6 Simple Travel Beauty Tips

If you’re planning to travel, you might be thinking about packing your swimsuit and clothes. But what are you packing in your toiletry bag? Not only do you want to look and feel great when you travel, but it’s easy to let yourself go when you’re living out of hotel rooms. Here are simple travel beauty tips to remember. 

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Don’t Neglect Your Skincare 

When you’re traveling, it’s easy to forget about taking care of your skin. But your skin requires even more attention when you’re traveling due to changes in weather conditions, dietary changes, and other factors.

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While on the plane even before you arrive at your destination make sure to drink lots of water before, during, and after long flights—this helps keep skin hydrated from the inside out. Inflight, avoid touching your face as much as possible, and bring along some travel-sized facial cleansing wipes to use throughout the journey.

To offer extra protection from irritants in the air, apply a facial moisturizer or balm shortly before takeoff and after landing. Having body lotions for hands and feet doesn't hurt either.

When you get to your location, instead of using the soap provided by the hotel to wash your face, be sure to pack your own luxury skincare products (there is NO better time to splurge on really good products than when you are traveling!). Be sure to stick to a regular regimen. It can be easy to forget about your skin, but if you do, you could end up with acne, dry skin, or other problems. 

Pack Your Own Hair Products

While traveling is a great way to explore, it can also wreak havoc on your hair. Hair is often forgotten when planning for a trip or adventure abroad, but not taking proper care of it can cause serious issues like dryness, breakage, split ends, and fading color!

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One of the best haircare travel tips is to always pack your own products. You never know what type of samples hotels will provide or if they’ll be ideal for your hair type. It’s best to use products that offer extra hydration since you’ll likely be spending a lot of time in the sun during your trip. 

Don’t Forget Dry Shampoo 

If you find that your hair looks oily in between washes or after spending a lot of time in the sun? If so, then you’ll want to try out this on-the-go beauty tip: dry shampoo. Using some dry shampoo on your locks will help absorb excess oil, making your hair look cleaner and smell better.

You can prevent your hair from becoming oily from the get-go if you spritz on some dry shampoo immediately after blow-drying your hair. Plus this is another eco-friendly way to travel.


Staying hydrated both inside and out is key when traveling. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep skin moisturized and flush out toxins, as well as bring along a small face mist bottle filled with rose water or witch hazel for an extra boost of hydration during the day.

These sprays can be used at any time for an instant refresher without disrupting makeup or leaving behind a residue as some lotions can.

Make Sure You Get Your Beauty Rest

Traveling can be stressful, so it's important to look after yourself and get a good night's sleep. It can be difficult to sleep in a hotel. Getting used to a new mattress and hearing outside noises can really keep you up at night. But getting adequate sleep is one of the most important beauty travel tips. It will help ensure you enjoy your trip better and keep you looking refreshed in photos. 

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If you’re flying, you’ll want to catch up on your ZZZs on the plane — especially if you have an overnight flight. While you’re on the trip, it can help to stick to a regular bedtime and wake-up schedule. You might consider bringing an eye mask to block out bright lights and earplugs to block out sounds. 

Traveling with melatonin is an essential part of my routine. It's a natural supplement that helps fight jet lag and helps you feel more rested during your trip. With melatonin, your post-flight face can be fresh and ready to hit the ground running. It comes in pills, gummies, and patches! Traveling with melatonin also provides an added benefit: looking great not just on vacation, but back at home too! Who doesn't want to come back from a trip looking and feeling their very best?

Try a Lower Maintenance Beauty Routine

Instead of piling on foundation or concealer, opt for a lightweight tinted moisturizer – not only is this lighter coverage faster to apply, but it also feels better on skin that's been spending more time in the sun. Simply add some mascara to make your eyes pop and cool-toned lip color to make your teeth appear whiter in photos.

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For other travel beauty tips, consider picking up multi-tasking makeup products such as tinted lip balm or eyeshadow sticks that are both long-lasting and versatile in their range of colors.

Travel beauty doesn't have to be complicated if you know the right tips – simplify your routine with fewer beauty products and protect your skin!

Carry Blotting Papers

Do you find your face looks oily or sweaty after spending time outdoors? Carry some blotting papers or a washable blotter in your purse. You can spend time at the beach, zoo, or anywhere else on your travels without having to worry about your face looking like an oil factory. 

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These are just a few travel beauty tips for you to keep in mind for your next journey. Whether you’re traveling at the national or international level, these tips can make your life easier and help you look — and feel — more beautiful!

How about you? Do you have any additional travel beauty tips to share? Do tell!

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    You have some awesome tips here. I will keep them in mind when I travel.

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    I always pack my own shampoo as the hotel ones cause asthma and eczema problems. I will work better on my skincare

  4. These are all such great tips. I always make sure to pack my own things.

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    This is an informative and helpful post about haircare tips when traveling. Hair is often overlooked when planning for a trip, but the tips provided here can help prevent damage and keep your locks looking healthy and beautiful.

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    I make sure that I wash my face and hair on my daily schedule. Unless, I need to do it sooner due to sweating or swimming.

  9. These are all really great tips! It’s so important to keep hydrated when travelling.

  10. I love to use travel beauty sets for my trips and I love to have a simple make up with a bb cream and lipstick.