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J’adore #89: Travel Edition #8

There's nothing quite like the feeling of packing your bags and setting off on a new adventure, right? Whether you're hitting the road for a long trip or a weekend getaway, having the right travel gear or accessories can make all the difference.

However, travel isn't always in the cards. So celebrating previous trips, new destinations, or exploring while never leaving home can provide inspiration and fill the gap between trips.

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If you're looking for travel-themed gifts for someone in your life, there are plenty of options out there. Whatever their travel style, there's sure to be a travel something-something that they'll love.

Packing Cubes from NOMATIC

Packing Cubes from NOMATIC

I am a packing cube convert. I have been using them for decades and can't imagine packing for a trip without them. But not all packing cubes are equal and quality matters! I just tried 2 packing cubes from NOMATIC for the first time on my most recent trip to France and they are sturdy and perfectly sized for multiple needs whether that is clothing or accessories!

Novica United Undiscovered Box

Novica United Undiscovered Box

[Gifted] There are still so many places in the world to discover and we don't have enough lifetimes to get ‘er all done!

What if you could travel to undiscovered places and explore their culture through jewelry, fabric, handcrafted and unique pieces that transport you through time to experience a forgotten world where you can see and learn about arts that have been passed down for generations?

The Novica United Undiscovered Box does just that! Take delight in surprising even the most seasoned of travelers with cultural hidden gems and aid in the preservation of disappearing arts from across the globe. You can shop for single items or gift a subscription box that allows your favorite travel to explore a new undiscovered region every quarter.

Tenikle’s Phone or Camera Mount

Tenikle’s Phone or Camera Mount

[Gifted] There are so many ways to use the Tenikle phone mount, I've lost track! Ever need to lean over to get a shot with your smartphone, but then not be able to take the shop because your hands are not in the right place to snap the photo? The Tenikle can help! It has bendable octopus-style legs that help you prop up nearly any device.

The suction cups grab any flat surface and hold on. It's foldable, bendable, and lightweight so it is easy to pack and bring along anywhere. I have thrown mine into my Osprey backpack and it is permanently with me!

NOMATIC's Access Sling

NOMATIC's Access Sling

[Gifted] When Mr. Misadventures and I are traveling, he has all the camera gear and I have, well, everything else! As I wrote about in my best bags for Paris post, I often carry a tote bag (or even when I have my backpack) with smaller bags and pouches inside. I always have a sling that has my phone and wallet and a small amount of money with me while in the airport and tucked into my tote.

I got the NOMATIC's Access Sling for Mr. Misadventures to carry his phone, wallet/ID, etc while out and about without having to dig into his camera bag. He has even started using it to go out for errands, etc. instead of handing me his phone and wallet! Victory!

Collectible Travel Rings

Collectible Travel Rings

Whether it is by country or by state, by city or mountain, you can collect rings for a keychain, necklace, or bracelet and give back to help fight the negative effects of tourism. Traveler Collective rings are a great way to honor your travels or your favorite location in the world…like Paris!

Letterfolk Passports

Letterfolk Passports

If you are a journal fan or enjoy a tangible (physical) memento for your travel experience, you may go crazy buying passports from Letterfolk! There are so many awesome ones to choose from! Here are MY favorites:

Airplane Footrest

Airplane Footrest

I am short, so I don't necessarily have a problem with leg room on planes, but my feet don't touch the ground, so they get sore from not resting on something. I don't like to put my feet up on the seat in front of me, so a footrest is a perfect solution and I like this one from Everlasting Comfort.


Andi exercising with the CastleFlexx

[Gifted] Need to do some exercise on the road? Try CastleFlexx. Each unit has a 2-pound detachable magnetic weight to adjust the intensity. It rolls up tight and would be easy enough to throw into a suitcase. Its primary purpose is to help with lower back and leg pain (a great device for stretching after an international flight or walking Chicago or Lisbon for the day!) but it also is great for strengthening the core.

Tech Organizer

Tech Organizer

Traveling with your phone, laptop, kindle, or smartwatch? Okay, you are just like me! All that means lots of cables and that means you need a tech organizer! CalPak has one with multiple pockets, panels, and padding to secure your electronic devices.

Border Crossings

Border Crossings

Border Crossings from Emma Fick is an illustrated travelogue covering a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway between Beijing through Mongolia to Moscow. The 200 illustrations show children the cultural and historical information associated with this train trip. Emma Fick also has illustrated book on New Orleans.

Girl sitting on suitcase

Whether your loved ones are gearing up for their next big trip or they're just dreaming of far-off places, there's a travel-themed gift out there that will make them happy. Check out what I am currently adoring and give the traveler in your life a little something to help fuel their wanderlust.

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  1. These are such great gift ideas! I am always having a hard time trying to come up with good gift ideas!

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    1. Richelle Milar says:

      Wow! These are all really great and perfect items for traveling! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  4. My husband loves to travel and I’m sure he will love any of these travel items! Thank you for the ideas. Ive been looking for great gifts

  5. I love these travel-themed gifts. They make me excited knowing that we can travel again.

  6. The travel rings sounds like such a great alternative to doing or buying things that negatively impact the area you’re visiting!

  7. I like everything in this list! I have some friends who love traveling! Now I know what to give them.

  8. I really do appreciate the multiple uses for that phone mount. That’s going on my shopping list immediately.

  9. Monica Simpson says:

    I need that phone mount! It looks like the only kind that will actually do it’s job. I’ve gone through so many.

  10. wow! So many interesting travel gifts! I love that Tech Organizer!