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RV Travels: Weekly Wanderings #33 – Missoula

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After the very eventful, and actually totally fun, week in Palouse, we rested for the weekend on the lake in Couer d’Alene. We also continued to melt away. We didn’t do too much, sorry to say, and now we will need to go back to this part of Idaho to give it a proper visit. We were just happy to have an RV park with 50 amp power so we could run the A/C on full blast!

On Monday we had a nice drive to Missoula, Montana arriving at a cute little RV park with big shady trees. Considering it has still been in the ’90s and low 100’s, every little bit helps!

We had two days of scouting in the Missoula area, but as the hours continued we quickly realized that we were going to be unable to do any photos. There is so much haze from smoke that the sky is totally and completely grey and flat. You can barely make out the outline of the mountains. We are bitterly disappointed.

We were supposed to be staying in Missoula until the middle of next week but we are now leaving today and are heading to Glacier National Park early. We had to totally re-arrange that part of the trip as well.

The smoke and haze are still in the west part of the park, so we were going to stay in the east. However, only the west has availability because of the holiday. We will be staying in the West for a week doing the best we can with sunrise and wildlife then we are moving to the east for 10 days before making our five-day run to Red Bay, Alabama.

I am done with the heat! Neither Mr. Misadventures nor I are made for hot weather and we’ve had it for the last four weeks. We came to Oregon to get away from the heat, but that just didn’t work out! Glacier is in the ’40-’50s during the day – I welcome that!

Current location:

Jim & Mary’s RV Park – Missoula, Montana. On our way to Glacier West KOA in West Glacier, Montana.

That was my week, how about yours?


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