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Hello! Bonjour! Nice to meet you!

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If you are reading this post it’s because sometime during Blissdom I gave you a business card. Merci for coming to visit me and say hi! Before you start exploring I thought I would say a quick hello and share a little bit about moi. I’m an introvert so depending on the situation I may not have had enough time or energy to share a whole bunch about myself, I usually like to hear about you!

My name is Andi Fisher and I have been blogging on this little space for 11+ years. I know. I can’t believe it either. I started blogging when I was 5. Okay, maybe it was in 2008 when I was in my late 30’s. You got me. I started the blog after completing a creative writing course that explored multiple mediums for writing, I liked blogging the best! I had used the name “Misadventures with Andi” to send emails to my friends and family while I was working in Europe and the name just kind of stuck. I have mainly focused on writing about my travels, but the blog blends several topics that make up my life.

Merry musings of a feisty foodie globe-trotting wannabe Frenchie.

The pretty much sums up who I am and what I like to write about! I used to write a lot more about food, particularly when I lived in San Francisco, but then I hit the road in an RV for 18 months and then moved to the Phoenix area where I work from home and don’t get out as much. Now I just weave food into my writing when I can, but let me tell you food is ALWAYS on my mind!

Andi eating a burger at The Burger Dive in Billings Montana_Photo credit Emily Sierra
Photo credit Emily Sierra

So why does Blissdom hold a special place in my heart?

Blissdom is special because it was my very first blogging conference. And I could not have asked for a better experience to get me started on my blogging journey! I launch Misadventures with Andi in July of 2008 and I attended Blissdom in Nashville in February 2009. Blissdom used to be held in February and I attended 3 of them over the next few years. I was very sad when the conference ended but THRILLED when it was announced it was coming back!

First of all. I met so many great people, truly friendly, some of which I have maintained online relationships since! There was Jody and Paula who I hung out with at all my Blissdom appearances, we even took the plunge as roommates this year! I got to meet one of my favorite authors along with a few other celebrities in an intimate environment. I think those experiences helped me with my future job at Dolby where I interviewed celebrities at the Grammys, the Oscars, and other Hollywood events. I also geeked out on a few bloggers, some of which I eventually got to meet in person years later!

But the biggest thing I got out of Blissdom was confidence. At my first Blissdom conference, I learned the most IMPORTANT blogging lesson of all: you are not your stats, and your blog is yours and you OWN it! That stuck with me the last 11+ years and I hope it will stick with you. I have written an entire blog post about it, which I hope you will check out!

You are not your stats

Anyway, all this to say: Bonjour! Hello! I’m glad you visited and hope you stick around and read a few posts (click the blog banner up top to get to the “home” page where you can see some of my latest posts), maybe subscribe to my posts. I value you, you are more than a number! Let’s be friends!

How about you? Introduce yourself!

Hello Brand Peeps

Hello brand peeps! I love partnering with brands on collaborations! As a brand marketer myself, I know what it takes to do a good job! I am choosey about which brands I work for, and I don’t do unpaid work, but I promise you, you are going to love what I create! Here is a link to my Media Kit and here are some recent projects:

Jambu Footwear: Fall 2019 | Spring 2019 | Fall 2018

Chico’s Clothing: Fall Mix & Match Collection | Summer Travel Collection

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Happy to chat more!

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