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RV Travels: Weekly Wanderings #30 – Portland

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After three weeks in Central Oregon and five weeks on the coast, we are back in civilization!

Portland that is!

It’s been a busy week. We arrived Monday to rain (always fun for setting up the RV) and took advantage of the “bad” weather to knock some errands off our list. It’s been a while since we’ve been in a major city and once we leave Portland we won’t be near another until sometime in October so we are stocking up on necessities.

We did more errands on Tuesday and got almost everything off our list. We’ve got a Trader Joe’s stop which we’ll do right before we leave. It is so nice to have everything at our fingertips again. We have choice!

We are in the Portland area for two weeks so its a great trial run for potentially living here after our RV trip is over. We are paying attention to everything including traffic patterns and commute issues.

The weather turned warm starting Wednesday and I spent my morning at Bob’s Red Mill doing a mill tour and checking out (and buying my way through) the mill store. I’ll be writing a post on my visit, but I will say the company lived up to everything I already knew about the fabulous, healthy line of products.

Bobs Red Mill Tour

Wednesday night I headed out to a home on the Willamette River and had dinner with my former boss, who had a little dinner party with a few people including an old colleague and a new friend who had worked for my former boss at a previous job. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, especially the delicious food, even if it was weird talking shop after so many months away from work!

We have been staying in Troutdale which is 15 miles east of Portland at the gateway of the Columbia Gorge. We’ve been checking out all the falls on Highway 30 as well heading further east to the Hood River area where we visited a couple of lavender farms (I’ll be writing about one of them) and fruit orchards/stands on the Fruit Loop route.

You can not beat the views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Salmon and there is nothing better than fresh fruit, Mr. Misadventures and I are in heaven!

Hood River Fruit Loop Fruit

Monday we move to another RV park in Portland, just 15 minutes from downtown. We are saving all of our Portland stuff (okay, Portland eating!) until next week! Check me out Instagram to keep up with what I am eating (and doing)!

Current location:

Sandy Riverfront RV Park – Troutdale, Oregon.

Well, that was my week, how about yours?



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