Currently June 2016

Curerntly June 2016

Currently | 6.21.16

Watching | Fear of the Walking Dead Season 2 and The Affair.
> I watched the second half of Season 1 of The Affair and the first half of Season 2 while on the plane to and from Lisbon. I like it but I'm starting to lose interest. I hated Season 6 of The Walking Dead, talk about the story going round in circles and not going anywhere! We also watched The Night Manager which I really, really liked. Such a shame that it won't likely have a second season, but that doesn't prevent me from recommending it to you.

Reading | Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes.
> Didn't get much reading done the last month so I'm still reading the sequel to You. I read (and loved) The Six-Figure Travel Writing Road Map from Gabi Logan whom I was extremely impressed with at WITS in March. I thought her book was very well done and extremely insightful!

Working On | Losing weight.
> Strangely, all the outdoors activities and healthy eating haven't helped me lose the extra pounds I gained working the last 2 years at the bank. (Ah life in Corporate America.)  I'm stepping up the activity so that I can start seeing some of them shed away!

Feeling | Grateful.
> We had a really sucky time with the RV last week and I am grateful that most of the critical issues have been resolved. New ones will arise and we have existing problems to fix when we go to Red Bay in October, but for right now, we are okay.

Planning | What we will see and do on the Oregon Coast.
> We are currently in Central Oregon. New spots I haven't been to before, but I am really looking forward to extensively exploring the coast for five weeks. Not only do Mr. Misadventures and I love the sea, but there are some fantastic food purveyors that I hope to visit.

Loving |  Portugal.
> Of goodness did we love Portugal! I've got the first of a few posts about my Viking River Cruises coming on Thursday. But above and beyond the wonderful cruise, we loved Portugal. We are definitely, definitely going back.

My Favorite Photo | Last lunch is Cascais.


> Not posted to Instagram, as the food at Maria Pia Restaurant in Cascais was the real star. Still, the decor and the view were phenomenal and both Mr. Misadventures and I wished we didn't have to leave.

What is CURRENTLY going on with you?

Sardine photo credit: Nguyễn Linh

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  1. Walker Thornton says:

    Love this idea of a ‘currently’ page- I may have to create some rendition!

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Walker, hey there old friend! Feel free, I borrowed it from another blogger myself and some of my friends are doing it as well. So nice to see you here!

  2. Portugal is so colourful! I have loved your Instagram pics – the time change or maybe Instagram’s new algorithm is making me hunt your pics down!
    I am really enjoying Preacher on AMC. It is hard to say where it is going because I am not familiar with the comic book but there’s something about it that I really like and keeps me coming back.
    I also love love Silicon Valley and Outlander – I catching up on the 2nd season of both & almost done! Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones this season?!

    I am also working on losing weight. I’ve lost 20 lbs since I first got engaged last year in April. It’s a slow process but my last 12 lbs came off in the last 3 months by using this jogging app. I hated running but I tuned it to jogging for beginners and for weight loss. Suddenly after my 4th week I like running! Hiking on the weekends also helps. This time of year, if I am idle I will find myself on a patio sipping wine and eating appies so I have to keep moving instead. Only 2 months to go until the wedding! :S

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Murissa, argh…algorithims! I have to go to my favorite accounts as well as they aren’t showing in my feed! I will have to check out Preacher, I haven’t heard of it. I loved the first season of Silicon Valley, need to get the second season, aren’t they already on their third? I haven’t seen the latest season of GOT, we’ll get it when it comes out together. Before we gave up everything and jumped into the RV I too was making myself jog too, I was starting to like it. I am hoping to start doing it again. I hope you have a WONDERFUL wedding, your venue and chef look amazing!