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Chateau Villandry: A Story in Pictures

I am in San Diego this weekend helping to celebrate a girlfriend’s birthday!

So for this week’s French Friday, I decided to try something new. Easy for me and fun for you!

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This is the Chateau Villandry:

These are the chateau gardens:


These are the ropes that prevent you from taking up-close picture of the beautiful garden components:


This is the church next to the chateau.

This is the church striking noon. Lunchtime.


These are the pretty garden pictures taken inside those ropes since every single gardener abandoned his post at the strike of noon!

You have to love the French’s commitment to food…well actually, you can count on it!

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  1. Awww… now I miss Paris so much. I visited it last year, along with Versailles… and now I miss it already.

    Love looking at castles of such types. Wish there were some where I live… alas. :

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