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Disneyland Paris for Adults

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Is Disneyland Paris worth it for adults? I say if you are a fan of Disney, then it is a must! Visiting an amusement park without children instills a sense of wickedness. It’s like you are doing something that you aren’t supposed to. Enjoying something completely and freely the way you want to as opposed to the whims of the four-feet-and-under crowd. That got me thinking about how I’d do Disneyland Paris from a DINK perspective, or at the very least, an adult-only trip. I thought it might be fun to share what a visit could be like without kids. Here are my Disneyland Paris tips for adults.

Disneyland Paris for Adults
Oh Minnie, Disneyland Paris for just us two! Photo credit: Carlos

With or without children you should scope out deals for Disneyland Paris, the money you save on buying a discount package can be put into your hotel or food budget! I really like the English version for the Disneyland Paris website. It’s got great info for every aspect of your trip.

Disneyland Paris for Adults
Disneyland Paris Hotel

I recommend spending a little more to stay at an on-site hotel. Doing so will gain you access to enter Disneyland Paris one hour (or more depending on the hotel) before the general public. If you don’t stay on-site, make sure you arrive at the park entrance at least 45-60 minutes before it opens. It’s about a 15-20 minutes to walk to the entrance from the parking area.

Getting a jump on everyone else means getting through some of the best rides without major lines. Maximize your time by planning ahead. Know where you are heading to before you even get there. Don’t be one of those bozos hovering over a map figuring out where to go, every minute counts.

Disneyland Paris for Adults Lost Couple
Don’t be these guys!

Another way to avoid lines is to use the FASTPASS reservations system. It works just like Disneyland and Disneyworld in that it allows you to go to the front of the line at a reserved time. You should be aware that some of the rides aren’t on the FASTPASS system so you may want to head there first.

After a long morning of rides, you can always head back to your room to have a petit dodo midday and miss all the lunch hour craziness. I recommend saving your money for a nice dinner and drinks by having a picnic in your room or somewhere nearby. There is a huge shopping center at Val d’Europe with an Auchan (like a Target or small Walmart with groceries) a perfect spot for picking up picnic supplies, or wine/champagne to celebrate your “I-made-it-through-a-day-at-Disneyland-without-kids!”

Disneyland for Adults - Picnic
Now, this is lunch in style!

If you want to stay in the park for lunch you CAN take picnics (some guidebooks say you can’t). Of course, there is plenty of food to eat and you can save a lot of money by doing a meal plan (here is a complete guide covering meal plans in the park).

In the afternoon hit the park again and enjoy every minute of it. Relish the feeling of choosing what you want to do and where you want to go. Observe children throwing fits and be thankful you aren’t dealing with that for the day. Smile at the children who are having a wonderful time…as you pass them on your way to your next activity.

Disneyland Paris for Adults
We’ve got this place to ourselves! Photo credit:

When dinner comes around you can find dining in an oceanliner-like ambiance at the Restaurant des Stars inside the park.

In the Disney Village, located between the Parks and the Disney Hotels, is an entertainment district that’s open from 7.30am until very late every day. There are plenty of bars and ten themed restaurants, entertainment like the 15-screen cinema complex with an IMAX theater, and dancing. Spots like the Rock-and-Roll American Cafe that offers live music and specialty cocktails as well as Billy Bob’s Country and Western Saloon. There is a club called Hurricanes Nightclub for those wanting to dance away the night, no babysitters required!

Disneyland Paris for Adults
Kids? What kids? Image credit: pressmaster / 123RF Stock Photo

The next morning wake up late. You deserve it after waking up so early the morning before. Have a lovely petit dej while the rest of the world waits in line to get into the park. Late morning, head back to the park and catch what you missed the day before all the way through lunch while everyone else is eating (remember you had that luxurious breakfast). As early evening approaches, wish Mickey and Minnie adieu and head back to the city of light to enjoy the other adult playground in Paris!

Well, that’s how I would do Disneyland Paris. How about you?

I did a lot of research looking for the best resources and still think the actual Disneyland Paris site has it all. From tickets and packages to hotel and restaurant information, I didn’t find another site that was as exhaustive. I was really surprised. With the large number of bloggers who blog about everything under the sun for the parks here in the U.S., it seems that just isn’t the case in my beloved France. I think that Disney might want to consider some of the extensive blogger programs they do here for Disneyland and Disneyworld for Disneyland Paris. I’d take them up on it!

Only one of my favorite Parisian bloggers, David Lebovitz, has written about a trip to Disneyland Paris and because it is from a food-centric point of view, I love it. Passport & Adventures also did a really in-depth food guide for the best places to eat in Disneyland Paris.

How about you? Have you been to Disneyland Paris? Do you want to? Do tell!

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Disneyland Paris for Adults Paris FranceDisneyland Paris for Adults Paris FranceDisneyland Paris for Adults Paris France

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