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Kyoto in Black and White

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Similar to the Paris in HDR post I did last September, I thought I would share a series of Kyoto photos Mr. Misadventures and I took in black and white because sometimes an image just begs to be presented that way!

All these photos are from various temples we visited during our week-long stay. There are 2000 temples and shrines, too many to see in a lifetime, but so worth trying!

Kyoto in Black and White

Photo credit Mr. Misadventures

Everything is so orderly in Japan. It’s like the Switzerland of Asia. Or maybe that is Singapore. Not sure. All I can say is that I love it!

Kyoto in Black and White

Photo credit: Mr. Misadventures

Everything has a sense of purpose. Such deep history and traditions. It is so interesting to watch people visiting the temples, to observe the rituals they carry out.

Kyoto in Black and White IncenseWhether it is wishes or prayers.

Kyoto in Black and White Ohara WishOr other customs.

Kyoto in Black and White Temple Purification

I find it all incredibly beautiful and comforting.

Kyoto in Black and White Fushimi Inari

Photo credit Mr. Misadventures 

How about you? Do you like black and white photography? What is your favorite subject matter to photograph in black and white?

Kyoto - Fushimi Inari Shrine
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