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Currently | 4.28.22

Is it just me or did April feel a bit normal? Except for the outrageous war in Ukraine, which just cannot be ignored, the rest of the month felt like the old days. A lot of people are throwing off the mask and I get the sense of freedom that probably imparts, but I was kind of a germaphobe before The Queen (reference here) so I am going to be wearing the mask for a while.


I don't know about where you live but recently our area has been a stunningly gorgeous bright shade of green. We did have rollercoaster temps for about 2 weeks when it was very cold for a day or two and then it would shoot up to the 70s. This past weekend it was 85 and it was 80 in my office when I went up the stairs to start my workday on Monday! Not sure I am ready for it to be that hot yet!

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I am ready for all the yellow snow, also known as pollen in these parts, to be gone so that I can clean off my back deck and enjoy the weather before it gets too humid!

Now, onto April and what's been going on in the Misadventures world!

Watching | More French Police Series

Last month I told you about 3 French police series we watched, this month I added 2 more! Capitaine Marleau is about an extremely quirky gendarmerie officer from the north (think Bienvenue chez les Ch'tis) of France and let's just she is not a delicate flower. People generally think she is dumb, but she is actually super smart!

And the other series is Deadly Tropics which is set in Martinique with 2 female detective leads on this French island. It's like I said before, the French are really good at police series!

tv with deadly tropics series (2 female cops)

On the plane both to and from Chicago, I finally watched And Just Like That. I don't know how to explain my reaction while watching it, it was like coming home to old friends. It has been 20 years and they are all around the same age as me and it was like a reunion. I held off watching it because I knew it was going to be a love or hate kind of thing, and if it was love, then there were too few episodes, and I was going to be sad when it was over. Which I was.

I looked back on the article I wrote in 2010 to see if the 5 Things Sex and The City taught me about life still applied and I think they do. And of course, without giving away too much, I enjoyed the brief moment Carrie spent in Paris. Those last episodes of the original series spent in Paris were magical to me.

Can't Wait to Watch:

  • I started watching the first episode of Julia, the HBO Max series on Julia Child on the plane home, but then Mr. Misadventures peeked over onto my iPad and decided he wanted to see it too, so we will be watching it together soon!
  • On my way to Phoenix (trip coming up very soon), I will watch the last episodes of Grace & Frankie.

Reading | How to be Italian

I am nearly done with How to Be Italian: Eat, Drink, Dress, Travel, and Love La Dolce Vita, and I have immensely enjoyed it! The similarities between French and Italian lifestyles are numerous, but there are also many unique qualities and I have learned some new things about Italian culture that I wasn't aware of.

kindle with How to Be Italian book and coffee

Up Next…

Best Bite | Stan's Donuts

I love donuts. But I don't eat a lot of donuts for 2 reasons. One, I follow a low-carb lifestyle. And 2, there are many bad donuts out there that are super greasy and make me sick after eating. But since I was walking 10+ miles a day while in Chicago, I could not resist trying Stan's Donuts.

stans donuts

I got a glazed and a cinnamon-sugar cake on my second day in Chicago. I gave Mr. Misadventures (who is absolutely not a fan of donuts) a bite of the glazed and he wanted more! So I went back a second time on day 3 and repeated my order (I desperately wanted to try their Boston cream pie donut as I love BCP but they were out) and Mr. Misadventures picked up a chocolate-glazed chocolate cake donut. Wow! It is a good thing we don't live in Chicago!

Working On | Pinterest Idea Pins

If you are reading my Frenchie Friday series (only available by email, so subscribe today) then you know I have been having fun playing around with visual content on Pinterest with Idea Pins. It is a great way to create content that doesn't necessarily show up on Misadventures with Andi.

Check them out on my “created” feed. To show your appreciate, save them to a board!

Feeling | Energized

For the last month, I have had a consistent routine of daily exercise. I only missed 1 day! If Mr. Misadventures and I do not walk, I row on our indoor rowing machine that sat gathering dust for 2 years. It is getting a workout 2-to-3 times a week now.

Loving | Chicago

We spent 4 days in Chicago in the middle of the month (and practically walked 40 miles…) and oh how I loved it! The downtown area, where we spent all of our time, reminded me of a clean San Francisco. The architecture is just incredible and I think there is no other city in the United States that beats it for that.

Andi in her Jambu Maple Eco-Vegan on the BP Bridge in Chicago

The purpose of the trip was 100% fun for me. As for Mr. Misadventures, he had a whole wishlist of photos he wanted to take and we managed to get quite a few of them done. We stayed at The Gwen hotel and the concierge team there was phenomenal! They got us into a private floor in an office building looking over Millenial Park for a shot the hubby wanted and on to a restaurant terrace before it opened for the evening. We hope to go back soon!

Favorite Photo | Golden Macro

macro shot of art installation at aon center in chicago

While Mr. Misadventures was focused on his shotlist I was (a) trying to keep warm and (b) trying to re-learn my own camera. I have a bad happen of relying on my phone when I have a perfectly good camera. I kept my cell phone in my bag and tried a few shots with my Sony. I like macro and did this shot while exiting the Aon Center.

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That’s my month, what’s CURRENTLY going on with you?

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  1. I agree it (almost) felt normal for the first time in 2 years! YIKES let’s not jinx it! 🙂

  2. I have seen the Grace and Frankie shows. What an absolutely stellar cast!

  3. Sounds like you had a good month. I do feel like April flew by and was more or less uneventful. I’ll have to check out that show you have been watching.

  4. Jenn @ EngineerMommy says:

    Those donuts look amazing. I’d love a few right now. I’ve been reading more recently and I’d love to check out what you’re reading too

  5. Yup, spring is here but my mask stays on too! The French police series sounds interesting, will check it out. Thanks!

  6. April was a great month all the way around, but I am so glad that we are headed into summer and can’t wait for some warm weather!!