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French Friday – American Food in Paris

French-Friday-on-Misadventures-with-AndiPicking up from last week’s French Friday: Non to McMona Lisa I wanted to offer better suggestions for eating American food in Paris. I understand that visitors to Paris may not like French food and would prefer to eat something they are more familiar with, but rather than go to a restaurant that you can visit anytime you want (a.k.a. McDonald’s) why not try some outstanding American food restaurants that are unique to Paris?

It is difficult to find an American breakfast in Paris (pancakes, waffles, etc). Some hotels have it, but you will pay an arm-and-a-leg and it is not that good. So what to do? Head over to Breakfast in America an American diner where you can get loaded up before walking all over Paris!

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Looking for some Cajun? Check out Thanksgiving. It’s an American grocery store (expensive – like $8 for Oreos – wait until you get home) and Cajun restaurant.

Need a bagel (I craved bagels while living in France!) or a milkshake? How about a New York brunch? Then check out Coffee Parisien (sorry no website: 2 locations: 4, Rue Princesse [75006] and 7, Rue Gustave Courbet [75116]).

For a little American atmosphere, but not necessarily American food, you can head over to:

Harry’s New York Bar – this is an American hang out I have talked about before which holds a mock vote whenever there is a presidential election.

Joe Allen Restaurant – they have a mixture of French and American food. You can get steaks and burgers as well as pecan pie and cheesecake – two things you definitely cannot find easily. In the three years, I lived in France, I never found cheesecake anywhere!

So there you have it. If you aren’t a big fan of French food, or you are on an extended stay in Paris and get a taste of home, now you have some options!

Word of note – as someone who adores French food, I have never tried any of the above restaurants. I am going off of friends recommendations – French and Swiss friends who get a hankering for bagels or pancakes and want the good stuff!

A bientôt !

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  1. I’m with you on the Mexican. Having grown up eating Mexican food regularly, I craved it when I lived in Europe, but I learned quickly to live with the craving.

    This is a very nice post, Andi, particularly as I think people who want to eat American food in Paris should just come on home.

  2. I wish I had the problem of trying to find an american breakfast in Paris…sigh. I grew up in Germany and really miss Europe and some of the traditions. Thanks for sharing some tips for if I ever get to go back.

  3. The part about Mexican food reminded me of my trip to the East Coast in 1995. Never eat Mexican food while in Salem, Massachusetts. =/

    Your posts about France always make me feel like a chunk of life has passed me by! I imagine me younger, jetting around the streets of Paris. You are so blessed to have traveled so far and wide, Andi. It really is a joy to read about this stuff, even if I never make it there. But, if I do, I’m totally checking out Thanksgiving. Cool name!

  4. It’s interesting to hear that Joe Allen Restaurant have a mixture of French and American food it’s really different.

  5. I agree with the Mexican food! A little mexican ‘taqueria’ opened in Aix while I was there..the first time I went with mon copin, I ordered a burrito and wanted salsa & chips. They told me they ran out of chips. I wanted a churro, they didn’t have anymore but sold rice krisipies treats. It was disappointing, but it was better than nothing..though it reminded me of Chipotle.

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