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J’adore #84 – My Picks for the Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel & Home

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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel and Home

I don’t think anyone out there wants to intentionally hurt the environment with their beauty or sleep routine, but it isn’t always simple or easy to figure out what eco-friendly beauty products are out there and whether they will work. Because let’s face it, if the products can’t compare to traditional products in terms of their efficacity then it is difficult to stick to a sustainable routine of doing the right thing. Not trying to be negative or dismiss the seriousness, it is just human nature! 

I for one do the best I can and am sharing my picks for the best ec0-friendly products that I currently use daily at home and while traveling.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for the Face

Wegreeco Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads

Wegreeco Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads_Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for the Face_notext

For many years I used makeup remover wipes or toilettes because they were easy and convenient. I never really thought about whether they were good for the environment or not. I know that some brands are much better about the materials they use and whether they are compostable or not, but it finally dawned on me that this wasn’t the right approach for me.

Instead, I saw these Wegreeco Reusable Bamboo Makeup Remover Pads in a story from Christine of New Darlings on Instagram and after getting a set of my own pads I am hooked. I use 2 every night, throw the “used” ones into the laundry bag the comes with them, and then throw them into the washer and then the dryer when I do my clothes, and voila! Clean, new makeup remover pads that are soft and do a fantastic job of cleaning off my makeup! 

When traveling I bring the laundry bag and hang it on the towel rack in the hotel bathroom so that the pads have a chance to drive overnight. If I am staying somewhere for a bit longer, I can hand wash and dry the pads before packing them back into my toilet kit for the trip home.

The Original Makeup Eraser

The Original Makeup Eraser

In the same vane, I also have The Original Makeup Eraser which I first got as a sample at a photoshoot in Phoenix. This washcloth like an “eraser” cleans the heaviest of make-up. It is great for travel, particularly short trips, as you can just clean it with soap and water after you use it and hang it like a regular washcloth in the hotel. It comes in 3 colors as well including black. If you use a lot of mascara and black eyeliner this color might appeal to you.

Personally, I use the Weegreeco pads as a first option. I don’t wear a lot of make-up and like the smaller form factors of the pads. But I definitely use the Original Makeup Eraser more when I travel.

Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

Burt's Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream

When it comes to washing my face, I use two products along with the pads and cloths. One is an oil that I am not sure is eco-friendly (project to find out and/or convert to something that is) so I won’t name it here followed by Burt’s Bees Soap Bark and Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. I have long been a fan of Burt’s but only recently made the realization that they are from Durham, North Carolina, so not only can I feel good about using their organic, eco-friendly products, they are local (at least for me)!

I love the smell and feel of this cleansing cream, a little goes a long way. I wash my face, rinse with water and then use my pad or cloth to wipe any excess make-up or cream off.

Forever Eye Mask from Dieux Skin

Forever Eye Mask from Dieux Skin

So I am no longer a spring chicken, but I still look pretty young for my age. There seems to be nothing I can do about certain parts looking “old” other than keeping them moisturized. A routine I only developed after living in Phoenix for 2 years, as it was a matter of survival! At least that instilled a good habit I did not have before. When I saw the Forever Eye Mask from Dieux Skin I bought one right away because I am trying to reduce waste in my beauty routine and be more eco-friendly and this reusable sheet mask for my eyes is perfect. The idea is to put on whatever moisturizer you would normally use and then put the eye mask under your eye to “hold in” the cream (or serum, etc.) in place as it is absorbed into the skin. Leave it 10 minutes, rinse, and put it away until the next time. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and comes in sustainable packaging.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for the Body

Jusu Body Care + Home Cleaning Products

Jusu Wellness Products

[Gifted] Sometimes good things come out of bad situations. That’s the case for Jusu Wellness Inc. which was developed by Bruce Mullen as a result of his wife getting cancer. Ultimately she did end up passing away, but while she was still fighting, the Mullen family began clearing their lives of chemical products. Jusu believes that we are making ourselves sick by ingesting and exposing our bodies to chemicals. I believe it too.  Jusu was born and its mission is to create pure, organic, plant-based products for the body and the home.  

I received a sampling of products to try and I am in love. On the home care side, I’ve tried the glass and surface cleaner (I have a glass desk and have been using it every week to clean it), all-purpose cleaner which I’ve used on my kitchen counters, and dishwashing soap that has lemongrass and basil essential oils which I appreciate when I am washing pots and pans every evening. On the body care side, I absolutely cannot get enough of the eucalyptus mint body lotion and hand soap. I love the scent because it is a good scent but it also evokes so many memories! Whenever I smell eucalyptus I am immediately transported to Highway 1 and the drive from San Francisco to Monterrey. You know when you see the strip of eucalyptus trees and breathe in the first breathes of that earthy scent that you are getting close to Monterey, and Monterey County holds a special place in my heart

Dr. Bronners Magic Soap

Dr Bronners Magic Soap

Mr. Misadventures and I started using Dr. Bronners Magic Soap (Dr. Bronner’s – Pure-Castile Liquid Soap) when we lived in Berkeley, which if you know anything about the company, seems appropriate. We first ran into this amazing soap-that-you-can-use-for-literally-anything in our local grocery store, but then started seeing it at Whole Foods and eventually Target. I love this product and use it as a shower gel, shampoo (it can be a bit drying), and cleaner. My favorite scent is almond, the hemp is a little “earthy” and you have to be careful what you wash with the peppermint one, as it can be a bit stingy! I often take some of this in a travel-sized container (they sell travel-sized bottles as well) and use it for shampoo, body and face wash, for laundry I hand wash including my makeup remover pads and towels (unless I am only gone a few days). It is truly versatile.

Not only is this product eco-friendly, vegan, organic, etc. but grab a magnifying glass and read the label you will be entertained for HOURS!

Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant

Schmidts Natural Deodorant

I discovered Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant by chance. It was in my swag bag when I attended a blogger photoshoot in Phoenix. I thought it was a strange addition to the giveaways, but I am so thankful it was in there. As I was again, my regular deodorant was becoming less effective and starting to bother me, so I gave this one a try – Jasmine Tea – and it smells great, works great, doesn’t bother me, and contains ec0-friendly ingredients. I have stuck with the jasmine one even though I am seriously tempted to try some of the other scents – like Pineapple Coconut which I am sure will make me feel like I am in Hawaii!

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for the Hair

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

The one bad thing about any of those travel size bottles is that they are (a) still in plastic (even if it is recycled materials) and (b) they frequently open in my toilet kit. I don’ think it is too much to ask to have eco-friendly travel toiletries that don’t leak! So lately, I have been shifting to a shampoo and conditioner bar as they never spill! I travel with them in a tin and they work really well on my normal hair (meaning I don’t know how well they perform on oily or dry hair. Since I only shampoo my hair twice a week but condition it every day, my one complaint is that I wish the conditioner bars were as big as the shampoo ones!

Unfortunately, I cannot share the brand I use as I accidentally recycled the packaging and there is no branding on the bar OR the tin I put it in – oops! I just wanted to let you know they are good eco-travel essential, particularly for travel.

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Sleep

Lunya Sleep Masks

Lunya Sleep Masks

Mr. Misadventures and I stream movies or TV series at night and I always go to sleep before the hubby. I can’t sleep if the room isn’t dark so I have been using a mask for 18+ years I have worn a sleep mask. And for a decade, I wore the lavender Sweet Dreams Sleep Mask from DreamTime, which is a very good mask, but I would have to buy a new one every 4-6 months and that left me with throwing the old one away. (You do the math, that is a lot of masks.) However now with my Lunya sleep mask that is made of washable silk, I can throw it into the washing machine weekly to keep it clean! At $50, it might seem expensive, but after having it for 6 months, it has paid for itself.

Boules Quies

Boules Quies

I am also sensitive to sound when I sleep, you can call me a light sleeper. Also certain people in the Misadventures household snore, not saying who, but let’s just say that the necessity for earplugs might suspiciously line up with when I started dating a certain Frenchman… Thankfully that Frenchman also had a French solution, Boules Quies. These are all-natural wax and cotton-fiber earplugs that work better than ANYTHING I have ever tried. They come in little balls (hence, boules) individually wrapped in some cotton. You remove the cotton and warm the wax ball in your hand. This makes the wax supple so that when you put it in your ear, it molds to the shape of your inner ear and blocks out noise. 

I always travel with these because I absolutely need these on planes (I don’t like porting around noise-canceling headsets because they take up space and weight.) and hotels. Heck even for Airbnbs! I’ve stayed at in Paris – city living can be loud!

Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel

I hope that by sharing the eco-friendly beauty products that I am currently using both at home and while traveling, you will consider switching some of the products that you are using and consider more sustainable and/or eco-friendly versions of your own.

How about you? Do you use any eco-friendly products at home or while traveling? Do you have some favorite brands? Do share!

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Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel and Home Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel and Home Eco-Friendly Beauty Products for Travel and Home

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Sunday 5th of April 2020

Just love this! I changed my beauty routine almost 3 years ago for all natural (and local) made products and my skin is still thanking me for this haha Definitely going to recommend your article to my friends!


Sunday 5th of April 2020

Yay! I'm all for using more eco-friendly products and have been trying to make the switch over for most/all the things I use (still working on using up everything I own first though). I switched over to using reusable makeup pads a few years ago and haven't looked back since! :]


Sunday 5th of April 2020

nice! I think I've got the first one already, and it's so easy to use!


Sunday 5th of April 2020

We try to use natural products as much as possible. I use a lot of reusable makeup wipes, and the natural deodorant, and I'll have to check out the others.


Sunday 5th of April 2020

Love these new beauty products! I love trying and finding skin care products that I love!