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Chateau Richeux Redux

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Chateau RicheuxWould you drive four hours for a millefeuille?

Mr. Misadventures would.

Last October when we landed at Charles de Gaulle we rented a car and drove an hour to stay at Les Jardins d’epicure. It allowed us to make our way in the direction we were going (Normandy) without driving too many hours right after our flight. We spent 10 days in Normandy and Brittany before heading to Paris for several days.

The last place we stayed in prior to Paris was Chateau Richeux. It is a Relais Chateau. It is magnificent and we had a good time. The food was epic. The millefeuille was unforgettable.

So much so that when we landed at Charles de Gaulle two weeks ago with a plan to stay 10 days in Brittany, Mr. Misadventures decided that he must have the millefeuille so we must start our trip from Richeux.

Four hours is a long time to drive coming right off an international drive (and I would not recommend it) but it was a going launching point for the rest of the trip and I dare say that this makes it worth it:

chateau-richeux-millefeuilleOf course, the meal in front of that dessert was really good too!

Of all the places I have stayed outside of Paris this place is my favorite. It is a world apart. The property surrounding the domain is beautiful, you can get lost for hours or you can sit and watch the ocean and do nothing at all. Every detail is accounted for. From arrival to departure. The owners are conscious of making your stay meaningful from the little items placed in your room, like this welcome:

It is kind of untranslatable (in terms of sentiment) but I will give it a shot: You are now between sky and sea. Take your time and the wind…the time to watch the sea…descend and climb. Walk in the park and on the beach. Breathe and taste the wind in this land inhabited by fairies and astonishing travelers. (Trust me, it sounds better in French!)

This was presented along with flowers from their gardens and fruit from their orchards.

We walked through the chateau’s park trying to stay far away from the bed while we waited for the dinner hour! Since it had been six months since we had been there last, the park looked quite different and it was interesting to notice things that were different colors or not there before.

At dinner, we tried to select lightly as we were very jetlagged and wanted to save room for the famous dessert wagon. So after these amuse-bouches (crab, mackerel and radishes):

chateau richeux amuse bouche

I selected a consomme made with vegetables from their garden and then grilled lobster. With that I had plenty of room for a plate of cheeses from Normandy and Brittany with their accompaniments:


Which was followed promptly by the dessert cart (see my post explaining the philosophy behind the dessert cart in my post from last October).


After such a wonderful meal it was extremely easy to fall into bed and sleep until the morning!

The next day (after an amazing breakfast) we were off to Roscoff where we would spend the next three days…..

Château Richeux: 1 rue du Guesclin, 35260 Cancale, France.

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Friday 26th of April 2013

oohhh. One meal looked after! We have just rented a house in Fisinterre for the Month of September and I am making lists. un gros Merci.

Andi Fisher

Sunday 28th of April 2013

@Helen, it is definitely a treat to plan for! You will eat very well in Brittany!

Lady Jennie

Wednesday 1st of June 2011

Twice we almost stayed in a Relais chateau. I have to get to one one of these days.


Wednesday 1st of June 2011

@Jennie, I HIGHLY recommend it!


Monday 30th of May 2011