5 of America’s Most Unique Lavender Farms

Summer is just heating up and that means one thing to me. Lavender. There is nothing quite like walking through a heady field of lavender. As your senses take in the deep piney-floral aroma of the beautiful purple flowers, it's easy for your mind to wander to the south of France. However, you don't have to hop on a plane to Aix-en-Provence to visit a lavender farm, there are hundreds of … [Read more...]

Locals I Love – Lavender Valley Farm

I love Instagram. Not only is it fun to share my misadventures from a visual perspective, but I also find great suggestions for places to eat, RV parks to stay in and things to see.  It was while I was perusing a PNW tag that I came across a photo from a lavender farm in the Mt. Hood area. I showed Mr. Misadventures the photo and told him we must visit it while we were staying in the Portland … [Read more...]

Locals I Love – An Afternoon at Seley Ranch

During our first week in Borrego Springs, Mr. Misadventures and I were immensely enjoying the local grapefruit. At least once a day on our way in or out of Borrego Springs, we drove by Seley Ranch. By the end of our first week, I was very interested about this farm so I reached out to them to see if they were amenable to a visit and interview. You see I was extremely curious about these farms … [Read more...]

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Maui – Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm

After a glorious day of doing absolutely nothing...well, that isn't quite accurate...I had breakfast with the lovely Di from Napili Kai Beach Resort and dinner at the Sea House Restaurant followed by the Slack Key Show, but during the day I sat on my gorgeous terrace with my laptop catching up on things and just enjoyed the view and the breeze and the bay. After that relaxing day I had 'une … [Read more...]

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Hawaii – Hilo Grown Tour

Last week I shared a little of background about Hawaii's agritourism and the forces behind it.  I had the pleasure of learning a lot about the topic from Lani Weigert when I visited Hamakua Mushrooms.  For my last day in Hilo I would actually eat, drink and breathe agritourism on an agricultural adventure called Hilo Grown Tour. I was picked up at my hotel, the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel (more on this … [Read more...]

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Hawaii – AgriTourism

"90% imported. 90% imported." As I drove around visiting Greenwell Farms, Hamakua Mushrooms, Volcano Winery; as I had conversations with folks at hotels and looked a restaurant menus, I still found it crazy that 90% of produce to Hawaii is imported. It is crazy! Coming from California where produce - fresh and local - is in abundance, I just can't fathom how lush and fertile Hawaii, where … [Read more...]

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Hawaii: Hamakua Mushrooms

Ever had a super-fresh mushroom? Good, right? A luxury item? Maybe not.  But if you live in the Hawaiian islands, a fresh mushroom used to be unthinkable. Enter Bob Stanga.  Gentlemen farmer (with an interior designer wife) who just wanted to grow something in Hawaii.  Lucky Hawaiians, he chose mushrooms. The result?  Hamakua Heritage Farms in Laupahoehoe, not too far from Hilo on the Big … [Read more...]

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Hawaii: Greenwell Farms

After a reflective evening and excellent first night's sleep at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort & Spa I woke up ready to hit the road.  I spent the morning at the South Kona Green Market, a small farmer's market in the Kona area. I poked around and picked up a small breakfast consisting of a scone and the most delicious lilikoi juice ever, then I headed to Greenwell Farms for a … [Read more...]