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Currently July 2021

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Currently | 7.29.21

Life in the Age of the Queen

[Explaination of the name in April’s Currently.] It’s been a while and I have avoided this post for the last few months as it is one of the few monthly posts where I get more personal. Not only did life get really hard for just about everyone last year due to the queen’s reign of terror (right now being maintained by her trusty demon knight, Delta…) but also during my father was diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer which he valiantly fought against but ultimately lost his battle to in May. The last time I saw him was when he was (along with my mother) waving goodbye to Mr. Misadventures and I as we hit the road to move from Phoenix to Raleigh.

Once I had my 2 pokes, I had a trip planned to return to Phoenix to visit my parents, but I was unable to get there before he passed. I was able to return for his service, which was full military honors in a national cemetery in Washington state, but I remain a bit bitter about the circumstances that caused his cancer, his exposure to Agent Orange while serving his country in Vietnam. So “thank you for your service” has a bitter taste as that very service shaved off precious years from his life.

I didn’t share all the ups and downs that went along with last year. A lot of people lost a lot of people last year and cancer impacts millions of families, so as with everything in life, nothing stops for you, it keeps moving. That is what I am trying to do. I wanted to share so you know the reason behind my missing Currently posts for May and June.

Now, onto July and what’s been going on in the Misadventures world!

Watching | Mafiosa

living room with TV

> We have been watching quite a few French series that are slowly being added to MHZ (a partner of Amazon Prime) and just started season 1 of Mafiosa which as the title suggests, is about a Mafia family, this one set in Corsica (an island off of France). We held off watching Lupin 2 for a while. We wanted to relish the 5 episodes and waited a few weeks post-release to watch it. I liked season 1 better, but still found season 2 interesting because I miss Paris so much and Mr. Misadventures, and I love to figure out all the film locations, which I shared in my updated post on the topic.

We also watched WandaVision (liked); The Falcon & Winter Soldier (loved) and Loki (didn’t like). I had several plane rides between Raleigh and Phoenix and Phoenix and Seattle and started season 4 of This is Us and season 18 of Top Chef (2 shows that Mr. Misadventures doesn’t watch), both of which I will finish next month on my next trip to Phoenix. I also watched the Friends reunion special which I felt was a total letdown… 

On the movie side, waiting for F9 and Black Widow to stream. Just saw the news this week about a new Julia Child movie (and a new series coming to HBO). I love Julia (here are 5 things she taught me about life) and am looking forward to these new peeks into her life. Lastly, I am voraciously reading and watching anything related to the new SATC reboot! My SATC Paris post remains one of my all-time top-performing posts so I am not the only one who loves the show! Also, SATC taught me 5 things about life!

Reading | 28 Summers

books in a circle

> I have not been reading much, but I am a sucker for an epic star-crossed lovers story which is why I re-read The Thornbirds almost every year and why one of my favorite movies is Same Time Next Year. So when I saw Raleigh-Durham food-blogger/grammer Better with Ju mention 28 Summers which she shared in her post on a weekend in Beaufort (right after I’d been there) I snatched it up! I have just purchased the follow-up book, The Sixth Wedding, as well as the latest JD Robb book, Faithless in Death, both of which I need to finish before the latest Chef Bruno book comes out at the beginning of August!

Best Bite | Layered Croissanterie

> Every month Layered Croissanterie in downtown Raleigh comes out with a new set of monthly flavors and every month Mr. Misadventures and I make the journey there to enjoy them. It is our once-a-month cheat and I allow myself 2 items. The problem is selecting the 2! Besides her amazing croissants (both sweet and savory) she does a donut of the month and kouing amanns. The amount of time I spend making a decision is frankly ridiculous but the reward is so sweet! 

Working On | Going Gutenberg

> If you are a blogger you will know what that means! The Classic editor is going away and blocks are here to stay so I am learning to use them and build pages and posts. I also will convert my older posts too, so it is a process!  

Feeling | Ancited

> I made that word up. It is part anxious, part excited! We have a big trip to France planned for September/October and fingers-crossed-until-they-bleed we will actually get to go. We are keeping apprised of the conditions in France, including travel restrictions and what to do once we get there. My friend Meg of Paris by Mouth wrote a very informative post on how to transform your American vaccination card into a French Health Pass.

Loving | … 

> Loving is such a strong word at the moment. I am not sure I am loving anything, or at least not anything above and beyond the few things I mentioned above. I am still figuring out life what life without my dad looks like, helping my mom, spending more time on the backend of my blog than I want, wondering about upcoming trips and that damn Delta knight. I would say I am taking one day at a time with work (which keeps me busy and satisfied) and life.

My Favorite Photo | Merci!

> No favorite photo, but just one last word…MERCI! This past month I quietly marked my 13th blogiversary and I want to thank all of you for continuing to come back and read and comment! 

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couple on rafts in turquoise oceancouple on rafts in turquoise oceancouple on rafts in turquoise ocean

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