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In trying to figure out the best way to write about my latest trip to France I have decided to write posts that mimic how we actually did our trip.

I already detailed our launching post, the Relais Chateau hotel we ended our trip on last year, Chateau Richeux. We drove there from the Charles de Gaulle airport so that we had a good place to start our trip (and to eat an amazing millefeuille!).

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From there we spent three nights each at three different hotels each one taking us further south into Brittany. We used the hotel as our base of operations, spending each subsequent day out and about exploring the region.

So when it came to how I would write about this trip I decided to start first with a write-up of the hotel and then post about all the things we did in the area around the hotel. I want to make it clear that I am not sponsored by Relais Chateau (but, hey if someone working for Relais Chateau reads this and wants to start paying me to visit their locations, I would not refuse!), but I just can't not (I know, double negative) write about them because my experiences were absolutely amazing.

To be fair, one of the four hotels was less than stellar, so when I get to that one I will explain why, but otherwise, the hotels were part of the reason that the trip was magical.

So today I start with the Hotel Brittany is Roscoff.

Roscoff is an old smuggling port and a refuge for pirates which is why there are so many great sentier cotiers (those coastal smuggling routes I wrote about last year when I posted about Chateau Richeux) leading up and away from the town. It makes hiking around the region an amazingly easy thing to do (more on that to come). The hotel itself is an old trader's property that was converted to a manor and then to a hotel.

The Hotel Brittany is situated in a great location as it is a twenty minute walk from the town center in one direction and a ten minute walk to the Brittany Ferries complex (ferries that run between the UK and France). It faces the sea and the Isle of Batz and affords absolutely amazing views of the sea – at least from our room it did! Each night we watched the sunset from both sides of our room (we had two windows) and took amazing photos like the one below overlooking the port of Roscoff.


The staff is amazing, it is kind of unusual to find very service-oriented people in France, even in the service industry and all the staff that we encounter were amazing, a rare breed. Particularly the maître d'hôtel, who was incredibly gracious and friendly.

And of course no stay at a hotel of this caliber would be complete without a top-notch restaurant and the Michelin-starred Le Yachtman does not disappoint. Now only did we have a delectable meal in a gorgeous dining room, but we also had a standout breakfast every morning.

But back to that dinner!

We chose a menu – we thought a small one – but little did we know we were going to be in for such a copious affair! Being the greedy gourmands that we are, Mr. Misadventures and I decided to chose the opposite of each other so that we could taste everything!

But then you add two amuse-bouches (one with with our apero and one to start our meal) and mignardises and you have got yourself an epic meal!

Amuse-bouches: cauliflower mousse, shallot soup and soup with fresh artichoke
Magnificent Brittany butter!
Starter for Mr. Misadventures: artichoke and foie gras
My starter: Crab in coconut milk
Main course for Mr. Misadventures: pork and potatoes
My main course: white fish and asparagus
Dessert 1: fromage blanc and honey
Dessert 2 Mr. Misadventures: Kouign-amann (Breton cake)
My desset 2: caramel pot with sea salt

And just like our dinner our first night in France at the Chateau Richeux, we rolled into bed happy campers and were sound asleep until morning!

Mr. Misadventures and I definitely plan on staying at the Hotel Brittany again and if you plan on staying in that area of France I would highly recommend it.

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  1. Katherina says:

    This makes me s hungry!!

  2. The blog content is interesting. The food photographs are superb!

    1. @Clare, thank you so much, I travel through my stomach, it is always an important aspect when I am out and about, glad you enjoyed the post!