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carrie from SATCDespite the fact that Sex and The City has been over for a decade I always have it on the brain. With the movie coming out in two weeks and me watching the series on my commute, there’s little wonder! Bear with me, it will be over soon.

[Update 2017] Those words were written four years ago, yet this post remains my most visited post ever.  So, I feel it is my obligation as a lifelong Sex and the City fan to make sure that information remains up-to-date.  Thanks to other SATC fans I have been able to learn the identity of some of the locations that alluded me.  Now back to the post!

My fantasy Sex and The City Paris Tour began while I was watching the last episode of the last season of Sex and the City.  The rest is history!



There had always been one little detail about the last episode of Season 6 of Sex and The City that had driven me crazy.  Carrie goes to have lunch with Petrovsky’s ex Juliette, who happens to be the beautiful French actress, Carole Bouquet (an ex-Bond girl as well!).  The scene takes place in a restaurant that faces the Seine.  It was modern and funky with plastic chairs and I have been dying to know where it is for years!

For some reason I had it in my mind that it was a restaurant inside of a museum and I had tried unsuccessfully to figure out exactly which one.  After awhile I forgot about it.  But about two months later, as I was downloading the series on iTunes so that I could watch it on my commute I re-remembered that I had never found the answer to my search. Then it hit me. I have a French husband!

(Well I knew that.)  But I had not thought about using him to help me in my search! He found it in 7 minutes. Seven minutes! The restaurant is called Kong.  Yay, happy day!  It’s not that I necessarily want to go there, it’s just that I needed the information to close the loop.  Ever happen to you, just need to know something, not to take action, but to just know it?

But now that I know that the restaurant Carrie met Juliette was Kong’s, there are a few other places I wonder about.  After all, Paris is my heart and I am so curious to explore every corner of her, and the SATC tie-in is a bonus!  They have SATC tours in New York (much to the New Yorkers chagrin!), but wouldn’t it be fun to go on a Paris one?  I looked, it doesn’t exist.

So if I was going to create my own Sex and The City Paris Tour, this is what it would look like.

The Hôtel Plaza Athénée

carrie-black-jacketCarrie’s arrival, of course!  This is where Carrie and Alec Petrovsky lived during their time in the city of light. It is a Parisian institution, in fact it is a national landmark.  It’s a five star palace with all the trimmings. It’s sumptuous, luxurious and totally out of my price range!

Although totally within the means of both Alec and Mr. Big.  Carrie didn’t know how good she had it!  Alain Ducasse has a restaurant there, the flagship of all his restaurants and a meal there would be exceptional. You can drool over the hotel here.  And this is what the suite they filmed in looks like:

Sex and the City Paris Suite at the Plaza Athénée

Cador Pâtisserie.

Sex and the City Paris Carrie in the Salon

The salon du thé where Carrie gourds herself with French pastries after being out in the rain, precariously walking on cobblestone in her expensive shoes, and stepping in dog you-know-what sadly no longer exists. The interior looks absolutely gorgeous!

The spot is located on the corner of Rue de Louvre & Rue Amiral de Coligny, right now there is a different restaurant in that spot.  I had originally thought it was Angelina’s where they serve magnificent pastries and hot chocolate, but alas that was not the case.

I love the bull mastiff who has a seat at the table next to her, classic Parisian, although I have never seen a dog this big on a chair, only small dogs.

Jeu de Paume museum.
Sex and the City Paris Jeu de Paume Museum

This is where Alec was preparing to display his art for his show in Paris. It’s a contemporary art and photography museum. The building architecture looks very interesting, but I have never been. I remember Carrie coming into the museum to look for Alec. The lighting was beautiful. You can find more information on the museum here.

Le Pont des Arts.

Sex and The City Paris Mr Big and Carrie on the Le Pont des Arts

This one I have actually walked across.  It is also known to Parisians as Le Pont des Amoureux or Lover’s Bridge.  It is one of the few pedestrian only bridges (if not the only?) and it is beautiful at night.  The perfect setting for the Carrie-Mr.-Big reunion.  These days you cannot get an unobstructed view as it now is full of love locks.

Places that I have no idea where they are and would LOVE to find out.  If you know where any of the following are, please let me know!

sex and the city parisThe bookstore where Carrie sees her book. She sees the French version of Sex and the City in the window display and then walks inside to find that she has fans!  They invite her out to dinner so that they can get to know her better, a chance to meet and make some Parisian friends. Where is the bookstore? And where is the restaurant that Carrie shows up late because Alec kept her?

So that’s it! My proposed Sex and The City Paris tour.

Does my tour sound like fun?  Want to go with me? Got any additional suggestions for tour stops?

While you’re here, maybe you’d like to read my 5 Things Sex and the City taught me about life, if you’re a fan you probably took away some of the same lessons!

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Sex and the City Pars: Where to find all the filming locations



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  1. I had a really good steak at Kong once. It’s decorated by Starck which explains those chairs and the photo of a sexy Japanese woman on the ceiling. Don’t know the bookstore though.

  2. I’d definitely pay to take that tour. Well done, Andi. You know, it’s too bad it didn’t work out for Carrie in Paris. I would be happy to at least trade places for a little while.

  3. Kong is fun (had lots of champagne there for my birthday last year) but crazy overpriced.
    I’m a big SITC fan but, as a Parisienne, I have to say I really didn’t like those Paris episodes. I feel they showed a very skewed image of Paris, the Paris of the über-rich tourist, not the relaxed, fun Paris where actual 30-something women hang out and that Carrie might have enjoyed!
    So go for your SITC tour, by all means, but add a little “real” Paris flavour!

    • @Res, I totally agree that they stereotyped Parisians in a negative fashion, but I absolutely love the cinematography in the filming of the episodes, the colors were beautiful, her outfits magnificent and the scenery sublime, but the how they portrayed Parisian…not good!

  4. I’d take that tour in a heartbeat.

  5. I ALWAYS have to close the loop. It drives me crazy when I can’t.

    Is it sick that I read this line–“She sees the French version of Sex and the City in the window display and then walks inside to find that she has fans!”–and then thought: I want that for me! I want that to happen to me!

  6. I would do this tour! I did the SATC tour in NY a few years back and it was superb.

    Andi, you need to organise this!

  7. Andi, love, love this post! First, because it gives me little nuggets that I didn’t know before and secondly, because I think you read the mind of so many SATC fans… (even if we don’t want to seem gitty, we are, we are)

    And yes… someday I hope (I will?) see my book in a bookshop window. You, too.

    • @Sandy, thanks, I think we SATC gals are quite sophisticated…:-) I think it is every writer’s dream to see their book in a book store window!

  8. Karin (an alien parisienne) says:

    Free Home Video, a part of our TV/Internet/Phone pack, has Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of SATC airing right now. I’ve re-watched 1 and 2 and am in the middle of 3. I never did get to see Season 6, but did see the first movie. Before I went to see the movie, I visited a good friend of mine who loves the show and summarized very adequately all of Season 6 for me so I would know what was going on.

    Also, I saw the SATC movie the same afternoon I left to move to Paris. I needed to kill some time before the flight, and so I went. It was the last fun thing I did in the States before leaving.

    I love your SATC posts here. I have it on the brain, too, and re-watching the show reminds me of just what an influence the show was on the culture and trends for women during the time it aired.

    I was looking to see if there were other posts or information online to explain more of the shooting locations, and you seem to have it really covered!

    I just walked past Angelina’s last night. 🙂 I think you are right: that looks a lot like the interior.

    I see what Res is saying about it not being the “real” Paris that is represented (and you know I am all about keepin’ in real in Paris, lol), but that is actually one thing I liked about the series, too: it was not all that real. It was always a tale of a fairly upscale life in NYC, too, and that is all a part of the fantasy. The Paris shown here really is the Movie Star and Starlet Paris — the one that is for the rich and sometimes famous.

    Anyway, thank you for this post and for the previous one about the things you learned from SATC, too (on which I did not comment, but enjoyed reading!). It really was a ground-breaking kind of show and deserves our love. 🙂

  9. Karin (an alien parisienne) says:

    Ahhhhh!! I just found this post at SATC Nostalgia which says this about the café scene: “The scene where Carrie sits in a patisserie and is feeding pastry to the dog at the table next to hers was shot in an actual pastry shop that used to be on the corner of the Place du Louvre, with views on the colonnade and the square.”

    There is a good write-up there and linked in YouTube vids, too.

    This is the kind of post I love: one that inspires me to research the web, lol. I’m really curious about the book store, too, and wish I could see some of these scenes now.

    • @Karin, Thanks for the links and the wonderful comments – as always!. I started watching SATC late, after it was off the air, but love it!

  10. Sign me up! This sounds fantastic!! (As usual, great post!) 🙂

  11. Has anyone marketed this tour? Who needs the Da Vinci Code tour when one can easily do this and have so much fun? great post.

  12. Elspeth says:

    I can help you with the restaurant where Carrie’s party was – it’s in Brooklyn, not Paris. I’m also rewatching the series to get prepared for the movie – and thanks for the name of the Parisian restaurant with the ghost chairs. I’ve always wanted to know.

  13. I’ve eaten at KONG!!! It’s EXCELLENT food. I don’t particularly care for the skanky hostesses that cause all the men in the dining room to stare open-mouthed and drool, but the food was great and the service was top notch. GREAT view of the Seine. It’s a bit more expensive, but I’d rather put some money into a meal there than at 4 mediocre places!

    Wish we could see the movie together when it opens here!

    • @Lindsey, thanks for the review…now I am curious about trying it out….may have to do that on my next trip.

  14. Your tour sounds amazing! I’ve nothing to add because I don’t know much about Paris, I only know I’ve always wanted to visit.

    A tour like that would be a great draw to the city!

    • @Malia, hi and welcome! You can learn a lot about Paris here and maybe someday you will get there for real!

  15. CAROLINE says:

    Hi there,

    The patisserie where Carries feeds the dog cake is called Cador Patisserie. It is located on the corner of Rue de Louvre & Rue Amiral de Coligny. However, it has since been closed down & turned into a restaurant.

    Does anyone happen to know the area where Carrie steps in dog poo & where the little girl hits her on the head?!

  16. CAROLINE says:

    Have also just remembered that the phonebooth where Carrie calls Miranda is in Place St Sulpice!

  17. CAROLINE says:

    Hey guys,

    i managed to do a bit of detective work myself & found out the street with the dog poo (lol!) is rue Servandoni in the 6th arr.

    Im going to Paris on Saturday so will have check it out!

  18. hello,
    i’m a Brit living in Paris, and have been desperate to do an SATC ‘tour’ whilst here – this is great! definitely the most comprehensive. you should go for it professionally! x

  19. I would take the tour. In fact I will be in Paris Oct 5 through 10. When would you be doing your first tours?

  20. Thanks Andi. We found a hotel. I’m going with nancy kirwan and she has a favorite hotel in the Latin Quarter.

  21. Hi,

    The breakfast bar is not angelena but cador in paris…

  22. I know this article is old but I wanted to say the bookstore is at Rue Henry De Jouvenel it is in the very corner of that part.

    Also the part with the dog poo is Rue Servandoni. Does anyone know where the fountain is that Carrie goes to in order to clean her shoes?

  23. Just watched the last two episodes, and came here bridge-hunting. Thanks for the other localities! Would you believe that if you check the Google Earth street view of Place St Sulpice there is a poster for the first SATC movie?!

    It would make sense that they stayed in the same area as rue Servandoni and Place St Sulpice for the fountain. There is a likely one on rue Bonaparte at rue Honore Chevalier, but I can’t see a Louboutin-level tap!

  24. Jeannette says:

    Hi!!! Im trying to go this year to Paris, and I really love do that tour (Sex & The City, Paris) if you have organice it already…. I LOVE SEX & THE CITY…. And I loved the movies too…Both of it !!! Do you think Im crazy…? Greatings from Madrid

  25. Great blog! Anyone around Paris 26-27 May 2011?
    We should get together and try out this SATC Paris tour!

  26. I have been to the bridge – Le Pont Des Arts – its by the Musee de Louvre. If you were to face the Louvre with the glass pyramids in front of you, you walk through to the middle courtyard and then turn right. Hope that description makes sense. It is an awesome thing to see. I have some friends who got married recently and are to going to Paris on part of their honeymoon and for a wedding present we gave them a lock to place on the bridge for themselves. I gues for the exact location of the bridge, you could also check out the lonely planet website, it’s sure to have it 🙂

  27. Carrie washing off her shoe in Paris fountain. The lion’s head was added for the shot.
    From film:
    Pic we took:

  28. Lovers Bridge or Le Pont des Arts is behind Notre Dame church. It is a bit farther from The Louvre. I just got back from Paris two weeks ago and went to Le Pont des Arts.

  29. Love this idea! Totally going to rewatch some SATC episodes before I go to Paris next week to get psyched up 🙂

    • @Christine, please report back like others have if you find new spots! Have a great time in Paris!

  30. I’d love to go to Angelina Salon de Thé to have their hot chocolate and have my picture taken like SJP there!

  31. I loved the Sex and the city tour in New York. Wish they had one for Paris!!!! Going to Paris for the first time next September and I’m definitely going to Angelina a collegaue recommended their hot chocolate as well.

  32. I’m insane about Paris! Been there 5 times so far & never wanna stop! There’s nowhere like it in the world! Recently saw the last episodes of Sex in the City & it all came flooding back to me. I just stumbled on your site and love all the interesting info you provide. Keep it up.

  33. Does anyone know the restaurant in paris where the Russian gives her the diamond carrie necklace and then all his friends turn up?

  34. caroline says:

    I just discoverd your article about all the places in Paris where Carrie was in the last season, and is such funny beacause every morning, to go to work, i walk avenue Montaigne. I pass in front of the famous Dior shop where carrie falls, and the fabulous Plaza athenée. And every morning i think about all of these SATC scenes ! i’m a huge fan ^^
    If you plan to come to Paris, i will be glad to show you all of these places !

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Caroline, what a wonderful way to spend each day! My daily thought revolves around earthquakes and the Bay Bridge, I much prefer yours!

  35. I am off to Paris in 9 weeks time. Looking forward to leaving behind an Australian winter and to checking out some of these places. Thanks for the info 🙂

  36. The restaurant where Carrie shows up late to her party is called Commerce. It’s at 50 Commerce Street in Greenwich Village, New York. I wrote a blog post on it here – “It’s just that I needed the information to close the loop” – that is SO me. 🙂

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Lindsay, thank you SO much for letting me know, I am working on updating this post and will make sure I add that new info!

  37. @Andi no problem. 🙂 Happy to help. I live for this stuff. I came across your site while trying to figure out if SATC did any filming at Laduree while shooting in Paris. (I don’t think they did.) If you ever need any help with US locations, I’m definitely your girl. 🙂

  38. Hello,
    Just for your information (excuse my bad English) :
    – Cador salon de thé is close from years now (i had occasions to eat cakes there : it was exactly like it was filmed in SATC)
    – Carrie is calling Miranda from a public phone, located Place Saint Sulpice in Paris (this phone is really functionning too),
    – Carrie shops (and felt on the ground) at Dior’s shop located “avenue Montaigne” ( averrryyyyyyyyyyyy expansive place to live, trust me… you must be billionnaire to live in an appartment),
    – in the same street the Plaza Athénée Hotel is located (where Carrie stays with Alexandr Petrovski)
    – Carrie on evening is crossing a place, with a green “tutu” (skirt) and then, Mr Big is in a blakc car and Carrie doesn’t see him : this scene takes place in “Place de la Concorde”.
    Welcome in Paris, girls !
    If you want to visit Paris and to see SATC locations, stay a minimum of 4 or 5 days, 1 week is better, because Paris is worther than a simple “picture shoot” of the Eiffel Tower anfd other (sorry) shits…
    (Me : i dream to be abble to afford a journey in New York to visit the locations where SATC took place… Last time i was in NY it was in 2004 but i hadn’t enough time to do everything i wanted to…)…

  39. Other détails :
    – Carrie and Big were on the Pont des Arts (a very crowdy place, really… even at 1 AMor 2 AM, it’s like in the subway at 5 PM or 7 PM… but the bridge is very beautiful (just located 2 minutes by foot from Cador Salon de Thé which is closed now).
    – the restaurant where she meets Juliettte Bélajoue (really, tell me who is named “Bélajoue” in France… nobody…) is Le Kong (a restaurant located up to the former store called La Samaritaine), the restaurant is still open i guess… you’re not obliged to eat, you can just comme during afternoon (for example) to thave a coffee… there is a really great view from there), the Kong is a quite trendy place, with a bar too,
    – Alexandr Petrovwki exposes his artwork in La Galerie du Jeu de Paume (it’s a museum not an art gallery, so i am amazed to see this king of situation in a movie),
    The scènes in Paris were filmed during January, 2004 (i remember to have read a magazine about it).

  40. … PART III (today i like to type i guess…) :
    – Chloé Petrovski (Petrovski daughter) was played by Cécile Cassel… whose brother is well knwon as an actor – Vincent Cassel, who is the husband of Monica Bellucci, model and actress… but Cécile Cassel is not really famous here)
    – Juliette Bélajoue is Carole Bouquet, an ex top model who was the face of Chanel N°5 perfume during the 80’S in France and who was a ex- James Bond Girl who is now an owner of a vineyard property in southern France)
    Maybe another time wrinting a PART IV… excuse my bad English again… I can write all this in French (i’m a Paris native) but i guess it’s better for you in English (even bad…).
    Bye again…

  41. Hi Andi,
    My pleasure.
    I have discovered your blog yesterday then i wrote some posts.
    I am a fan of SATC (i have all the DVDs : all the épisodes + 2 movies). It love it, because it was funny, and the tone was really new (women speaking using “direct and real words” about men, relathionships and sex…), every girl was very stylish… All was 100% fictionnal (beautiful women, glamourous jobs, meet guys very easily, live in a very beautiful locations and so on) but very cool…
    Sometime, i try to imagine what coul happen if the girls lived in 2010’s… 15 years later : Carrie would be a blogger, they would meet guys also on the Net, Mr Big would rule an edge fund (or other)… Who knows lol.
    Other informations :
    – the Eiffel Tower is “shining” (lights) : it happens since 01.01.2000. At the beginning, it was only to commemorate the year 2000. But people loved that and they continued this event. It is really expansive but realllyyyy beautiful to see. It happens each nidht from 10 PM or 11 PM to 1 AM or 2 AM. It’s called “illumination de la Tour Eiffel”. In SATC Clhoé Petrovski says “it’s terrible and hideous”… Thank God not every parisian speaks like that, because she’s agressive and pretentious (her tone when she speaks…). It’s like the Eiffel Tower was covered by thousands of diamonds : it’s a beauty.
    – she wals with Alexandr Petrovski by foot, during a day : it is located Place Dauphine (end not Porte Dauphine : which is another location in Paris), there you can see a restaurant called “Le Caveau du Palais”. Is is located just behind Le Palais de Justice (Paris Court Of Justice), the restaurant is a real one and once i had a lunch there, it’s a very calm location
    – Carrie is walking, in a street wearing a pink skirk with “big black points” and a little blond girl hits her on the head : it is located Rue Servandoni (Servandoni Street).
    – Carrie is walking in a street, sad, thinking about her 3 other friends, then you see 4 girls sitting in a restaurant : it is at the restaurant L’Avenue (located Avenue Montaigne, just neat Dior and Plaa Athénée Hotel)

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Sandrine, merci! I am a HUGE fan myself and often wonder about what it would be like if they made it again today! There is a show here in the U.S. called Girls which they said is close – but NO WAY, it does not come close!

  42. Andi, One question : do you speak french ?
    I’d answer to your comment : “pas de quoi, ce fut un plaisir”.

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Sandrine, un petit peu ou moyennement. My husband is French and I worked in Switzerland for several years and come back to Paris every year, but I still wish I could speak better.

  43. Hi Andi,
    I have read this blog and the other one about travels. I’m a fan of travels to (i have visited 23 countries). A former amercian friend of me called me “wings and wheels” because of that (funny !!!).
    If you plan to go in Paris, if you like you can let let me know and send me a mail (directly on my private mail). I’d be happy to take a “café and croissants” (or other) with you and to show you, for example during a part of an afternoon, some locations where SATC was filmed.

  44. @ Lol : here, maybe 2005, there was also a show on TV called “Clara Sheller” aout what they said “it’s like the Frenche SATC”. ohooo… really ???
    You can see some parts on You Tube (a girl who works at a newspaper company, “fashinable ” -hum, hum…..- living in a trendy place, having some girlfirends among them a lawyer (who is sad about love, men… but not as sinical as Miranda… you’re watching a french TV serie…), that remerer you somhing ??? Yes ???… lol…
    Even with its defaults (too much sometimes ; for instance tell me who can wear a silk designer dress and take safely the subway in NYC ??? – i refer to the episode when Carrie is late, takes a cab then the subway to go to “open” a Stock Exchange session – caricatural characters and so on), SATC is for me the best ever TV show and has a lot of qualities (new dialogues, fashion ideas, funny Samantha quotes like “f…. me once shame on you, f… me twice shame on me”, and love over all even if it seems like a fairytale for adults sometimes).
    I L.O.VE. SATC. Forever.

  45. Hello there, ANDI,
    As you might already guess, I’m a BIG :O) fan of SATC, and my thought was the same: is there a SAtC tour in Paris? …
    by the first google search, your blog pops in ! Exactly what I was looking for !!! THANK YOU for putting your thoughts out there !
    I am in paris for almost 2months, and I’ll have 2 friends visiting. They both are STAC fans, so we’ll be almost 4 girls having fun in PARIS… And since one of my girlfriends never been to paris, besides the PARIS must see places, I want to go with the girls to visit some STAC spots.
    I wanted to go to the restaurant where the fans waited for CARRIE , when she was late… Do you know where it is ???
    (also the pastry store was a dilemma, I had it placed in another place -in my imagination, somewhere in Marais, near rue de Rivoli, )…
    So , again, your blog and topic is the answer for many STAC ‘freaks’ like us :O)

    I also want to go to the Dior store, where she felt :O)….
    let’s see if we’ll manage all of this !
    again, thanks !

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Florina, Happy to find another fan! I love SATC and SATC Paris tour would be a dream! Sandrine rocks!

  46. P.S. – Only now I saw SANDRINE’s comments ! which pretty much solve all the mystery 🙂
    Thanks Sandrine !!!

  47. Hi Andi,
    Just wondering if anyone knows, how long was Carrie in Paris with Petrovski before their relationship ended?
    Love your page! Can’t get enough of SATC!

    • Andi Fisher says:

      @Roberta, it seems like it was only a few weeks, a month at the most, but I don’t actually know for sure. Great question!

  48. Hello,
    @ Florina : if you read the comment, i’m happy to help “SATC freaks” (like me too).
    Then, when you comme back, please leave a message to tell us if you enjoyed your “SATC tour” ???
    @ i plan to come back to NYC maybe during 2014 or 2015 (dépends on several criterias), then i’ll take time to visit SATC locations this time. For example : eat sushis at Sushi Samba Restaurant (location when Samantha throws her cocktail to Richard Wright’s face), go to the street where the last scene took place in the last episode (Greene Street), go in the Village to take a picture of the real location of Carrie’s appartment (i mean the street view : Perry Street) and so on (i am collecting the adresses of the locations). I want to do it by myself, instead of going with a group, in a bus, stay 5 minutes in a place and take a picture and return to the bus : no-thank-you.
    Have a good week end !!!
    PS : another TV serie i love is “Married with children”, if anybody can tell me which blog is good and funny, and with plenty of informations (backtsages, characters, and so on…). Al Bundy is my dream man (noooo… it’s a joke !).

  49. How fun is this? I started planning my first trip to Paris this week, and immediately pulled out the SITC DVDs digging for the final episode and have watched it repeatedly. So excited to find this site giving me nearly all the answers I was looking for. Traveling solo, keen to put together a day looking at these sights immortalized in my favourite episode. Pity there isn’t an organized tour. Thank you ladies for sharing your combined wisdom.

  50. Did anyone find out the location where the russian gave carrie the diamond necklace??

  51. Sandrine says:

    Hello everybody !
    I’m back on this blog to provide you more information.
    To make your tour more easy, please see hereafter the Subway Stations :
    – Plaza Athénée Hotel (Carrie’s Hotel) + Dior shop (Carrie slides and falls) + Restaurant L’Avenue (4 girls discussing and Carrie watching) = Métro Ligne 9 et 1 station Franklin D. Roosevelt (line 1 or 9 Franklin D. Roosevelt)
    – Pont des Arts : the more simple is to stop at Place du Châtelet (Châtelet Place) = Ligne 11 Station Châtelet (line 11) + add 5 minutes by foot all along the Seine River (just ask to people “Pont des Arts, near Le Louvre Museum), not far by foot along the Seine River, there is The Kong Restaurant (were Carrie talks with Juliette Bélajoue who is the ex wife of Alexandr Petrowski);
    – Servandoni Street (Carrie walks wearing a pink dress with big black points and a little blond girl hits her on the head) = not far by foot from Jardins du Luxembourg. City trains called “RER” station Luxembourg + maybe 10 minutes by foot;
    – Place de la Concorde (Carrie walking among the cars with a green tutu skirt, Big is in a black car behind her and she doesn’t see him) = Line 8, 9 or 1 station “Concorde”
    – Place Saint Sulpice (Carrie phoning to Miranda on a public phone) = line 4 station “Saint Sulpice”
    … Enjoy;
    And i have a question please : i heard about there is a “SATC 3” (movie) to be prepared : is it true ? And when will it be on screens/theaters ???
    Bye girls !!!!!!!!!!

  52. Sandrine says:

    …. Oops one more detail : Pont des Arts (Arts Bridge) il the place where Mr Big says to Carrie, in the evening, “you’re the one”)…

  53. I’m very late to this party, but I just discovered this article, and since so many people commented that they wished there was a tour they could take, I just thought I’d update you all and let you know that there is a tour now. It’s a walking tour offered by the company Set in Paris, and I know this because I’m the guide! It’s basically my dream job, as I’m a huge SATC fan. Hopefully I’ll get to meet some of you in Paris soon! Love the article!!

  54. I love Sex and the City too! I went on a Sex and the City Tour in NYC and it really was a lot of fun. I loved hearing the inside scoop on the show. I still love watching reruns.

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