Travel Tip – Daily Notes

Last November when I returned from Paris I struggled with remembering all the details of the trip. Same thing when I went to Central America in December.

On my most recent trip to France I decided that I did not want to (a) miss any details of my trip and (b) that I did not want to have a huge amount of work to do to prepare posts when I returned.

I thought about it ahead of time and figured the best course of action was to take daily notes.

During the fifteen days that I was away I took daily notes even if it was just jotting down meal details and the names of the towns we visited. That way I wouldn't forget any of the anecdotes as the days started to blend (and they always do!).

I took notes in a moleskine as well as in a Word document on my laptop. I did need to rely on the internet, which was unavailable in several places we stayed, I could take notes whether in the car or in our room.

What a difference it made!

Coming back it has been much easier for me to organize posts and just drop photos into them. Even if I choose not to write about everything I did, I still have a record of my entire trip that I can refer to in the future.

What about you? How do you make sure to capture all the details of your trips?

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  1. In the beginning I made sure to write down everything! Now, I mostly rely on my memory, which seems to be particularly acute when traveling. I can’t wait to hear about your trip. I missed your blog while I was away!!!

  2. I have a good memory, and yet on trips days can blur together – unless I take time to reflect on them before going to bed each night. In addition to a Moleskine, I now carry a little digital recorder. I ‘jot’ down brief spoken messages to remind me of things. I also take photos of placards, restaurant signs and even menus, as memory joggers, too.

    Great post!

    Btw, I found you via NaBloPoMo’s blog roll. I’ve been Nablo-ing for a few years now and find it so inspirational and a fun way to make new blogging pals.

    I’ll be back throughout the month to see how it’s going for you!


    1. @Tui, love email address, although only I can see it! I have been doing NaBloPoMo for almost two years straight missing only a few days – it is a great incentive and a fun way to meet bloggers, looking forward to checking you out!

  3. I’ve been journaling for many years and whenever I go on a vacation, I purchase a new journal to record the visit. I usually recapture the previous day’s events at breakfast. I also save the various ephemera (maps, napkins, pamphlets) that I accumulate to help illustrate the journal. So with a journal, a pen or pencil, and a glue stick, I have a permanent record of my journey.

    1. @Cherie, I think it is a fun part of the ritual which I wish I did previously. I spent 17 days in Italy i 2007 and sadly cannot remember all the details which is a shame.

  4. Oh, I ALWAYS carry a notebook when I travel. Just jotting down a few thoughts/ideas at the end of the day (or during the day ;)) helps so much with jumpstarting my memory when I look at photos again or try to write up a travel blog post!

    1. @San, me too. I am constantly looking back in notebooks and finding blog post ideas!

  5. A travel journal is well worth the effort, even if you just do bulleted lists. I like to note the restaurants and sights. In addition, I keep margin notes on things that provided atmosphere, whether it is church bells, farm animals, the call to prayer, street signs, and such. Recently, I had to list all my trips outside the US for the past 7 years in order to get a US government security clearance. I would have been lost without my journal.

    1. @Anne, funnily enough my hubby had to list his trips outside of the US the last 7 years for his US citizenship and we used my email and my notebooks to get it done!

  6. I am definitely a note writer! I have gone on 2 mission trips (so far), and have kept a ‘journal’ for both of them. I am so glad I did- sometimes I pull them out and read them, and say ‘oh yeah, I forgot about that!’

    1. @Judi, may you can convert the books to a blog, or do a blog on your next mission. I love looking back at old notebooks too!