Currently June 2019

Currently | 6.28.19

Watching | Star Trek Voyager
> Yep still watching this series, there are seven seasons, but we are almost done! Next up we'll be catching Huge in France with one of our favorite French comedians Gad Elmaleh, Yellowstone with Kevin Costner and I will be soaking in season 5 of Girlfriends Guide to Divorce which is now available on Netflix. We saw X-Men Dark Phoenix which I wasn't a fan of.

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They made people dead who are not dead in films that are shown in the future (sorry if that doesn't make sense) and messed around with a few other pieces of the X-Men timeline. I am a fan so I'm waiting to see what happens. AND I am counting the days until Hobbs & Shaw a Fast & Furious spinoff! I am a huge fan of the franchise and love Dwayne Johnson so I'm really looking forward to having fun and being entertained.

Currently June 2019

Reading | Save Me the Plums

Andi Reading Save Me the Plums in the library of Hacienda del Sol

> Being someone who is obsessed with and passionate about food it should come as no surprise that I enjoy books about food and about chefs. Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl is exactly that and the perfect summer read! Ruth worked at Gourmet Magazine for years and her latest book cover that time. I was unfamiliar with Ruth until she appeared several times as a Top Chef Masters judge. I absolutely love Top Chef and have watched all the spin-offs. I really appreciated Ruth's perspective on food and read Tender to the Bone shortly after discovering her. I know that the food industry is not glamorous but I enjoy getting a peek inside nonetheless!

Working On | Blog Posts!
> I'm still working on blog posts from our 10 days in Brittany (so far I've got Dinan, Saint-Malo, Fougeres, and Cancale) 2 camping trips to White Pocket, Arizona, a weekend in Tucson and a brief stop in Ajo, Arizona. Plus at least one more month of Traveler Tuesday (it will go on hiatus again after July) along with other series that I have. I absolutely loved this tweet from my gal pal Kristin Luna this week and if you take a look at the replies it's fun to see that most of the people who responded have been blogging for quite some time! When I started blogging almost 11 years ago I blogged almost every day! Now I can barely keep up!

Kristin Luna Tweet

Feeling | Hot! Hot Hot! 
> The 100's in Phoenix started this month. We've been lucky this year, we had a rainy winter and milder spring. We arrived in Phoenix 2 years ago this week to temperatures in the 120's. I know my friends in Paris are suffering in the 100's right now as well, the difference being that the vast majority of people don't have air conditioning, so that is not fun at all! Last year we escaped to Alaska to go fishing, who wants to send us to the North Pole?

Planning |  Staycations

Andi in the Hacienda del Sol Pool

> Since we are not likely to get to the North Pole soon, we are planning some local staycations. With over 200 resorts in the area and prices cut more than half, it's the perfect time to check out the pools and tropical drinks. Mr. Misadventures and I had an amazing weekend at Hacienda del Sol Resort in Tucson which I will be writing about next week. I have to thank Enterprise for prompting the trip to Tucson with their Enterprise Inspires campaign. Their mission is to get people to find their weekend selves, and we certainly did!

Loving | Our rooftop car tent!
> OMG camping will never be the same! I have another blog post to write about our brand new Tepui tent (coming soon!) but let me just give you a sneak peek. WE LOVE IT. To not have to set up a tent on the ground is amazeballs and changes the game on camping! We went to remote White Pocket twice (Memorial Day and last weekend) and it was the best. We'll be testing it out again for the 4th of July weekend under different circumstances. We're heading to Monument Valley and instead of parking the truck and leaving it there, we will have to pack up our camping gear, etc. when we go out for the day as we won't be hiking but driving to here and there. I'll let you know when I do my review, how it goes.

Tepui tent at White Pocket
Tepui tent on our GMC Canyon at White Pocket

My Favorite Photo | Red Jambus at White Pocket

Andi in her Jambus at White Pocket

When you love your shoes and think the red is so pretty you may just go a little crazy on the white rocks! I love red and these comfortable and adventurous shoes kept me going all day! No blisters, no soreness, all comfort. The rock formations at White Pocket don't require heavy-duty hiking boots so I preferred my pop of color!

That's my month, what's CURRENTLY going on with you?

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Currently June 2019

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  1. Sabrina Must says:

    Save me the plums sounds like an interesting read. I also love camping and going out for nature walks. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Lori Bosworth says:

    That rooftop car tent looks so cool. So great to not have to set up tent on the ground. The book about chefs also looks like a fun read!

  3. Wren LaPorte says:

    I used to watch Star Trek with my stepdad. 🙂 I think staycations are absolutely amazing. Usually close to free and can do all the stuff you have been putting off. lol

  4. So neat to get this insider’s perspective of what’s going on in your life besides the travel. It’s encouraging to know that it also take you a while to put together all the posts from your trips. I’m still trying to catch up on April trips for Happier.Place 🙂 Enjoy the reading and the pool!

  5. Mandi Morrison says:

    That roof top car tent looks amazing, wow! England has just started to heat up and it is very hot here today. I am catching up on my blogs too.

  6. Liz Bayardelle says:

    I love this practice of documenting where you are at a given point in time. Also, your photography is just fantastic. The shot of the red shoes is really crazy good.

  7. Claire Lee says:

    Wow it seems like you are doing fun summer activities! I love outdoor activities as well as looking at the sunset or reading a good book. Cute library!

  8. David Elliott says:

    Ugh! Phoenix really does turn very hot. I can hardly stand it during this time. Even a pool doesn’t seem to cool you down when it feels like a hot bath. Not so fun. Congrats on getting all the blog work done. I look forward to reading your items from your trips.

  9. Elizabeth O says:

    I love the red shoes and I couldn’t agree more. They say beautiful shoes brings you to beautiful places and you did just that.

  10. Oh Yes! I have been busy planning staycations too. We’re having a pretty long Holiday vacation so, we’re planning to maximize it during the break.