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Paris Park Chairs – The Story Behind Those Green Chairs!

Close your eyes. What is the first thing that pops into your head when someone says “Paris park?” Is it “those green Parisian chairs?” Or, “Luxembourg chairs?” Yes! Me too! If you visit any of the major parks in Paris you will indeed find those iconic green chairs somewhere near a fountain or grouped together under trees (or in the case of Palais Royale, with beautiful quotes carved into them).

Whatever you answered (“Luxembourg” or “green chairs”) it probably wasn't “Senat chairs” or something with the company name “Fermob” unless you have read up on your history, but that's okay because that's what I am here for!

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Andi in Paris Park Chairs in Tuileries Garden

The History Behind Paris's Green Park Chairs

Even though it's such an integral part of Parisian culture and park aesthetic and symbolizes the whole of French design, many people aren't aware of the rich history surrounding these Paris park chairs. Before the beginning of the 18th century, Paris parks had benches.

Parisians of a certain class used the parks for social gatherings to see and be seen, governesses and nannies took children to parks, and betrothed couples could go on a “date” in public. The benches weren't very comfortable and individual chairs started to appear.

Some enterprising Senators decided the park needed folding chairs for the Jardin du Luxembourg. The Jardin du Luxembourg and the Palais de Luxembourg are where the French Senate works are managed directly by the French Senate and have been since 1853. They hired a company to rent out the chairs for the park and the cafes surrounding the park where demand was high due to an ever-expanding café culture.

Of course, Parisians balked at paying the high rates to sit on a chair, and in 1843, the Senate ordered 1,500 chairs to rent at the set price of ten centimes. (People still had to pay to rent chairs in the Jardin du Luxembourg as late as 1974!

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The chairs that we recognize today as SENAT chairs came into existence in 1923 and first showed up in the Jardin du Luxembourg (also why the chairs are often referred to as Luxembourg chairs, even though it isn’t quite the same, more on that, keep reading!) and then started popping up in all the major parks throughout Paris.

Paris Park Chairs in Tuileries Garden

Almost silently, they spread across the paths and near the ponds in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Whether the area was covered by beautiful trees or out in the glorious Parisian sun, the SENAT chairs were there, waiting to be lovingly used.

What is so interesting about these chairs is that their origin, who originally came up with the design and who manufactured them, is a mystery! I find that fascinating!

What we do know is that the original style was crafted in the Paris parks department, in the garden's ironworks shop, and was made of steel, so heavy, maybe making them less likely to disappear from parks… They also required regular maintenance and painting.

Paris Park Chairs in Tuileries GardenParis Park Chairs in Tuileries Garden

As you can imagine, these chairs got quite a bit of use, after all, Parisians love their park time. Then add in tourists, etc and by 1990, the chairs were looking a little worse for wear! The French Senate opened up an RFP for submissions for new designs to replace the original chairs. Ultimately, Fermob was selected and produced 2,000 chairs for the 3 main gardens: Luxembourg, Tuileries, and Palais Royal. Fermob was already well known as they had created the bistro chair in 1814 that was used in Paris bistros.

Again in 2000, the chair went through an update. Fermob hired Frederic Sofia to do the redesign. He took a year to study the chairs at every angle and in every park. His main focus was comfort. Sofia added armrests and updated the back with a slope and slats that didn’t cut into the leg (having sat on an “old” one pre-2000, I can tell you that was a very nice change!

He turned the rustic-looking chair meant for all parks and gardens across Paris, into a sleek, up-market, designer furniture piece. And with that, the Luxembourg range was created.

Paris Park Chairs in Palais Royal
I love the chairs in Palais Royale – they have beautiful quotes on them!

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Senat versus Luxembourg – what's the difference?

So here is where it gets a little confusing. Fermob does manufacture furniture that the public can buy (see more on that below). And they do have a Luxembourg chair (and more) that they sell, but the Senat chairs are exclusively for the Parisian parks, including the specific green used.

The chair that is available for purchase is a light aluminum and comes in many colors (including green, but NOT that green!) which are stackable. Fifty percent of Fermob’s orders are shipped outside of France, everyone wants a piece of Paris in their garden!

Paris Park Chairs in Tuileries Garden

The Luxembourg Collection

This line of furniture from Fermob was (and still is) characterized by its form and lines. Its light and resilient material combined with the curved back support and stackable frame continues to be the perfect combination of form and function. Practicality and aesthetically pleasing designs were the goals that Fermob and Frédéric Sofia had in mind for this collection. As you can tell, it's paid off.

Currently, the Luxembourg furniture line has a whopping 25 pieces in 24 colors. Each item is made from the light aluminum that Frédéric Sofia included in his original design. From today's collection, you can clearly see the original SENAT chair influence which is comforting for those who loved the initial creation.

The only thing to do now is to find your favorite in the Luxembourg collection and save up your money! You can deck your own home out with the emblem of French design and bring the spirit of the Jardin du Luxembourg to you.

People in Paris Park Chairs in Tuileries Garden

So there you have it. The history of Paris's green park chairs throughout the years. Where you can find them in Paris and how to buy a Paris park chair for your own home. Even if you don't want one chez vous, make sure to have a seat on one at least once on your next visit to Paris and just enjoy!

How about you? Have you seen the green park chairs in Paris? Have you ever wondered about their history? Have you ever wanted to take one home? Do tell!


Andi Fisher

I am married to a French man, lived in France for 3 years, and have been to Paris more than 50 times. I am always a tourist so the information, tip, and tricks I share are created to help you!

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Paris Park Chairs in Tuileries GardenParis Park Chairs in Tuileries GardenParis Park Chairs in Tuileries Garden
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  1. melissa chapman says:

    I would like a chair of my own but sitting in the parks of Paris in one of those seems so relaxing and satisfying. This was another look at a French trip that I must take one day.

  2. Amber Myers says:

    This looks like a comfy chair. I need to pick up a few for the back yard.

  3. Terri A Steffes says:

    I haven’t been to Paris but I love knowing this story for when I do go, I plan to impress people with my knowledge of the little green chairs.


    I think there should be more chairs available in parks. These are great as there are loads. There are just a few benches where we are.

  5. Tara Pittman says:

    What a cool story on the chairs. To think that people had to pay to sit in the chairs

  6. I never been to Paris, I love these chairs though.

  7. Lisa Charleston says:

    This is the first time I have ever heard about these chairs before in the parks of Paris! They do look relaxing and the history behind them is very interesting. I wouldn’t mine having a few in my backyard!!

  8. It’s so neat that you shared the story about the green chairs and Paris parks. I have not been to Paris, but my friends love traveling there.

  9. Nikki Wayne says:

    That was really nice to know. Thanks for sharing! Paris parks view are so relaxing!

  10. These seems relaxing chairs that are perfect to admire the Parisian beauty! It’s interesting to find out all these fact about them!

  11. Heather - thedomesticdiva.org says:

    So interesting. I had no idea that Paris had these park chairs. They look very comfy. One day I will have to visit to sit in them in person.

  12. Gervin Khan says:

    Those chairs are amazing! It looks good in their places. I bet it’s relaxing to sit there while enjoying the nature’s beauty!

  13. This is really interesting to know. I never knew what they were there for either. It’s great to know now. I’d love to see them in person.

  14. I’ve been looking for some green metal chairs for a while, perhaps inspired by my visit to Paris (and all the movies I’ve watched.) I’d love to have a couple of the Luxembourg chairs, but they are out of my price range at the moment.

  15. Puloma Banerjee says:

    Wow such a beautiful piece on Parisian green chairs! And with all vivid description and pics.Loved reading it thoroughly!

  16. I haven’t been to Paris but will look for these chairs when I do. I like knowing the story behind them. It makes them come to life more than just ordinary chairs.

  17. Would love to sit on one of these chairs when I come to Paris. Such a great spot to relax and enjoy.

  18. Looks like such a wonderful place to chill! Relaxing and clean 😍

  19. The chairs have history. How could we know? So cool.

  20. What! This is so cool! I’ve always seen these chairs but the story behind them makes it so special. I can’t believe they don’t who originally designed them too! So cool!

  21. Cassie Bailey says:

    Loved hearing the story of these. Really interesting idea for a blog post and would be a fun thing to bring up during a visit to Paris!

  22. Jamie DeCubellis says:

    I spent a lot of time in parks when I was in Paris. My favorite things to watch were the goat lawn mowers, ducks, and all the beautiful flowers. I love learning this history about the chairs.

  23. I loved reading about these chairs, do interesting!

  24. Linda (LD Holland) says:

    I do love to find a spot to perch in Paris and just watch life go by. I can’t say that I specifically remember seeing the green park chairs. But certainly chairs set into garden spaces were never hard to find. I did not know that you had to pay to rent chairs up until 1974 at Luxemborg. I will definitely check out the green chairs on our next visit.

  25. I’ve never been to Paris so this is the first time I am learning about chairs. I would not be happy about paying a rental fee to sit on a chair at the park, but then again people rent chairs to sit on the beach. If I ever visit Paris, I will know the history behind these chairs!

  26. Never knew the chair had so much history. Very interesting info about them. Next time I really need to give a thought about them. Love the color, merges with its surroundings well.

  27. Mel Butler says:

    I have seen these green chairs on more than one occasion in Paris and never knew that there was a story behind them. Now that you have pointed them out, I know that I will notice them even more now. I do think that was a great idea that they were made from steel, to make them less likely to disappear.

  28. Parisbreakfast says:

    Interesting…actually you can not buy that particular green in the public gardens Fermob told me. Its a combination of 2 of their greens. Edmond & Fils makes the chairs for the Tuilleries. You can buy their minis in many museum shops in Paris but quite pricy (69€)

    1. @ParisBreakfast, merci for commenting and bring a very important typo to my attention! There could not have been a worse sentence to miss the “NOT” than this: including green, but NOT that green! as you are correct, the specific green is proprietary!