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Project Discover Week #10

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Project Discover Week 10

Project Discover is my weekly series originating from my 2017 word of the year, discover. Besides looking for a job I am focused on three things:

  1. Discover(ing) Portland
  2. Discover(ing) Exercise
  3. (re)Discover My Blogging Mojo

You can follow along every week in my Project Discover Weekly Updates.

It’s been such a good week, I don’t know where to start! Let’s go with the fitness regime and lifestyle change.

We walked nearly every day this week, even on Monday when it was pouring down rain and doing it sideways. We had to give up after a mile because we were getting soaked – even though we had rain gear on! We’ve been increasing our speed and distance and got up to 6 miles on Tuesday. Our goal is to get up to 10 miles a day and then slowly move into a jog.

Discover Exercise
I lost 3 pounds this week! That makes the total 7 pounds since we decided to focus on eating more meats and greens and staying low carb and low sugar. We will eventually move to a more plant-based diet (with seafood) but for now, we are doing Atkins and are in Phase 1.

We’ve been doing a good job keeping our meals varied. We found an awesome Japanese market in Beaverton and bought sushi grade tuna to make our own poke salads. We also created some interesting soups. One day was Chinese cabbage, Chinese broccoli, collard greens and chicken broth, the next day we added ground turkey to it and it was delicious. Last night I made a kale, spinach, and Chinese broccoli soup with shrimp. The icing on the cake was miracle noodles!

I discovered these noodles online. It’s a Japanese product that has zero carbs, zero fat, zero sugars, and practically no calories. To me, they are like Vietnamese vermicelli rice noodles, and for an Asian-loving couple like us, they truly are miraculous! We’ve already eaten two packs this week. We are going back for the miracle rice.

All in all, it hasn’t been too difficult to eat this way. I did make a Thai soup with collard greens, broccoli, shrimp and cabbage, the other night I and really missed the rice. But otherwise, I haven’t been craving anything. Today we have a doctor-prescribed cheat day. The thing about a cheat day in a house of foodies is that it is a source of endless conversation. Besides what is going on in politics, the thing we discussed most this week was what we would eat on our cheat day!

The verdict? Korean.

so kong dong korean portland

Beef bulgogi from So Kong Dong in Portland.

I would have loved to eat bi bim bap, but knowing the number of carbs in the rice, I chose a seafood pancake and beef bulgogi. It was a nice break. Mr. Misadvenures selected our cheat this week and next week, the choice is mine!

As someone who has done Weight Watchers multiple times, I am a veteran counter. It’s been really easy to use the Atkins app to calculate my carbs and to make decisions while shopping. Mr. Misadventures is more of the “I’m going to eyeball and wing it” variety! In the end, we both have our methods and we are both losing weight, so who’s to say who’s doing it right?!

On the blog front, I am SUPER excited to announce that I was selected to this year’s BlogHouse in Indy! The team behind BlogHouse have been doing the event for seven years and I’ve applied before but never got selected. But I’m in baby! I’m spending a long weekend with 19 other bloggers and a handful of gurus for a gigantic mastermind. I’m honored to be chosen and hope it helps me take the blog to the next level.

In addition, I absolutely loved Indy on my last trip there as a Buick brand ambassador for the NCAA basketball tournament two years ago. It is such a fun city with great food. Can’t wait!

Thank to you everyone who supported my sponsored post, Top 5 Things to Eat in Richmond, my awesome guest post from Jason Biondo, 10 Reasons to Date a Guy Who Travels and for checking out my blog income post yesterday – you rock!

If you haven’t visited the Custer State Park site or read what animal is driving me to visit, don’t forget to check that out too.

That’s been my week, what have you been up to?

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Project Discover Week 10





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Judy Thomas

Sunday 23rd of April 2017

OMG, your food pics had me drooling!


Friday 21st of April 2017

Bravo! You are inspiring.

Andi Fisher

Friday 21st of April 2017

@Adriane, why thank you!

laurie damrose

Friday 21st of April 2017

Good for you! I checked out the noodles and added them to my wish list because I want to try them.This nicer weather makes me wanna get out more too.

Andi Fisher

Friday 21st of April 2017

@Laurie, hope you like them, I am loving them!


Wednesday 19th of April 2017

Korean food sounds like a great pick for cheat day!


Tuesday 18th of April 2017

We just had Beef bulgogi last night! Probably not as tasty as yours, considering ours came from a university-adjacent "trendy" place. But still good. Congrats on blog house!!

Andi Fisher

Tuesday 18th of April 2017

@Katie, glad it was good, when it's bad it really sucks, grisly, etc!