  20. Ooooo travel. I love this. I wish I had more money so I could travel the world! Great pictures!

  21. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    I would love to visit here. The food looks good, the wine sounds great and the atmosphere sounds relaxing

  22. That’s it. Now I have to pack my bags and head back to Europe ASAP! I haven’t been to florence yet… it’s on my list!

  23. I adore Florence. The food was one of my favourite things whilst I was there. 🙂

  24. I love truffle. I had truffle gnocchi in Leeds at the weekend on a fab rooftop bar and it was so delicious! Very heavy though, but perfect cosy, comforting food!

    Katie <3

  25. I’ve always wanted to go to florence. This looks amazing!

  26. I’ve never tried anything with truffle, but I do watch master chef, haha so I’ve heard about it. i’ll have to try it one day!

  27. I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and your trip is very inspiring! One day I’ll make it out there. 🙂

  28. I did a big tour of Italy last summer but we never made it to Florence and I’m SO sad about that! When I do make it to Florence, I TOTALLY want to do a Foodie tour. That sounds amazing!!

  29. Happy you found this place Andi, and I have no doubt that your tour with Context was awesome, they are my favorite in the city! Whenever people come to visit, I always take them there for a glass of prosecco and a truffle bite, two or who are we kidding, even three! ;-). Let me know next time you are in town and perhaps we could meet up, love your blog!

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Georgette, I can imagine visiting there several afternoons a week if I lived there! It is not my last time to Florence so I will definitely keep you in mind for future trips!

  30. Andi I hope you do! I am a huge fan of photo walks with spirited beagle puppies (mine) ;-).

  31. I’ve had many different truffles in life. The best yet has been the one known as “tartufi neri” in Italian, black truffles that are usually found in the regions of Umbria and Piedmont.

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