Weekly Wanderings #16 – Fort Collins

Weekly Wanderings Fort Collins

Our time in Fort Collins was like a mini retreat to recover from our previous month in Utah which was pretty non-stop. We arrived last Thursday to snow and rain and that continued for three additional days.

So we rested.

We took the opportunity to re-supply our food with trips to IKEA and Trader Joe’s; get an oil change for the Jeep and a haircut for me.

We visited family (my aunt, uncle and one cousin live in the area) and friends. An ex-colleague for Mr. Misadventures and an old friend I originally met in Paris in 2010 and again in 2012, who has since left and settled in Fort Collins. We had a delicious lunch at a place called Dam Good Tacos. The tacos were very original and very tasty. I particularly loved how the combined they rice and beans together with fresh tomatoes and cilantro.

We stayed at a beautiful KOA along the Cache Le Poudre River. There is also a cute little lake that the RV park is on. The most hilarious thing to us was how the locals pronounced poudre (French for powder). They pronounce it poo-der! That made me giggle every time I heard it (sorry francophile humor).

We definitely need to give Colorado more time, so we’ll be back. We left on Wednesday morning heading to Grand Teton in Wyoming.

Since our misadventures with rest stops, we now skip them if we can and try to find the nearest KOA. Some are really nice, like the one in Fort Collins. Others are just a place to park for the night where we can hook up, slide out and get a decent night’s rest. Like the one we stayed in Wednesday night in Rock Springs.

On Thursday we got up and drove to Grand Teton National Park. We are staying at an RV park in Moran right outside the Moran entrance to the park.  To get there, you drive through Buffalo Valley.

Throughout the morning and even after we passed Jackson Hole there had been open ranges with lots of cows. So I didn’t think anything of it when we were passing through Buffalo Valley and I saw a large herd of animals.  But as we got closer, I said to myself, “those are really thick cows…”

It wasn’t cows.

It was about a hundred bison!  On both the sides of road.  The size of the RV scared them a little, but we passed slowly.  And I was so geeked out to see my first wild bison and so many at once that I didn’t take any photos!

We’re going to be here a week, so I am sure I’ll get more opportunities!

That’s it for this week’s adventures!

Trip details for this leg of our trip:
> Fort Collins to Rock Springs: 274 miles
> Rock Springs to Grand Teton: 216 miles

Current location:
Fireside RV Park, Moran, Wyoming.

So, what have you been up to?

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  1. You are in a beautiful area. For fun drive in jeep over the pass into Idaho. Stop in Victor at the Emporium for fun and then on to Driggs another eight miles and eat at Forage. Tell Christian (owner) Jeff’s mom sent you. Small with excellent food. Grand Targhee might have some jeep trails. Y’all might want to stay longer than a week in the whole area. You will get use to seeing the buffalo.
    Also take in the museum outside of Jackson on the way to Yellowstone.
    Every post is a joy to read and the photos are fabulous always.

  2. Sounds like such an awesome time! The tacos do look so delicious and I would love the combined rice and beans, too!

  3. Sounds like you had a good time and the food looks good too.

  4. Linda Manns Linneman says:

    This has to be such a great experience. It sounds so relaxing. It would be fun meeting new friends all the time. I really enjoy your sharing. Thank you so much

  5. The food looks really good.

  6. Olivine Eyes says:

    I never heard bison being described as “really thick cows” before, that made me laugh. The food drew me into this post and now I’m hungry for any Mexican food.

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