J’adore Delsey – Classic French Luggage Perfect for Your Capsule Wardrobe!

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New year. New travel. New luggage!

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For more than 10 years, Mr. Misadventures and I traversed the globe with duffel-style luggage. The luggage was not sexy. The luggage was not fun. But it was functional and got the job done. However, I jealously coveted the newer lightweight suitcases with 4 wheels that look like they floated across the airport as if on air. And quite frankly, were prettier! I was green I tell ya, green with envy!

Andi with her Delsey Paris Helium Titanium hardside luggage set carry on

After 18 months on the road with the RV and then moving to Phoenix, one of our duffels finally died (R.I.P.) which allowed me to try a new suitcase. In my haste, I agreed to work with a new luggage brand that launched last year and I received carry-on and large-sized luggage pieces to travel with. The suitcases were lightweight, but I very quickly discovered that like anything else in life, quality matters.

That’s where Delsey comes in.

The French have a tradition of being exceptionally skilled at making hand goods, leather goods (think shoes and purses), and luggage. The history, artisanal abilities, and classic French style have proven themselves to me time and time again (you only have to look at my love for Lafont eyewear to see that). The French have built whole empires of global luxury brands and goods and moi? J’adore!

I first encountered Delsey when I won a Delsey laptop bag at the first Women in Travel Summit that I went to. I loved it so much that I said “screw the laptop” and used it as a sac à main that I use all the time – you can see me with it here and here and below:

Mountain Shadows-Resort Andi on the Presidential Suite Deck at Sunrise with Delsey Bag and Tenth Street Dunewood Hat
Me on the Mountain Shadows Resort Presidential Suite deck at Sunrise with my Delsey bag.

Given how much I love that bag, I was thrilled when I had the opportunity to work with Delsey luggage and try out their Paris Helium Titanium hardside luggage set. I received 3 lightweight suitcases with spinner wheels (oui!) in black cherry (oh la la!). A 22” carry-on, a 25” medium checked suitcase, and a 29” large checked suitcase. During October, November, and early December with my new job and a blogging conference I had 4 trips in varying lengths from 2 days to 7. This gave me the opportunity to try out all 3 sizes in a relatively short period.

I rarely pack only carry on but when I do it is so freeing! As I work on my capsule wardrobe, I think it will be easier to do this more often. For me, carry-ons are ideal for 2-3 days and the Delsey worked perfectly in that capacity.

Andi with her Delsey Paris Helium Titanium hardside luggage set carry at the Departures panelAndi with her Delsey Paris Helium Titanium hardside luggage set carry on the airport escalatorAndi with her Delsey Paris Helium Titanium hardside luggage set carry at the Arrivals panel

I had 2 5-7-day trips where I took the medium suitcase allowing for multiple outfits, shoes, accessories, and goodies like conference (and my new company) swag. This size will be my go-to suitcase for most of the travel I do. Whether the trip is one week or two, I can make the space work, especially with a minimalist travel wardrobe, aka capsule!

Andi with her Desley Medium Hardcase Luggage in the State View Hotel
How cute is the State View Hotel in Raleigh?

For longer trips, or ones that are a little more complicated (think multiple climates, or activities) or like my recent business trip where the weather was questionable and I needed lots of layers, a warm full coat and different types of shoes, the large suitcase will get dragged out of the back of the garage to see the light of day. It is not a size I need often, but I am always grateful when I do need it as it saves me from having to take 2 suitcases.

All 3 of the pieces in this set have two fully-lined packing compartments with a zippered divider. One compartment is “open” with a snap-close strap to close across the expanse. I use this size to “hold-in” my Eagle Creek packing cubes as they are uniform in size and work perfectly in this space. I use the second compartment that closes with a zipper for my shoes and accessories or anything else that can move or shift.

Unlike the unnamed brand, I tried last year the Delsey luggage is sturdy! The polycarbonate plastic seems to be pretty tough. It didn’t feel wobbly or like it was going to fall apart on the conveyor belt. Despite having 4 wheels, when I let go of the suitcase it stayed put. Trust me. After 2 separate instances at LAX where I had to chase my suitcase as it left the sidewalk and into the very busy street, that’s important!

Andi Putting her Desley into Rental Car

As I recently announced, I’m moving to Raleigh at the end of January. At the time of this writing, I am not sure if I am immediately moving into a new house or if I am going to have to live in a temporary place for anywhere from 1-7 months. I’ve got a whole bunch of business trips of varying lengths coming up and I’ll need to have everything with me in the truck when we drive from Phoenix to Raleigh. I’ll load up all 3 of my Delsey with everything I might need for the foreseeable future, and that will be my life for the next few months. Truly living out of a suitcase, but man, what a nice suitcase!

And with all the dynamics and changes of a new job, a home sale, a new home purchase, plus travel, the stress of having to worry about how reliable and durable my luggage is will not be is something I will not have to think about, merci Delsey!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

I mentioned a capsule wardrobe a few times and I recently wrote about creating a minimalist travel wardrobe which is basically the same concept and very, very French! A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential pieces (aka classic) of clothing that doesn't go out of fashion and can be mixed and matched from a small selection into multiple outfits. You need items such as skirts, pants, different types of shirts along with jackets and coats. From this core wardrobe, you can add seasonal pieces and accessories. People who get it right can also capsulize their shoes too!

Andi with Her Delsey

How I select which size suitcase I will travel with

When thinking about which size suitcase to take, make a quick list in a notebook or scratchpad. I usually write down each day and what I might wear underneath. I then look to see if I can eliminate something but using it more than 1 way. Then a few days before my trip, I pull the clothing out onto my bed, take a good hard look again to see if I can eliminate even more then I place them into my Eagle Creek packing cubes.

I will already have a good idea of which size suitcase I will need, but if I have any doubt, once I have the cubes in front of me I will know exactly what I have to work with. I will then pack my suitcase. Ask Mr. Misadventures to weigh my bag for me and then I am good to go. My toilet kit is always the last thing to go in my bag the morning of my trip, and voila!

Francophile Guide to Packing and What to Pack for Paris

What does a Francophile pack when she is whisking herself off to Paris? I’ve got you covered! I’ve got a basic packing plan, plus a specific list for autumn and winter travel (spring and summer coming soon!). Go with the classics, add a few focus points (shoes, scarf), and voilà!

Delsey has a wide range of easy and stylish luggage for you to choose from. Time and time again, the French tradition of elegance and exceptional workmanship has proven itself to understand the needs of travelers and connoisseurs of adventure.

How about you? Do you have a piece of Delsey luggage? If yes, share your story! If not, have I convinced you that you might want to? Do tell!

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  1. The luggage is tres gorgeous! We are traveling to Germany and Scotland this summer, and I am thinking I need to make a luggage upgrade before we go. I am going to head over to Delsey to see all of their amazing options now.

  2. Heather D says:

    That looks like a pretty and useful suitcase to travel with. I could use a new suitcase like this one.

  3. Karen Morse says:

    Totally in love with the color of this luggage! And loving all the features of it as well! Sounds like I will be checking out this brand for new travel gear for myself!

  4. melissa chapman says:

    That luggage seems perfect for every trip long and short. I recently bought some suitcases for my daughter but they are not as nice as Delsey.

  5. I love your new suitcase! The color also is awesome! I think I want a new suitcase! It seems that is so easy to carry this one!

  6. Clazz - An Orcadian Abroad says:

    I’m not sure if I’m a fan of hard cases but this looks reeeeally nice, and lightweight is always a bonus! Love the colour that you got it in too.

  7. Packing is an art. And I think I suck at it. Haha But your suitcase looks fab!

  8. Ice Cream n Sticky Fingers says:

    I love the color of your new suitcase. It’s been so long since I’ve travelled, that I wouldn’t even know what size of suitcase to pack. Airport travel has drastically changed since the last time I’ve been on an airplane was just after 9/11. But I don’t remember the TSA rules being super strict like they are now.

  9. That’s a beautiful suitcase! I just bought a new one but kinda too big.

  10. Do all travel lovers have some weird obsession with suitcases or is that just us?? This case looks perfect for all trips and the colour is stunning!

    Hannah | https://getlost.blog/

  11. Love those capsule wardrobes!

  12. I still love my Delsey bag from WITS as well. The very best 🙂 I’m actually in the market for a new suitcase to replace my current Delsey. I love the brand as well and I’m intrigued by your new bag. I’m glad you describe it as lightweight as that is key. The fact that it is cute goes a long way too. Congrats on your upcoming move to Raleigh 🙂

  13. Terri Steffes says:

    Worth getting luggage this reliable especially when you travel often. Love the look and the color, but nothing beats the quality! Delsey is a great brand. I’d also recommend it.

  14. Ana @labellesociety says:

    Loved learning more about capsule wardrobe. I really need to try and travel more minimalist, it is always so tough. But I never decide on a pair of shoes, or bag so I always tend to overpack to be sure nothing stays behind. Horrible especially if you are traveling around Europe on train haha

  15. Rob + Ann @TravelLatte says:

    Good timing, stumbling upon this post when I did. My luggage is starting to wear out, and my so-much-better half has volunteered to get me a new set. I just have to decide what to get. Mon dieux, so many options! The Delsey Helium line has been near the top of the wish list for a while now. Seeing your review inches it up even higher. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  16. Always tempting to carry so much when travelling, to places I have never been. I love the idea of having a capsule wardrobe.