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Relais Christine Hotel – A Parisian Garden Paradise

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When we stayed at the Relais Christine in Paris at Christmastime we absolutely loved cozying up under the Paris rooftops, snuggling in that big, warm bed and enjoying all that luxury accommodations had on offer. But after spending some time with the staff and touring the property, we also knew that because of the cold, rainy weather we were missing out on another little part of what Relais Christine has to offer the urban traveler – a gorgeous private garden.

Relais Christine Paris - Andi on Room 16 Garden Terrace

So when we returned to Paris this past April/May, I reached out to the hotel and asked if they would allow us some time in one of their garden rooms so that we could photograph and experience what it’s like to spend an afternoon in paradise.

Relais Christine Paris

The team at Relais Christine graciously accepted our request and invited us to spend the afternoon with access to one of their garden rooms. If you will recall from our visit in Christmas, the salon, library and lounge areas are stunningly gorgeous. I share this as a reminder…

Relais Christine Paris - Salon and Library 2

We enjoyed a nice espresso while we waited for access to the room and I imagined what life would be like to take coffee every afternoon in a salon like this – or to curl up with that Coco Chanel book and dream a little dream. Everyone on the team at the hotel is kind and courteous and we were greeted many times by the staff there. It is very welcoming, you instantly feel like you are a distant cousin, invited into a family home to meet and get to know each other better. In reality, I am completely aware that this is just very good training in hospitality, but it comes off as very sincere and unforced.

So let me take you into a little piece of paradise…room 16!

Relais Christine Paris - Andi in front of Room 16

Before laying eyes on the garden, in Room 16 you pass through a beautiful sitting room where you can enjoy a refreshment, catch up on some reading, and forget all your cares.

Relais Christine Paris - Room 16 sitting room 2

Although the days leading up to our return visit had been a bit cold and a little rainy, we were blessed with sunshine for our afternoon at Relais Christine. As I detailed in my post about our stay in December, the hotel has teamed up with the very talented Laura Gonzalez. She is the decorator who has transformed (or is in the process of transforming) each of the 49 rooms. Her style exemplifies French romanticism at its best. She mixes modern contemporary materials from icons like Pierre Frey and Hermes with timeless classic furniture. I adore the mixture of textures and patterns in the fabrics and the iconic decorative touches like vintage Marshall radios.

Isn’t this room gorgeous?

Relais Christine Paris - Room 16

And then you turn around and you see the beautiful garden. Of course, you could watch the garden from the bed as you sipped coffee or tea, or maybe a coupe de champagne!

Relais Christine Paris - View of the Garden from Room 16

But it is also nice to actually go outside! Each of the garden rooms has a little terrace with table and lounge chairs. Perfect for sitting and enjoying fresh air, reading a book, or pondering life. It is quiet and peaceful and as Mr. Misadventures ran around photographing every angle, I simply took it all in.

Relais Christine Paris - View of Room 16 from the Garden 2

As I said on Instagram, in Paris, you don’t always need a room with a view of the Eiffel Tower iconic skyline. Having access to a private balcony, terrace, or in this case garden can be just as decadent, considering the Relais Christine is right in the heart of the city in the 6th arrondissement, it’s quite a treat.

Relais Christine Paris - Garden

While you are spending time in the garden, if you peek along the back fence you may spot the urban beehive. These industrious bees make the delicious honey that is served at breakfast and with tea in the hotel. You cannot buy it, but you certainly can enjoy it while staying on property. I had the opportunity to taste it and it is top notch!

Relais Christine Paris - Beehive 2

While all the rooms in Relais Christine are lovely, the ones with the private garden now hold a special place in my heart. As does the hotel.

Hotel Saint James Paris

Hotel Saint James Paris Suite

The Relais Christine has a sister property, the Hotel Saint James Paris (you can find them both in the J.MAK Hospitality collection) that also has fantastic garden rooms. Mr. Misadventures and I are hoping to spend more time there and bring you more peeks into the hotel including its library bar, Michelin-starred restaurant as well as its amazing garden rooms. Stay tuned for that!

Relais Christine is located at 3 Rue Christine in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

How about you? Are you a fan of garden view rooms? Have you stayed in one in Paris? Or somewhere else? What’s your favorite? Do share!

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Relais Christine Hotel - A Parisian Garden ParadiseRelais Christine Hotel - A Parisian Garden ParadiseRelais Christine Hotel - A Parisian Garden Paradise
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