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Currently November 2019

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Currently November 2019

Currently | 11.20.19

NOTE: For the first time in 177 consecutive Currently posts, I missed a month! I was sick, sick, sick for more than 3 weeks with a nasty cold/flu and couldn’t make it happen, but I’m back baby!

Watching | Lots
> 3 trips equaling 6 flights means lots of time to catch up on TV series! I’m on season 2 of This is Us – I resisted this one for so long, but I really love it. Finished season 2 of Big Little Lies – more, please! I really enjoyed the special edition 4 episodes of Queer Eye in Japan. I have been to Japan many times and have Japanese friends that have provided some peek inside the very complicate Japanese culture. I think the QE boys handled it very well. Finally, Mr. Misadventures and I watched season 2 of Jack Ryan, I adored Jon Krasinski in the office and I actually think he is perfect in this role!

Reading | Murder in the Marais
> I finally started this well-known series by Cara Black. There are 19 books all set in Paris and Murder in the Marais is the first.  I’m about a third of the way in and so far I like it. The characters are very quirky and I love that I have 18 more to get through once I’m done! I also recently met a blogger who just launched her new cookbook. That Susan Williams has some amazing Southern treats and with a new concept called Create My Cookbook, you can pick and choose what you want in it. Kind of cool! Susan also lived in the same area of Switzerland that I worked in so we swapped some fun “learning French” stories!

Best Bite | Nashville

Nashville Eats

> Last week I spent 4 days in Nashville and boy did I eat well! I was staying in a very touristy area to be close to the convention center but I managed to avoid most of the craziness and found some good food at Acme Feed & Seed (Southern lo mein bowl and a poke bowl); The Stillery (great mac n cheese and fire-roasted pizza with hot chicken); and damn good street tacos at Bakersfield. By all rights if I had posted in October, the week I spent in Raleigh would have made the top spot. Mr. Misadventures joined me on that trip and we did lots of food exploring!

Working On | Updating a few posts

Kristin and Andi

> We visited White Pocket 3 times this year and I really want to update my old post with new info, new photos, and a video! We also did an awesome backcountry hike in the Devil’s Playground, part of Petrified Forest National Park and I want to add info and photos to my park post. Despite being sick and getting hit by a sandstorm (thank goodness for my scarf!) it was a phenomenal hike. I also have 2 sets of road trip posts that I am dying to get cleaned up and re-posted.

Feeling | Grateful (& Accomplished!) 

Kristin and Andi

> I FINALLY met Kristin Luna in person! 10 years in the making! Despite both living/working in the San Francisco area for a few years, we never actually met in person. But not for a lack of trying! Many botched efforts and crossed paths prevented us from getting together in real life and as soon as I knew I was coming to Nashville I got on Kristin’s calendar and we made it happen. I am such a fan and have a deep appreciation and respect for this very busy lady. I feel blessed that she made the time to make it happen even after just returning from a trip!

Planning | 2020
> Spending time with other bloggers has inspired me and motivated me to get my 2020 planning started. I generally plan out what I want to write about on a monthly basis (usually based on trips) but I want to be a little more intentional about it going forward. My time is limited and my main focus is my wonderful new job, so everything else has to be optimized. I have a few tangential projects as well. And I would really love to continue to work with Jambu and Chico’s as they are such great brands!

Loving | My new haircut!
>  After 4 YEARS I finally found someone who isn’t afraid to take a razor to my hair and give it lots of texture. The mop of bangs is gone!

My Favorite Photo | Blissdom Reunion

Blissdom Reunion

10 years ago February I went to my first blogging conference. I had launched Misadventures with Andi in July of 2008 after learning about the medium in a creative writing class, but I didn’t know any other bloggers in real life so I decided to attend something that caught my eye – #Blissdom. So in February of 2009, I headed to Nashville. My first day I met the 2 lovely ladies above – Jody (l) and Paula (r) they are from Iowa and we immediately became fast friends. I went to 2 more Blissdoms after this one and we reunited each time. Then Blissdom stopped. For 6 years! When they announced they were bringing the conference I knew I had to go, if for nothing else then simply nostalgia! I reached out to Jody and Paula to see if they wanted to be roomies and we had a blast hanging out last week. In the photo, I’m supposed to be creating a 10 for our “10-year” friendiversary, but I forgot about the whole mirroring thing!

That’s my month, what’s CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently November 2019

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Wednesday 27th of November 2019

I totally agree with you on Big Little Lies, best series! What about Handmaidens Tale, have you watched that one?

Lisa B

Monday 25th of November 2019

I'm really glad you're feeling better. I love to binge watch shows when I'm under the weather. I am also on season 2 of This is Us. I would love to go to Nashville someday. I would want to stay for at least a month to be able to do everything.


Saturday 23rd of November 2019

wow! What a beautiful month it was for you! I am so glad for that! I wish you even a bette December!


Friday 22nd of November 2019

November sounds like a pretty amazing month. Nashville looks like they have pretty yummy food. Love your haircut btw.


Friday 22nd of November 2019

You will not be sorry watching all of This is Us. The last episode for 2019 will grab your heart. You are such a busy girl but I love reading about your adventures.