Weekly Wanderings #7 – Gold Canyon

Well the first leg of our trip, 6 weeks on the road is over!  And we made it without any issue, unless you count the lack of fresh vegetables as an issue (and I do). We spent three wonderful weeks in Borrego Springs and a little over three weeks in three places in New Mexico: Las Cruces, Santa Fe and Kirtland.

On Saturday, we drove from Kirtland to Flagstaff and stayed at a really nice KOA for two nights.  After weeks and weeks of sand and rock and brown, it was really nice to see green and trees!

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We drove to the Grand Canyon to catch the sunset the first night and the second night we tucked in to watch the Oscars – boy was it long!  I was thrilled for Leo, but disappointed The Revenant didn’t win best picture.  I watched Spotlight last night and thought it was well done with great acting, but I thought The Revenant was far superior.  (It feels SO good to be able to share my opinions about movies here, for five years while working at Dolby I couldn’t do that!)

From Flagstaff we headed into the Phoenix area for our big guy to get his first service.  We’ve done 6,000 miles!  The first service takes a long time, they want to check absolutely everything, so we had to wait 6 hours.  On Monday we spent the night at Freightliner (they have 7 first-come-first-serve, full hook-up spots for RVs). We were up at 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday morning to prep for turning the RV over.

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The RV passed all tests with flying colors and we hit the road heading to Gold Canyon.  On the way we stopped at a truck wash to get all the sand and road grit off the RV.  I would have taken a photo, but it is still a little nerve-wracking to be around the big rigs and I was paying more attention to the directions they were giving us than taking a pic.

But with a shiny new home we drove to Gold Canyon where we will be staying for three weeks.

New Mexico was cold. Freezing temps in the evening and morning, with a high of 60 degrees in the afternoon.  We are looking at our 4th day straight of 90 degree weather here in Arizona.  It feels like 1000 degrees coming from New Mexico.  We’ll acclimate, but it is about 20 degrees too hot for me!

We have friends coming in from San Francisco this weekend to go to a Spring Training game.  We went to two games last year and it was a blast.  It is a busy time of year for the entire area.  There are 15 teams in the Cactus League playing in 10 stadiums in the greater Phoenix area, so it is all baseball all the time for the month of March.

I’ll be heading to Irvine while we are here to speak at the WITS summit.  There are still tickets available, come check me out!

Trip details and expenses on this leg of our trip:

> Flagstaff KOA to Freightliner Tolleson: 192 miles;  Freightliner Tolleson to Gold Canyon: 52 miles. Total = 244 miles
> Love’s Gas diesel fuel 36.213 gallons X $2.089 = $75.65
> Flagstaff KOA 2 nights $91.88
> Freightliner 6,000 mile RV engine service = $950
> Blue Beacon Truck Wash = $80.00
> TOTAL Expenses: $1,197.53

> Gold Canyon RV Resort

That’s it for this week! Happy escaping! Follow me on Instagram for real-time activities from Gold Canyon!

What have you been up to?

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  1. Wow interesting I never thought New Mexico could be cold! Glad your RV was in great condition can’t wait to see your next location!

  2. Angie Fiack says:

    My brother-in-law lives in Phoenix, AZ. Too HOT for me! We’re on the N. CA coast. The warmest it gets here is about 72 and the lowest is usually about 40, just right.

  3. clojo9372 says:

    I didn’t know that New Mexico got cold. And I totally agree with you about Revenant vs Spotlight. Saw both of them, and they are both great movies. But best picture between the two? Revenant hands down.

  4. Stephen Lee says:

    A very fascinating trip! My wife would love to go there seeing as she’s quite the traveller herself. Thanks!

  5. Love the photo! Yes.. it was SO COLD when we visited New Mexico too! I had no idea it got that cold.

  6. I think your life is so cool, traveling around in an RV and seeing all of these places. So fun!

  7. This post was awesome. I so want to travel to Arizona now. You’ve truly given me wanderlust!

  8. Irene Pilato says:

    This is just awesome..

  9. Laura Collins says:

    Your Trip sounds great I love the pictures

  10. by the looks of things, yall had a great time…i have never beenout west

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