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French Friday – French Fantasy Christmas List

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French Friday on Misadventures with AndiIt’s been a très long time since I’ve written a French Friday post, but my week in Paris for Thanksgiving has me a little inspired, I have a few francophile posts up my sleeve and soon on their way to the blog.

I thought it would be fun to do a French Friday Christmas list. I don’t buy any Christmas presents for anyone. We reached the age in my family where we really don’t need more “stuff” and I prefer to give money to charity or buy things for families in need rather than buy gifts for people who have plenty.

The same goes for me and my husband, we don’t exchange gifts. Particularly on days where we are “supposed” to like Valentine’s, birthdays, etc. We’d rather do things when we feel like it. I know, a little nontraditional, but it works for us.

HOWEVER, if I was to be wild and crazy (and had won the lottery) it would be VERY easy for me to come up with a few fantasy items to put on a Christmas list. And since I adore all things French, the list would be products coming from France. So let’s pretend I won the lottery and lost my mind. (Come on you can envision that can’t you?)

These are the things I would put on that list:

A custom made Chanel Suit.


Photo credit: Paul-Schutzer, Life Magazine

I love the classic style of Chanel. Since I am not the world’s most fashionable person, I try to stick with classics, that way I can’t mess it up. A suit from Chanel would last a lifetime (as long I stayed within a reasonable weight range) and it would never go out of style!

A custom made Cadolle bra.


Photo credit: The Black Narcissus

Underneath my Chanel suit, I would be wearing a custom made Cadolle bra. I first read about this bra from a More magazine article published in November 2008. Ever since then I have fantasized about owning one of these.

Herminie Cadolle was the inventor of the modern bra and the store that she opened in Paris is still open today and run by her great-great-granddaughter Poupie Cadolle. Cadolle creates luxury ready-to-wear bras, panties, and corsets. I think women struggle all their life to find a good fitting bra, imagine having one made just for you?

Christian Louboutin shoes.


Photo credit: Pursuitist

They are so beautiful to look at. I love the creativity of adding the gorgeous red (my favorite color) on the bottom. But I would also need a walking coach so that I could actually walk in them without making a fool myself!

A Hermès handbag.


Photo credit: Rewind Vintage

I think a Kelly (danse), not a Birkin. Another classic never goes out of style.

I would take my new Frenchified self and…

Dinner at Georges V.


Photo credit: The Road Les Traveled

This post from The Road Les Traveled who stayed and ate there definitely cemented that this is where I want to spend my evening in Paris with my new suit, bra, shoes, and purse! Georges V for dinner in Le Cinq and a suite in the hotel after all my indulgence!

How about you? If you could have a fantasy Christmas list what would be on it?

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