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J’adore: Camping and Road Trip Meals, Snacks, and Drinks

There are a lot of different things to eat when you're camping, road-tripping, or heading out for a travel day. Whether you're out in the wilderness, taking a road trip (like a Western Canada road trip), or just on your way to your next destination here are some ideas for snacks that I have tried recently that will keep you energized on long plane rides, drives, or hikes, or while camping in the great outdoors.

Camping Meals

I know there are a lot of folks out there who really enjoy making gourmet meals when they are camping. To me, that means lots of prep time, cook time, and ugh, dishwashing. You know me, I am a foodie and can appreciate that there is nothing like good food after a day of activity, but I choose to bring pre-made food, made-ahead, meals, etc., and spend time relaxing with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

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Here are some of my current go-tos for camping meals!

Casa Verde Packs

Casa Verde Packs

[Gifted] I am all about making camp meals easy. But that doesn't mean I want to sacrifice taste one tiny bit! We have all the Casa Verde Latin-forward meal pack flavors: Garbanzos Al Pastor, Coconut Chowder, Red Bean Pozole, and Lentil Mole. These are SUPER easy to prepare and make a great side dish for any protein you match it with. We make our protein ahead of time and then warm one of these packs up or even eat it cold. They are so good!

You can find them on Amazon as well.

Fillo's Beans

Fillo's Puerto Rican Rice And Gandules

[Gifted] Beans and rice, so carbs, really are great camping food. When we do eat carbs while camping we go for the healthier varieties. I know it seems like Fillio's and Casa Verde are competitors, and maybe they are on the shelf, but they both hold a place in our pantry and our camping gear. We like all the rice and bean combinations they have (they have tamales too!) but we LOVE the Puerto Rican Rice & Gandules Sofrito and buy that one over and over!

You can find them on Amazon as well.

Camping Cocktails

I do like my wine, but recently I have been checking out a lot of ready-made cocktails. This newish category called ready-to-drink liquor, or RTD is right up my alley for camping! I don't want to worry about bags of ice, bottles of liquor, and a blender when I am camping!

Here are some of my current go-to's for camping cocktails!

Crook & Marker Lime Margarita

Truth be told I am drinking these babies 2 to 3 times a week! The reason? They are LOW CARB! And delicious! Even Mr. Misadventures who would rather have wine most of the time will say yes to one of these from time to time. At home, I throw it in a blender with ice to make it more like a frozen margarita, but for camping, you just need to make sure it is cold.

We get ours at Target! Crook & Marker also has a Blackberry Lime Mojito, but I haven't tried it yet.

Monaco Cocktails – Watermelon Crush

[Gifted] Monaco Cocktails have a whole line of cocktails with checking out. My current favorite is Watermelon Crush (with tequila), but they also have Sun Crush (with tequila), Lime Crush (with tequila), Tropic Rush (with vodka), Monaco Citrus Rush, (with vodka), Monaco Cranberry (with vodka), Monaco Black Raspberry (with vodka), Monaco Mango Peach (with vodka), Monaco Purple Crush (with cognac), and Monaco Blue Crush (with everything! Just kidding, it has vodka, rum, gin, and tequila).

See, something for all tastes! And they are gluten-free too!

Find them in a store near you OR you can order them online!

Camping, Travel, and Road Trip Snacks

Snacks are universal! They are great for camping, travel, and road trips so I am bundling them all together.

Here are some of my current go-tos for snacks!

PopArt Popcorn

If have tried just about every flavor of PopArt popcorn and we are HUGE fans in the Misadventures with Andi household! Popcorn is a great travel snack and we often bring it camping, in the car, and on the plane! These are lower carb as they are popped in healthier avocado oil and there are so many original flavors!

PopArt Popcorn

There are a few flavors available at Amazon and their full collection in Pop Art's online store.

Upright Instant Oatmilk

[Gifted] In truth, Mr. Misadventures and I didn't discover oat milk until we moved to North Carolina, but now it is our go-to for coffee, etc. The hubby drinks a lot of tea and since he lived in the UK in his formative years, he drinks his Earl Grey with a splash of milk, or in this case oat milk.

When we are traveling, or camping, and yes, even when road-tripping, we bring various sizes of thermos or travel mugs for our own coffee or tea (have you read any of those horrific articles about the tea or coffee on a plane? Yikes!) and having milk is always difficult, usually we forgo it, but now with Instant Oat MIlk from Upright, we don't have to!

upright instant oat milk

I throw some packets into my bag du jour and when I need some milk, I pull one out, add water et voilà! We use the original flavor for this purpose. There is also chocolate, which is a nice, easy-to-make treat when I am craving chocolate, and vanilla which I use with a little bit of turmeric (see below!).

We also use it while traveling for granola and cereal, a quick breakfast in the hotel, etc. It is so versatile!

Fiji Joe Turmeric

We use a lot of turmeric in the Misadventures household. We ingest it in pill form every morning and use it in our cooking. Funnily enough, turmeric is just not that accessible when we travel to Europe and we have a hard time finding it or skipping it due to sticker shock. I have tried traveling with it, but the gold powder stains if it is damaged in transit!

fiji joe turmeric packets

Enter Fiji Joe Turmeric which comes in individual packets that are perfect for turmeric on the run! I add them to my vanilla oat milk in a container, give it a shake and enjoy a delicious and healthy treat in the afternoon. And I can now pop them into my suitcase for our long-term Airbnb stays in France and Portugal and add it to the meals we create in the kitchen.

Turmeric in a sachet? Ingenious!

Sciabica California Olive Oil Almonds

[Gifted] Nuts are an excellent source of protein and will keep you going when you are hungry. And they are a great low-carb option! We tried the entire almonds and Sciabica California Olive Oil line in jalapeño, garlic, orange, and Mediterranean medley. Our absolute favorite is the orange!

Having lived in California for close to 30 years before leaving to explore Phoenix and now Raleigh, I can tell you that both the olive oil and the almonds in the state are outstanding! And these olive oil almonds are not only delicious but perfect for camping, road trips, or travel!

Buy them online on the Sciabica website.

Berry Beet Maca Superfood Bars

[Gifted] Many times when we are camping we are up at the crack of dawn (Mr. Misadventures loves his sunsets) when others are sleeping. We tried to be respectful by keeping the noise and grabbing breakfast on the go.

When traveling you don't always know what the day will bring, but one thing I can tell you is if you have to eat in the airport, it ain't healthy, and if you are flying long enough to receive snacks or a meal, those are usually very high carb and without a lot of nutrition.

The same can be said for road trips. A lot of times, you don't know where you are going to get your next meal!

There is a solution to all of these situations! Snacks! And snack bars!

I recently tried the Berry Beet Maca Superfood Bar from Brandless. The bar's main ingredients are maca beet (read about what the heck that is here), raspberries, and beets. This superfood bar is organic, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, and contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or flavors. If you are thinking, “beets, no way!” Think again! To me, it tastes like raspberry with nuts. Give it a try!

Steeped Coffee on the go!

[Gifted] Mr. Misadventures is more of a tea drinker than coffee. And for years I had lamented about how easy it was for him to travel, camp, etc with tea. You just grab the tea bag, get hot water and go. I asked him (and the Universe), why can't they put coffee grounds into a tea bag??!!

The Universe answered a few years ago and I have been trying new brands as they release this very convenient way to have coffee on the go. I use them on the plane, for the first morning in an Airbnb (when we don't know what the coffee situation will be), on road trips, and camping. Any time I want good coffee but don't want to deal with coffee grounds.

Besides the great taste, there are a lot of things I like about Steeped Coffee. They are from Santa Cruz, California, and like many businesses in this area that are mostly known for its boardwalk and surfing, they maintain ethical business practices from sourcing to production, including:

  • Direct Trade Coffee: quality coffee ethically sourced directly from farmers
  • Micro Batching: roasted locally in small batches
  • Precision Ground: consistent water-cooled grinding to the micron
  • Full Immersion Filter: regulates ideal water-in and maximum flavor-out
  • Ultrasonic Sealed Edges: eliminates the use of glues and staples
  • Nitro Sealing: removes oxygen so ground coffee stays fresh for months
  • Guilt-Free Packaging: 100 percent compostable packaging

If that sounds like a company you want to send your business and a coffee you want to try, then find them at a store near you or purchase directly online.

How about you? Have any camping, road trip, or travel day foods, snacks, or drinks to tell me about? Do share!

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    We are going to try and go camping this summer! Last summer we stayed at a place that didn’t have a restroom so that was rough.

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    Awesome! The food and drinks look absolutely delicious! Foods that are easy to cook like this are really best for people that always on the go. Loved it!

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    ONe of my favorite snacks is almonds and those look amazing. I need to try that variety

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