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Osaka – Umeda Sky Building

Another spot in Osaka that Mr. Misadventures was interested in taking photos from was the famous Umeda Sky Building. In the morning we had visited the very unique Namba Parks buildings, but Umeda Sky Building is a whole other animal.

Click for a LARGER view.

The building consists of two 40-story towers that are connected with each other by the “Floating Garden Observatory” on the 39th floor at top with bridges and an escalator crossing the atrium in the center. It is scary looking to say the least although the website claims superior safety!

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Although he building can be reached via an underground passage that starts just north of both Osaka and Umeda stations. We took the subway to Herbis Plaza, a giant luxury shopping center so that we could see the Umeda Sky Building as we approached it.

The building from Herbis Plaza

Once we got the base of the two buildings (there was a really fun marché de Noël/Christmas market going on) looking up makes you think about whether you really want to go to the top!


But up we went once we found the right entrance! Here is a shot of the escalators that go up and down that starts at the 39th Floor. The distance between the 39th and 40th floor where the observatory is located is significant. (Not meant for people with vertigo!)


But once you make it up and get through the crowds on the inside who are there to drink a cocktail as the sun sets, the view is spectacular, both inside where the mirrored windows reflect the sunlight.

Photo credit Mr. Misadventures (Click for a LARGER view.)

And the view of the city is spectacular.

Photo credit Mr. Misadventures (Click for a LARGER view.)

Totally worth the climb. Once you are back down on the ground, if you go below the towers, you’ll find Takimi-koji Alley, a market street full of restaurants (especially udon) and izakaya joints.

For additional daytime photos of the Umeda Sky Building as well as Takimi-koji Alley, check out this great album by JPellgen on Flickr.

Umeda Sky Building
Address: 1-1-88, Oyodonaka, Kita-ku (Umeda District), Osaka
Public transportation: Eight-minute walk from JR Osaka Station, Subway Umeda station, and Hankyu Umeda Station.

After our visit, we crossed back over to the Herbis Plaza and had fun taking photos of this street nearby awash in a yellow glow.

Photo credit Mr. Misadventures (Click for a LARGER view.)

What about you? What’s the tallest building you have been on?

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Osaka Japan Umeda Sky Building Osaka Japan Umeda Sky Building Osaka Japan Umeda Sky Building

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  1. Wow! Stunning building and beautiful architecture. That last photo of the golden-lit trees is absolutely breathtaking!!

  2. Woah, look at those views. This place sounds like the place to be if you are in Osaka!

  3. What breath-taking photos. You have great talent! Thanks for sharing. It would be hard for me to pick a favorite, but I am such a tree nut, I would have to pick the tree lined street. What beauty!

  4. Wow the views are just beautiful and the architecture is just amazing! The tallest building I’ve ever been on is the CN Tower here in Toronto it’s probably the tallest I’ll ever get on too lol!

  5. Wow, what absolutely stunning architecture. Living in Chicago, I see beautiful buildings often and I always wonder about what inspired the talented architects.

  6. Gorgeous Photos! I would of been snapping pictures left and right. The view of the city is just beautiful!

  7. Hokey smokes that is an escalator! My youngest son loves an escalator too. That would be the Mac Daddy ride for him. 🙂

  8. I LOVE the view from the Umeda Sky Building. I love taking city shots from top building. The tallest building I’ve been to is the Sear’s Tower (I refuse to call it anything else) here in Chicago and the Empire State building in NYC <3

  9. These are totally amazing pictures indeed. I have never heard of the Umeda Sky Building before. This would totally be amazing to see for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Amazing pictures!!! I visited Osaka about 8 years ago. Your pictures definitely blow any that I have out of the water!!

  11. I have absolutely been falling in love with Japan lately… Their culture, their food and anime! LOL These photos are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂