Turning 50 – What I Know to be True

Andi Fisher at 50_Photo by Cactus Fox_hero
Vintage 1970! Photo credit: Cactus Fox Photography

This is 50.

At the end of last week, just after we rang in the new decade, I ran in a new decade! Being born at the first of the year at the beginning of a decade provides a convenient opportunity for reminiscing and retrospective. Not that I am one to reminisce, I am more of the live-in-the-moment kind of person. But I thought I would take the opportunity to share some thoughts.

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Half-life? Nope, full-life!

I've been thinking about that midlife crisis thing or the notion that “your life is half over,” but I think “no, life is not over at 50. It is only different.” I am happy to have led a meaningful life so far, and not having kids, I am content with the amount of time I've had on the planet, fulfilled with living every day as it is.

If I only had a year left or 10, I'd be just as happy with my life. Having it be “half over” doesn't feel me with dread for the things that I have yet to do. I am curious about what is coming up next. There are things that I would like to do, but I wouldn't be filled with regret if they didn't happen. 

Midlife changes don't happen at 50 anymore!

My life changed at 32.

I've written about it before but I was a miserable, unhappy person before 2002. And I made everyone around me miserable as well. I was good at my job, but man I was a bitch. I had a chip on my shoulder and always had something to prove. April 2002 I woke up at age 32 and said to myself, “Man, it is painful being you. What is your problem? Get over yourself and get on with your life!”

And I did. I’d already proved myself, discovered it was pointless, and realized I was okay and enough. I’ve got to know myself and found out that I’m actually pretty awesome. That I have the capacity to choose happiness and live in the moment and I never looked back.  

And again at 45.

I’ve had a great career with inspiring bosses and colleagues. But close to 30 years of corporate life also came with a cost. My move up the ladder that took me to a fantastic position with a great team, a mega salary, and bonus structure also came with a toxic environment (I hate that word, but it is the best I can think of at the moment).

Towards the end of 2015 when I was about to turn 46, I radically changed my career direction, quit my job, sold my home, and bought an RV with Mr. Misadventures. I took a sabbatical and hit the road. I don't regret it for one single moment. We spent 18 months on the road discovering just how blessed this country is with natural wonders – our national, state, and county parks are fantastic!

I re-entered the job market with a remote position in a new home and a new state ready to hit a career reset. It was a good job, but it wasn't a great job and that was okay. I always have faith that things have a way of working themselves out.

Experience finally wins!

Andi and laptop_Photo credit sunshynepix
Photo credit: Sunshyne Pix

Bloggers who are long in the tooth are not necessarily rewarded for their longevity. Newer bloggers starting out are on their SEO game early. They don't have 1000s of older posts they are sitting on that need to be optimized. BUT professionally, for my actual daily career, I am finally reaping the rewards of working so hard the last 3 decades.

I am at a really good company. I mean really good. The kind of company that I would have never imagined existed anymore. They are open in every sense of the word and challenging. You have to prove your worth as everyone at the company is really good at what they do. And you know what? So am I. I am valued and respected for my experience and what I bring to the table.

For my open-mindedness and positivity, are something I am extremely proud of given my pre-age-32 life. I have an exceptional manager, a fantastic team, and an interesting and inspiring role. Finally!

I've got the face of a 40-year-old, neck and hands of 60-year-old!

Cheers to Andi_Photo credit Maria Swartz with Theo and Belle Photography
Cheers to me! Photo credit Maria Swartz with Theo and Belle Photography

I'm good in my own skin. As long as I have a good haircut I can take on the world! (Trust me, that has been a struggle.) I have been blessed to have a youthful appearance and I thank moving to Phoenix for instigating a moisturizing routine that I would have NEVER started if it had been for the insufferable dry air in this desert!

Now it is part of a daily routine that I definitely did not have before I moved here but will continue to maintain once I leave here. I may not complete the 10 steps in Clemence's (of Ageless Beauty the French Way: Secrets from Three Generations of French Beauty Editors) “light version” of her moisturizing routine, but I do have 3 more steps than I used to! P.S. I am in the middle of the new book Older, but Better, but Older, by the authors of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are which is making me laugh and giggle with every page turn, check it out!

I may have the face of a 40-year-old, but I have the hands and neck of a 60-year-old, but hey you can't win them all! I am not big on putting on lotion (see above!) including my hands and while I always wear sunscreen outside, I do think my hands have taken a beating in the last 2 years in Arizona.

As for my neck, I spent 20 years wearing scarves/pashminas nearly every day and I hardly ever looked at my neck. I haven't worn a lot of scarves in Phoenix so I've noticed in photos that my neck looks “old” I started lamenting that until a few weeks ago, right before the holidays, I saw a photo of a female cousin of mine who is actually younger and I realized we have the same neck!

I didn't do anything “wrong” or neglect any neck beauty treatment, it's just my DNA and I can totally live with that! Why? Because I am 50 years old, comfortable in my own skin, and don't give a damn! (You'll understand when you are 50 too…)

Recovery & Health

Andi Ready for Camping
Photo credit: Sarah Hoag Photography

The one thing I will say about getting older that sucks is that it does take longer to recover from injuries. It is something I first noticed in the second year of our RV trip. I injured my elbow twisting open a carafe that was too tight, it took 6 months to recover from it (thank you to the doctor in Portland who finally got me the right type of brace for the specific injury).

Then this past April I twisted my wrist pulling a heavy carry-on suitcase down from the super tall overhead bin space on my Air France flight to Paris. That also took 6 months to heal completely. I am not walking around tiptoeing but I would be lying if I said that I didn't worry about injuries sometimes. I have never broken a bone or anything like that, but if I do, it seems it will take longer to recover.

At age 50 I am the healthiest I've ever been. I went low carb 2 years ago, lost 40 pounds, and never looked back. I do still eat carbs, but they are a treat and not the norm. I eat less processed food and look forward to eating more fresh vegetables once we get out of the desert!

So what about travel?

Andi with her Delsey

So what about travel? This is a travel blog after all! Well, the new job is definitely going to have me hopping on more planes this year than I have been for work in a while. Working for a domestic bank for nearly 3 years plus a nearly 2-year sabbatical certainly cramped my business travel life. As I am working on growing the program I manage it means getting me out there in front of peeps at events and in regions, something I am very passionate about doing. But what about personal travel?

I still love traveling although these days I hate airports and airplanes a lot more. I want to spend more time getting to know the places I visit at a slower pace. So I'm happy to miss all the must-do spots forgoing it for more unique, more intimate experiences or to spend more time getting to know the people and the products behind a particular meal or place.

That's why I enjoyed our time in Brittany France last year and we are moving a little further south and exploring even more in the fall. Brittany is such a huge region of France and it has so many stories to tell. 

I will never get enough of Paris. So I will always gravitate back whether it is for a week or a weekend. Like any large city, I will never see it all.

Even if I am not a fan of bucket lists there are locations that I would like to get to in the next 10-15 years. More of Japan. Croatia and Africa for the first time. I have been truly blessed to see a lot of the world and if I never travel to a single other place (which is not going to be the case) I would be satisfied that I had seen a lot and would not have regrets. 

Coco Chanel Quote on Age

Stepping down from my platform now. While turning 50 is a big milestone, for me it is just another day in a life that I would label really good. However, I did want to take a little moment to acknowledge that the best thing about being 50 is I really know myself. I now know what I like. I know what I don’t.

And I’m absolutely okay with ditching what I don’t without feeling guilty about it. Life is short. Do what you like to do and choose happiness!

I leave you with a final quote that I appreciate:

By the time we hit 50, we have learned our hardest lessons. We have found out that only a few things are really important. We have learned to take life seriously, but never ourselves. (Marie Dressler)

How about you? Does the idea of turning 50 scare you? Are you 50 and have something to share? Do tell!

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Turning 50 What I Know to be TrueTurning 50 What I Know to be TrueTurning 50 What I Know to be True

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  1. Jody L Halsted says:

    49 hit me harder than I ever expected. Just a realization more than anything, a knowing that if I didn’t make a few changes and do a few things that they would never happen. So I’ve set about making changes as I approach 50.
    So I think I’m ready for 50.

    1. Happy birthday and here’s to many more adventures! I love your outlook on aging, we can’t turn back the clock but life is about making the most of whatever stage you happen to be at. I can’t wait to meet up once you move east!

  2. Kasia Dietz says:

    Happy Birthday Andi!! I’m so proud of you for all the adventures and risks you’ve taken this past decade. May the next one prove even more rewarding! Bises from Paris!

  3. robin rue says:

    I have a ways to go before I hit 50 and the way I see it, it’s coming whether I want it to or not, so I am going to try to make the most of it.

  4. melissa chapman says:

    You totally look like you are in your 40s or younger and it must keep you young by reinventing yourself. I have a dream of going on an RV adventure so I need some pointers.

  5. Terri Steffes says:

    We are in similar places although I am a good deal older than you at 61. That being said, I work hard at being and feeling relevant in today’s world, and I think I am succeeding, at least in my mind’s eye. Happiest of birthdays!

  6. I turn 50 tomorrow! I have mixed feelings about it. I hate how fast time goes by but this is the best time of my life. It’s finally just hubby and I and life is good.

  7. Amber Myers says:

    Happy Birthday! I think you’ve lived a fantastic life. Going on the road would be a ton of fun. And you do have a youthful appearance! I hope I can look the same when I get to that point in my life.

  8. Andi, you always inspire me! Loved reading this post. I turned 30 last year and I had a blog post similar to this, but boy, mine definitely didn’t have as much wisdom as yours does! Thanks for continuing to be your authentic self <3 love your blog!

  9. Happy, happy birthday! I love that you say “Life is not over, it is merely different.” So many people think their life is over at 30, then at 40, then at 50. Being able to reach an age is lucky, and being able to age well is a blessing.

  10. You look amazing for being 50. I just turned 31 in October. I’m not exactly happy getting older, but hey it happens so you got to make the best of it. Happy Birthday to you!

  11. This is so great! I love your positives about turning 50, I’ll be 40 next year and I am curious if I’ll feel different some how. Loving that you’re living a full life!

  12. Lisa Lubin says:

    Happy new decade! Great post. We keep learning a little bit more about ourselves each year, right? It’s so nice to be in a position to say yes to what we want and let go of anything that does not serve us. I turn 50 in just a few years and similarly never really have fretted over my age or felt it! Oh…but my neck is definitely changing too! 😉
    Happy to know you and hope to see you again soon! <3

  13. I’m almost 40 and I have anxiety about it. I need to adopt your positive attitude!

  14. Esther Irish says:

    I’m 48 and right behind you. I decided early I didn’t want to wait till I was old and retired to do the things I love. That has helped my cope over the years during hard time–I kept something to look forward to. Still, it’s hard to believe I’ll be the big 5.0. soon!

  15. Mama Maggie's Kitchen says:

    Happy Birthday! And thank you for sharing this wonderful part of your life. You are such an inspiration for many women.

  16. I am 50 too, I know what you mean. As age catch up we learn more life lessons. Now putting that into every day makes a difference.

  17. All the decade years hit me hard. Especially 50. I’m like you. Youthful face from keeping it out of the sun here in Florida, but my skin looks my age of 62. And this year, I decided to let my brown (colored) hair go gray!! Girl we have to embrace our age. As we age. I’m still not a fan of flying but love to travel.

  18. Congrats on your 50th! Sounds like you have done a lot of great things.. and age is just a number, not what defines you! You look amazing, by the way!

  19. Congratulations! Such an inspiring and empowering post! I loved your story and how you reinvented yourself, your life and your job several times! If at the end you enjoy your own journey to the fullest – it’s the only thing that matters! The idea of turning 50 is not scaring me either, I actually enjoy myself more the older I get!

  20. Amber Killmon says:

    I’m doing a lot of reflecting now that I’m almost 40. You’re doing pretty awesome

  21. Lynne Nieman says:

    Well, you don’t look 50! I’ll be 54 in a couple of weeks (late January). 50 wasn’t hard from the number perspective, but it was difficult as it was my first birthday without my mom. But I’m with you in that I have embraced being in my 50’s. It’s quite freeing to really know who you are and to not give a flying f**k what anyone thinks of you. I have done so much in now 54 years. And I plan to do a lot more! Happy Birthday, Andi!!

  22. Wow, you’ve done a lot! Happy (belated) birthday!

  23. Wendy Lee says:

    I love being 50 and it sounds like you do too. And so happy that you’ve found a company you really enjoy working for–that can make all the difference in the world.

  24. Lorie Anderson says:

    Happy belated and rock on! I’m just about to turn 40 and while it makes me pause for a moment and think about how fast life has gone, it also makes me think about all the wonderful memories I have yet to make.

  25. ArnE Williams says:

    Happy Birthday Andi! I celebrated my 50th, 26 years ago. The best is still to come. Enjoyed your Misadventures at the Salton Sea–going back in August with the Arizona Professional Photographers Association!