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Paris in the Summer

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So, you’ve decided to visit Paris in the summer. And who could blame you? The city is alive with people visiting from all over the world, a lot of actual Parisians are gone, and it’s a perfect time for outdoor activities! Paris is the perfect summer (and spring, and fall, and heck winter too) destination.

It’s a city that (almost) never sleeps, always has something to do and see, and will have you feeling like you’re living in a postcard.

You can enjoy all-day-long activities without worrying about getting back home before dark because there is so much light outside. And you don’t need to hurry back to your hotel (or apartment) because the nightlife is even more lively and filled with people, music, Parisian bars, and restaurants. The food tastes better when eaten outdoors, or is that just me? J’adore a picnic!

If you are looking for a summertime adventure, Paris should be your first stop.

Officially, summer runs from around the 20th of June to the 22nd of September (I have included information on visiting Paris for all 4 months) and I’ve got the breakdown of the best things to do in Paris each month including season events, seasonal foods, and more.

Paris in June

Bateau Mouche on the Seine

The cool thing about the late spring/early summer months is that you have all the usual indoor activities and outdoor sites PLUS all the seasonal programming that takes place in the parks, gardens, and streets. The weather stays warm enough for visitors but cool enough that you can still do activities like biking or walking around outside.

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in June post.

Paris in July

people walking on the Champs-Élysées

The month of July is a very popular time to visit Paris. The city is a little less crowded with Parisians, the weather is warm and the days are LONG. There are always things to do on any given day. And with the sun shining outside until midnight, you’re never short on activities.

The French people love to celebrate July 14th, better known as Bastille Day. It’s a national holiday so everything is closed and all the festivities are outdoors. Fireworks, dancing in the streets, outdoor concerts… there’s no way you will be able to miss it! Paris also hosts a lot of summer festivals around this time. There’s nothing better than enjoying a concert with your toes in the grass or sitting by the Seine listening to live music.

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in July post.

Paris in August

woman taking photo of the eiffel tower sitting near the seine river

August is a great time to visit Paris. It’s not as hot as July and you’re not going to spend all day running from shady spot to shady spot. It’s still warm enough for outdoor activities, but there is also such a thing as shade! The city gets even livelier now because everyone has taken their summer vacations and now it’s time to party! There are festivals every weekend now, and many people will be on vacation so seats at restaurants are easier to get, IF the restaurant is open!

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in August post.

Paris in September

Aerial panoramic cityscape view of Paris, France

September is definitely my favorite time of year to visit Paris. The weather starts getting chilly, but it’s still warm enough for outdoor activities if you dress right. There are no more crowds so everywhere you go is easy to get into and navigate around. It’s the perfect time to just walk around and enjoy the city.

Paris is also full of fashion during September because all of France’s fashion weeks are at this time (fall/winter collections). The shows start in mid-September and run until early October. You’ll get to see some of your favorite designers’ fall lines on the runway, but you may have to pay for it

Get all the details: activities, events, seasonal foods, and tips for traveling to the city of light in my Paris in September post.

What to wear in Paris in summer

illustration with clothes and suitcase

Clothes are always a difficult thing to figure out. You want to pack the right clothes, but that means bringing more than you need just in case something happens, which is never fun. But there are some things I would recommend bringing to Paris during the summer months. I have a separate post dedicated to what to wear and packing for Paris in the Summertime with a packing list!

Paris in the summer is a great time to visit. There are always things to do, head inside when it’s too hot, take advantage of the cooler evenings to check out outdoor events and festivals. If you’re thinking about visiting Paris this time of year, make sure to check out the seasonal suggestions I have detailed for each month. You’ll have an amazing experience no matter what month you decide to visit.

How about you? Have you been to Paris in the summer? What was your favorite thing about it? Do share!

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