French Fantasy Christmas List

I thought it would be fun to do a French Fantasy Christmas list. I don't buy any Christmas presents for anyone. We reached the age in my family where we really don't need more “stuff” and I prefer to give money to charity or buy things for families in need rather than buy gifts for people who have plenty.

The same goes for me and my husband, we don't exchange gifts. Particularly on days where we are “supposed” to like Valentine's, birthdays, etc. We'd rather do things when we feel like it. I know, a little nontraditional, but it works for us.

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HOWEVER, if I was to be wild and crazy (and had won the lottery) it would be VERY easy for me to come up with a few fantasy items to put on a Christmas list. And since I adore all things French, the list would be products coming from France. So let's pretend I won the lottery and lost my mind. (Come on you can envision that can't you?)

These are the things I would put on that list:

A custom-made Chanel Suit

Photo credit: Paul-Schutzer, Life Magazine

I love the classic style of Chanel. Since I am not the world's most fashionable person, I try to stick with classics, that way I can't mess it up. A suit from Chanel would last a lifetime (as long I stayed within a reasonable weight range) and it would never go out of style!

A custom-made Cadolle bra

Photo credit: The Black Narcissus

Underneath my Chanel suit, I would be wearing a custom-made Cadolle bra. I first read about this bra from a More magazine article published in November 2008. Ever since then, I have fantasized about owning one of these.

Herminie Cadolle was the inventor of the modern bra and the store that she opened in Paris is still open today and run by her great-great-granddaughter Poupie Cadolle. Cadolle creates luxury ready-to-wear bras, panties, and corsets. I think women struggle all their lives to find a good-fitting bra, imagine having one made just for you.

Christian Louboutin shoes

Photo credit: Pursuitist

They are so beautiful to look at. I love the creativity of adding the gorgeous red (my favorite color) on the bottom. But I would also need a walking coach so that I could actually walk in them without making a fool of myself!

A Hermès handbag

Photo credit: Rewind Vintage

I think a Kelly, not a Birkin. Another classic never goes out of style.

I would take my new Frenchified self and…

Dinner at Georges V

Photo credit: The Road Les Traveled

This post from The Road Les Traveled who stayed and ate there definitely cemented that this is where I want to spend my evening in Paris with my new suit, bra, shoes, and purse! Georges V for dinner in Le Cinq and a suite in the hotel after all my indulgence!

How about you? If you could have a fantasy Christmas list what would be on it?

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  1. My fantasy Christmas list would include:

    having my family all in one place permanently

    a rolex (don’t judge me, I like them)

    French nationality handed to me on plate, sans all the paperwork

    a perfectly ripped body with the metabolism of a 10 year old

    lots of business and press for the company I work for (a start up)

    and lifetime supply of peanut butter (Smart Balance)

    I could keep going on… I’ll stop there!

  2. kim@parisian party says:

    Oo! I love this game, except you’ve already stolen everything from my list, EXCEPT for this designer bûche de noel

  3. spudballoo says:

    Oh that’s a great list! I think mine would involve diamond stud earrings and a very fancy diamond dress ring. And a macro lens and super wide. And a dog. LOL!

  4. Clarabela says:

    That is a great wish list. You will look incredible in this outfit for a hot night on the town in Paris.

    On my list: I would love a gorgeous Chanel Suit, diamonds, (necklace, bracelet, it doesn’t matter..just diamonds), an incredible meal at a 4-star restuarant in NYC, front row center seats to my favorite Broadway show and best of all–Hugh Jackman as my date for the evening.

    (After all it is a ‘wish list’)

  5. Love the idea! Hmmm…….

    1. Macaroni and cheese
    2. Hotty boyfriend (preferably James McAvoy continuously acting out the Atonement library scene)
    3. Ownership of Marshalls
    4. My own Fiji Island
    5. 100 followers on my blog


  6. What a fabulous fabulous list!! Chanel is the best!!

  7. How fun to fantasize! My list would include making sure all my children were financially taken care of, owning my own home, and travelling whenever I felt like it! Not too much to ask, right?

  8. A, though I don’t need a thing, I love your list. Could you ask Santa for two of everything–one for you and one for me?

  9. French lingerie, without a doubt.

  10. Andi, thanks for supplying the link to the More article. Fascinating read for a lingeriesta like myself.

  11. I love all the answers above! Wish I could win the lottery to help everyone out!

  12. wow.. i love it very much..

  13. tanya taylor says:

    Bonjour! I have been enjoying your blog the past few days. I too sometimes fantasize of living a Parisian life. Our daughter is in her third year of French so we finally lived our dream of a family vacation in Paris during the summer. I too LOVE Chanel (found a great purse at a thrift store for less than $10 — authenticity card and all — what were they thinking??? And another authentic skirt in Virginia for about $300 — both were pretty good buys). I recommend you splurge at the cosmetic counter and get a tube of Chanel lip color…it will bring out the haute-ness!! My wish list would be more Chanel (shoes, jewelry, etc), a pill that will keep off these darn pounds, a new hair style (and a new wardrobe to rock my new look)….the list goes on but the bottom line is I already have enuf stuff!! I look forward to reading more 😀

  14. Such luxury! I’ll take the dinner and the bra. 😉 Justin and I are the same way about gifts — except we do buy them for our very young niece and nephew, but even then I get this “icky” feeling — it’s hard to describe — because I love them but they have SO MUCH. I know any toys we buy just get lost in the mix. As they get older (and we inevitably get more and more nieces and nephews), I’m switching to books. Yep. I’m going to be THAT aunt.

    1. Andi Fisher says:

      @Katie, I was TOTALLY that Aunt! My nieces are in their first year of college and last year of middle school and I gave them educational books and travel books!

  15. Oooo la la! That is a great wish list–I don’t think I could top it.

  16. A Hermès handbag…

  17. Ronald Gagnon says:

    We are French Canadians..have been to Paris only once in our lives….but your offerings/ideas are fantastic…yes to a French Christmas

  18. alicia szemon says:

    i have always wanted christian Louboutin shoes but they are just too darn expensive!!!

  19. saegan anderson says:

    fantasy Christmas list: a 6 month cruise around the world, a whole new wardrobe, new house, new tech, book, and eating out every night!