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Currently September 2019

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Currently September 2019

Currently | 9.26.19

Watching | Downton Abbey & Big Little Lies
> After re-watching West Wing again (the current political climate forces us to seek comfort into the Hollywood version of the White House.) we started watching Downton Abbey. We’re only in season 1 but so far I like it. Mr. Misadventures went solo camping for a few days so I also started and finished the first season of Big Little Lies. I love the Monterey scenes as this area holds a special place in my heart. I am also still desperately trying to like/understand the 90210 reboot, but it’s pretty hopeless!

Reading | Taste the Wild: Recipes and stories from Canada
> Ever picked up a recipe book for a single recipe? No? Just me? The summers between my sophomore and junior and junior and senior years of high school I did a two-week sailing trip from the San Juan Islands into Canada with an all-girl crew on a 97-foot clipper sailboat – 2 of the best summers of my life. One spot we sailed into and stayed at was Nanaimo Harbor. The foodie in me had yet to surface but a decade later I learned about the Nanaimo Bar. But I have yet to try it! Then I peeked inside this new cookbook and storybook that takes us through Canada and saw that enticing bar calling my name! Not only is the book chock full of recipes but it’s an outdoor adventure through a country that is high on my list.

Best Bite | Nush Cakes

Andi and her Nush Cakes

> Didn’t do a lot of dining out this month compared to last, but hands down the best bite was the banana-flavored Nush Cake that I mentioned in my lastest J’adore 83 covering 3 really delicious snacks. Next month I will be heading to Raleigh twice so there will be a fight for the best bite!

Working On | Some website updates
Nothing major just simplify the navigation and home page a bit more. I’m happy with the overall design but simplicity is good and not surprising, good for SEO as well!

Feeling | Thankful
> It looks like summer simmering is nearly over. Rarely getting above 100 as of late. We went camping at the base of the Catalina Mountains in Tucson last weekend and it was still a bit warm to really enjoy it. We’re going camping again in 2 weeks so let’s hope the temperatures continue to drop!

Planning | Christmas Break
> I’m thrilled to be back at a tech company with a holiday shutdown. Of course, Cisco had one, but as a contractor, it was all unpaid. With my new job, which by the way is incredible, it’s a paid break! It’s 10 days off and we’re mapping out a Southwestern road trip. We just need to pick up the insulation for our rooftop tent, the temps are going to be nippy!

Loving | A Weekend Alone!
>  The introvert and blogger in me loves that I have a weekend coming up at home to myself. Mr. Misadventures is headed to Kitt’s Peak Observatory for an astronomy-focused photography weekend – no phones, no internet, just the stars! You will likely find me all weekend behind a screen in my jammies working on blog stuff and starting season 2 of Big Little Lies. Hey man, it is the little joys in life! I dig Mr. Misadventures, but we also like weekends away!

My Favorite Photo | Alstrom Point View

Andi inside the Tepui Hard Shell Rooftop Tent at Alstrom Point overlooking Lake Powell

It may have been a pain in the ass to get to this very remote location, but the payoff was huge! We had a site on this cliff overlooking popular Lake Powell all to ourselves! I am getting completely spoiled. When we go to regular campgrounds it isn’t as fun, I prefer to be all alone without crying babies and barking dogs or partying people – just us and nature!

That’s my month, what’s CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently September 2019

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